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How to Remove Scratches from Auto Paint

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The Preferred Scratch Removal Compound and Polisher to Remove Scratches from Auto Paint - A Personal Review

There is no doubt that in our house, my husband is the 'car cleaning go-to-guy'. If there's a car to be cleaned, he's probably outside doing just that! It's no exaggeration to say that he's an expert. He's spent years mastering his craft and is very proficient at auto detailing to the point that the car looks like showroom condition when he's done with it!
One of the areas he's learned a lot about is how to remove scratches from auto-paint. Personally, I had no idea that this was doable right from home, until I actually watched him do it.
Here you'll read about my husbands favorite products for scratch removal and how to properly apply them. These products are not chosen on a whim either, he's extensively researched them and
Ultimate Compound
personally loves the results he gets. Of course, it's certainly up to you what you ultimately decide to use, these are just suggestion based on personal choice and experience.
Meguiar's G17216 Ultimate Compound - 15.2 oz.
He loves working with this compound because he says it gives him great results. It has a diminishing abrasive, so he doesn't have to worry about damaging the paint finish. He'll give the bottle a good shake before he uses it as well.
The video below gives you a good explanation of the product - it's one he's watched a few times.

The Car Polisher That Gives Excellent Results
The Porter Cable 7434XP is his favorite. Tips on how to use it:
First thing is to choose the proper cutting pad; it's usually identified by the manufacturer. If you happen to use the wrong pad, you'll probably notice that it's very porous and that the compound will deeply embed itself and will not remain on the surface to do it's job. The cutting pads are more dense and the cutting compound should stay on the surface to do it's work.
PORTER-CABLE 7424XP 6-Inch Variable-Speed Polisher
Porter-Cable Polisher
This is his first choice for a polisher. It turns out to also be a best seller on Amazon. He says it's a terrific tool that's given him great results.
He's used it all day long to remove swirl marks and scratches and the machine showed no signs of slowing down or heating up. He feels it's good value for the money too.

Additional Tips Regarding the Porter Polisher

Be sure to prime the pad with a lubricant so it's not dry when you are about to use it. In regards to the polishing pattern to use; first use a small diameter pad for small areas - he says he uses an up and down pattern with a 50% overlap and a side to side motion with a 50% overlap. He only does an 18inch by 18inch section at a time.
As mentioned above, the product has a diminishing abrasive that will break down within minutes of use and you will see the product turn to a shiny finish. After a minute or two you can wipe it off with a micro fiber cloth. Continue to prime the pad before adding more product. Also, clean your pads after each use.

A Helpful Video on Polishing Your Car

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  1. Meguiar's is a product my hubby used too. Always gives good results. Those husband car-guys know their 'stuff' for sure. :)

    1. Pat, they sure do know their stuff - now, if only the same fussiness was applied to the inside of the home! lol

  2. This also falls under my husbands area of expertise. I showed him the article and even though he has a product he uses, he said that the Meguiar's is probably a better product.

    1. Cynthia, lol, it seems we all have hubby's who know how to properly clean a car

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I love Meguiar's products. Haven't tried the Ultimate compound, but I have a spray "wax" that I use regularly (well, maybe not as regularly as I should!). I love my spray and the other car waxes I've used. I'm sure this is a quality product too.


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