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Palm Trees in Paradise

palm tree with beautiful orange sky photo by mbgphoto
There is something about palm trees that have always fascinated me.  I remember as a young girl the sight of our first Palms as we drove south from Missouri to Florida meant we were almost at our destination.  Even today, I always look forward to the first palms greeting me a the Florida welcome center.

Photography Tips

Palm trees are very majestic looking.  I love to photograph them in all types of weather and at all times of day.  The photograph above is one I took just the other night looking across our condo complex with sunset approaching.  It is fun to capture the silhouette of the palm again the setting sun.  You too can create these images by focusing on the light and then the palm will show as a silhouette. Photograph a second image by focusing on the palm tree and you will get an entirely different point of view.  The photograph below shows an image where I focused on the palm.  In this photo the details of the palms leaves stand out against the evening sky.
palm tree photo by mbgphoto

 Palms Photographed over the Years

The images below on various Zazzle products show some of the palms I have photographed over the years.  They are always a favorite subject of mine when we are in a tropical locale.

Coral Cove Beach Print
Coral Cove Beach Print by mbgphoto
Browse anotherPoster template design online at Zazzle
Here are a group of palms I photographed one evening in Jupiter Florida.
End of a Perfect Day Greeting Cards
End of a Perfect Day Greeting Cards by mbgphoto
Check out other note cards online at Zazzle.
This stately palm was photographed a few years ago from our balcony in Jupiter Florida. Palms like this one along the ocean are a wonderful sight. I love the way the palm fronds wave with the ocean breezes.
Browse more Palm in paradise Ornaments at Zazzle

Fun Facts about Palms

In looking up palms online I found lots of interesting facts.  Here are a few you might enjoy.
  • Palms are everygreen trees
  • In the Continental USA, Palm are found mainly in southern Florida and southern California
  • There are over 2500 different species of palms
  • Some palms produce fruits like coconuts and dates
  • Most by not all palms have single trunks
  • Palms have different types of bark

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  1. I am right there with you! As we travel to our destination, the first sight of a palm tree denotes how close we are to arriving. While I have never truly focused on the Palm tree itself, those trees are often a part of my favorite beach or sunset photos. After reading your article, I will make a point of looking and focusing more closely on the Palm tree. Your features are fabulous!

  2. Having lived in both Florida and California, the Palm Tree has become my favorite tree. Even here in Georgia we have a few palm trees, but not as many as Florida does. They DO make a lovely scene photographed against the sky. Your sunset palm photo is truly beautiful, Mary Beth.

  3. Beautiful photos and good tips, I'll remember them! I remember the first time I saw a palm tree when I was a teenager on my first Florida holiday with family - Having only ever seen photos and read about them I felt like I had entered story book land!

  4. I love palm trees. There is something special about them. Lovely post... makes me reminisce about those visits to Florida to visit my son and family.

  5. Since I grew up in Southern California, I've rarely been out of sight of a palm tree. In fact, three live across the street from me here in Paso Robles and another three live across the street from me in Templeton. Even though I'm inland now, I still associate them with the coastal cities -- especially Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, and Long Beach. I only wish they all bore edible dates. You have shown the rest of the world some of their many faces here.


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