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Review of an Easy to Use One Cup Coffee Maker

My Mom finally took the plunge and treated herself to a Keurig Coffee Maker. As most of us know by now, the convenience rests in the fact that it's quick and very easy to make one cup of coffee.
Since dad passed, and mom doesn't need (or want) a regular sized coffee maker, she's been talking about getting a Keurig for herself. Well she finally took the plunge, and sitting on her counter is this pretty coffee brewing system.
Quite frankly, I wasn't sure if I was going to like it; the main reason being that I had tried another brand
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of one cup coffee makers several years ago, and didn't like it at all. I found it complicated. However, in regards to this particular make and model, I do like it...and yes, it's easy to use.
It's not the type of coffee maker that would work for my family though - I have too many family members and a one cup brewing system just wouldn't cut it.
So who would a Keurig work best for:
  • Empty Nesters - absolutely ideal for just a couple!
  • Widowers - my mom is in this category, and this set-up couldn't be any better
  • Kids in Residence - University students in Dorms! A very handy item to have in their rooms
  • The Cottage - Since the amount of people vary at the cottage, when it's quiet and you don't have many visitors, this is a terrific alternative coffee maker
  • RV's - If you're on the road, the ease and speed of getting a cup of coffee is ideal
  • Nanny's Room/Grandma's In House Suite - For those who are fortunate enough to have either a Nanny or a parent living with them, this machine could easily be placed on a shelf in their bedroom.
In my own opinion what I like about this model is:
  • It really is simple - fill it with water, put the coffee cup packet in, put the cup underneath, press the start button and that's it
  • It's fast - I didn't have to wait longer than a minute or so and my coffee was made (I think it was less than a minute; anyway, it was fast)
  • No fuss to make - There's no need to pull out the coffee grinds, put in a filter (or clean an existing filter holder) or clean a coffee pot
  • Clean up is Very Simple - Toss out the used filter cup packet and wash your coffee cup
  • Flavored Coffee's Don't Alter the Taste of the Next Cup of Coffee - With this system, just put the flavored cup packet in and don't worry about the next cup taking on the flavor of the previous cup
So here's the ultimate question, would I personally invest in a one cup coffee maker, namely a Keurig...YES, I sure would! My personal favorite coffee brand is Maxwell House, and you can get Maxwell House packets for this machine - In fact I had two cups this morning! Most of all it's the speed and convenience that make it a worthwhile investment.
by Barbara Tremblay Cipak

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  1. The model you have shown is the model we have at work. I have to tell you... the machine is AMAZING. It's been there for over a year, almost two. And it gets used nonstop all day long. Keurig makes a quality product for sure.

  2. We have a Keurig and we love it!!! In our home, everyone has a different favorite coffee brand and blend. With the Keurig everyone can have the cup of coffee they prefer. During the holidays, when we have guests, the Keurig gets quite a work out, but I think everyone likes being able to select they own coffee. Plus, it is a fresh cup each time. The coffee hasn't been sitting on the burner. Keurig is a 5 out of 5 star coffee maker in my opinion. Thank you for the excellent review Barbara! I am listening to Carrie Underwood and drinking my Keurig made coffee as we speak :)

    1. Cynthia, lol, you're listening to good music while you're having your coffee! You're right, each person being able to pick their flavor of coffee makes this a terrific addition to the home or office

  3. The Keurig coffee maker sounds like what I need since hubby doesn't drink coffee and I only drink 2 cups a day.

  4. My brother and sister-in-law recently acquired a Keurig coffee maker as my brother gave up coffee and SIL only drinks one or sometimes two cups per day. My brother switched to cocoa for an occasional hot beverage and he can get a quick cup with their Keurig. I never used to have an opinion of a one cup coffee maker before they got theirs, but now can see how handy one can be in many situations. (For myself, I go through a pot of coffee daily, so need one that makes more than one cup at a

  5. I like the look of that. Everybody in my house has different tastes - so it would be a handy way for everyone to get what they want nice and fast.


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