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Reviewing Easter Bunny Crafts

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Easter Bunnies Featured Below
I think just about everyone loves some bunny sometimes, and these adorable Easter bunny crafts are sure to be loved by all.

Every holiday presents a new opportunity for crafters to create a new gift, a lovely decoration, or perhaps add embellished apparel to our wardrobe.   In preparing for Easter, we think of flowers, Easter eggs, Easter baskets, but foremost in our playful hearts and minds, are Easter bunnies!

Crafting for Easter is always a lot of fun, so let's jump right in and review this selection of Easter crafts. 

Easter Bunny Crafts in Apparel

Either of these Easter bunny shirts would be fun to make!  Perhaps, the choice of which top to make would be determined by the age of the recipient. However, I can actually imagine crafters of any age would make these shirts, wear them proudly and dare anyone to challenge their creative Easter apparel.

The DIY Easter Bunny Shirt with Rosette Tail, created by Linda at Craftaholics Anonymous, would be fast and easy to make and I am quite certain the idea could be adapted to suit any age.

The post about the Bunny Rabbit Sweater is written in Swedish, but with photos, crafting becomes a universal language.  It is pretty easy to see that she used embroidery stitches to add a bunny face to a gray sweater.  Really cute ideas!

Easter Bunny Crafts in Home Decor

From bunny pillows to bunny shaped washcloths, we can make bunny home decor to dress every room for Easter. The Hoppy Bunny Pillow article is fabulous!   She uses one of my all time favorite craft items, fusible interfacing.   Plus, she gives us the bunny template to print so we can easily add the lovely bunny image on a pillow.

The Chocolate Bunny would be fun to place anywhere in the home!  I love the photo with it placed on the white place setting of china.  Anyone would delight to find a Chocolate bunny waiting for them at the dinner table and this one won't get eaten.

But, let's not forget our restrooms, especially the children's bathroom!  Everyone will enjoy having a bunny washcloth tending to their needs.  Baileygrib finishes the washcloth bunnies by adding eyes, a nose and a tail, but truly we could stop after step 6 in the instructions and have temporary bunnies that, with the rubber band and ribbon removed, could serve once again as a washcloth.   I think everyone recognizes the shape of a bunny without the details.

A Few Special Easter Bunny Crafts that Make Great Gifts

Most crafters enjoy making gifts for our friends and family.  The Easter Bunny Boxes would be the perfect gift box, but imagine how much fun a child would have helping you actually decorate the box.  Whether you choose to make it in advance, or make the box together, I am certain the Easter bunny gift boxes would be a gift in it's own right.

Because I love Pom Pom animals, I simply had to include the Pom Pom Bunny pictorial instructions.  In the article, the photos show making your own pom poms, which of course you can do.  However, ready-made pom poms are available for a fast and easy craft.

One of our very own contributors here on Review This Reviews crochets lovely items and sells them in her Etsy store.  Don't tell anyone, but I am secretly hoping Wednesday Elf will purchase this pattern and make those bunny shoes in my size, (Mouse size 6, please).

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  1. Ha, ha, SylvesterMOUSE - I can just picture your feet in a pair of crocheted bunny, mouse... slippers. Sweet of you to mention me and my crochet crafting. You've found some delightful 'Bunny' crafts to review for Easter. Crafting is always fun, but ever so much more when one is crafting for a holiday!

  2. I couldn't resist Elf! You have become synonymous with crochet in my mind.

  3. Love all your "Bunny" crafts. Especially like those cute bunny slippers from Elf!

    1. Those little slippers are adorable! Maybe she should make all of us our very own Bunny Slippers for Easter!!! lol

  4. Mouse, these bunny crafts you selected to feature are totally adorable! And Elf, if you're planning to make those bunny slippers for your friends, please make mine a size 7.5 extra wide. ;) Pinned to my Spring Fling board.

    1. We could easily keep our Elf busy with bunny slipper orders! Thank you for visiting us and for sharing the post. Great big hugs sent your way, my friend!

  5. My favorite was the bathroom bunny. That's something even someone like me could do. My kids were much better at crafts than I was. I could envision them making it for my bathroom back in the day. I can just imagine how Jason's eyes would be ready to light up at my surprise at what he had done when I discovered it.

    1. I love that washcloth to Barbara! It really is so easy and I children do love having their towels shaped for them. We first discovered shaped towels and washcloths in Disney World. We had a precious maid who would leave "gifts" for our children everyday when she came in to straighten the room. A very endearing gesture. That was over 20 yrs ago, but I still remember how it delighted our children.

  6. The bunny slippers are so cute! Also the table set with a bunny theme is a terrific idea, I hadn't thought of that before!

    1. I love that chocolate bunny Barbara! Made me want to purchase white china just so I could have the table setting :)

  7. Second time I've visited for more ideas. This time I'm pinning it :)


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