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The Crafty Month of March in Review

March is National Craft Month

National Craft Month

March is 'National Craft Month', a month which also includes National Crochet Week

This is the perfect time to look at some handmade crafty creations, including DIY projects and tutorials, and read some articles about the art of crafting to get you in the mood for creating.


To Craft means to make or produce something skillfully.

Craft in Green for St. Patrick's Day

Crafting for holidays is quite often a popular endeavor.  Since the month of March includes the St. Patrick's Day holiday, crafters enjoy the opportunity to 'Craft in St. Patrick's Day Green'

St. Patrick's Day Octopus on eBay

Craft Ideas for National Craft Month

  • If you check out the Craft Section here on Review This, you will find many articles with crafts to try for all the other holidays during the year from Thanksgiving to Valentine's Day and throughout the year right back to the Fall Holidays which begin with Halloween!
  • Or try out one of these DIY Craft Books with projects and gift ideas for a large variety of holidays available on Amazon.

  • A fun example is the one for the next nearest holiday – Easter.  DIY Projects & Gift Ideas for Easter is filled with amazingly easy guided gift ideas for beginners to the more experienced (with pictures!) and is available in Amazon's Kindle Store. 

Handmade gifts are such a joy to create, give and receive and this book will give you lots of crafty ideas.  There are homemade Easter crafts in the popular areas of Easter Eggs and Easter Bunnies and fun DIY Easter food, to name a few of the projects available in this book.

More Easter Crafts

Easter Egg Craft Tutorial
Sometimes Easter is in March and sometimes in April, but March is never too early to start crafting an Easter project.

For a quick Easter craft idea that combines the fun of an Easter Egg hunt with some non-candy treats that will encourage kids to enjoy crafts, check out this clever Easter Egg fillers craft tutorial by Corrinna Johnson.

This Easter craft and many other DIY craft ideas can be found on Corrinna's delightful  blog, Glitter 'N' Spice.

Time to Get Crafting...

Golden Bunny Girl on Etsy

This sweet bunny girl in gold is all dressed up for Easter in a pretty dress. Bunny rabbit in crochet is hopping by to remind you that if you love to craft, but find life getting in the way and your crafting time getting put on a back-burner, circle the month of March on your calendar and use National Craft Month as a reminder to restore your creative self!  

Crochet crafter Wednesday Elf uses National Crochet Week in March as her reminder.

If you are a crafter and have a DIY tutorial to share with those of us who love hand-crafts, please feel free to share a link with us in the comments section. 
Wednesday Elf on Etsy
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Crochet Blog by Wednesday Elf

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  1. Cute DIY ideas! And I love the pink bunny. I took a closer look at the DIY projects book and there are some really cool ideas in that book!

    1. Delighted you liked my pink bunny, Dawn Rae. I agree about that DIY projects book. They do have some fun ideas for crafting. There is a whole series of those DIY books - for Mothers or Father Day and many other holidays. I thought it was a clever idea for crafters.

  2. This is such an awesome article on crafts! I love all of the craft ideas featured here. Of course, Easter crafts are among my all time favorites and packing Easter eggs with special surprises is just plain fun for all. I have always adored Draw-sting pouches and that is an excellent tutorial by Coletta! It is really cool to have a month to celebrate crafting and a week to celebrate Elf (oh, I mean crochet).

    1. Awww, Mouse, that is so sweet - It's Elf Week. I could start a trend! :-) Glad you enjoyed this craft article.

  3. Lots of cute ideas! I really like the crocheted green octopus!

    1. Glad you enjoyed browsing through all these ideas, Corrinna. Your DIY Easter Egg craft was a special bonus for my article. Delighted to have found your blog!

  4. I love crochet items. Clothes and toys and all the cute purses and stuff that can be made. I don't have the skill for it though.

    1. Thanks for visiting my review of crafty things to do in March, Nona.

  5. always appreciate crocheted DIY projects like these - the pink bunny is sweet!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Barbara. My bunny and I appreciate your visit. :)

  6. I'm not very good at crafts, but love to see how creative others are. If I liked to crochet, I'd be tempted to try making that cute octopus.

    1. The octopus is easy to make, Barb. I even created an easy tutorial for it. :)

  7. Oh! What fun ideas for crafting Pat. I looked at the book and see so many ideas and crafts to do with the kids. Our grandson Bobby is the crafty one in the family. He's always making something and thinking of ideas to make things from common items. Thanks!!

    1. I have a grandson (age 9) who also loves to do crafty things. Thanks for visiting, Sam.


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