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A Classic Feel Good Comedy About a Moon and Love

Moona Classic, Funny Nicolas Cage & Cher Moviestruck Love in

Snap Out of It! It's a Moonstruck Movie Review!

That's what Cher says to Nicolas Cage when he tells her he's in love with her, "Snap out of it!" then she slaps his face! It's a famous, classic scene in the 1987 movie Moonstruck starring Cher and Nicolas Cage.

A Movie about Love Centered Around 'Cosmo's Moon'

Moonstruck ranks as one of my personal all-time favorite romantic comedies. If you haven't seen it, and you're a fan of funny romantic movies, then you will surely enjoy this one! You know a movie ranks high on your radar when you start quoting lines from it all your life! Well, that's what this movie did to me.

Some of the famous movie quote lines from Moonstruck:
  • When you love them, they drive you crazy because they know they can (A quote by Olympia Dukakis, who plays Rose Castorini, Cher's (Loretta Castorini) mother in the movie.
  • Rose Castorini asks, 'Do you love him,  Loretta? Loretta says, 'Yah Ma, I love him awful,' 'Aw gee, that's too bad,' says her mother
  • It's Johnny Cammareri <---It's the way Julie Bovasso, who plays 'Rita Cappomaggi,' says this - She plays Cher's Aunt in the movie.
  • La Bella Luna!
  • Alla famigilia, Salut!
What is Moonstruck About?

The movie is about a thirty-something woman, Loretta Castorini, played by Cher, whose boyfriend, Johnny Cammareri, played by Danny Aiello, finally proposes to her. She accepts because she feels it's time to be married.

Her mother,  Rose, asks her, 'Do you love him,  Loretta?' she says no, Ma..she responds by saying she only likes him and that he's a good man. Her mother is relieved to hear that because, as pointed out in the famous quote above, Rose tells her daughter, 'When you love them, they can drive you crazy. ' Rose's husband,  Cosmo (Loretta's father in the movie, played by Vincent Gardenia), drives Rose crazy; she loves him and suspects he's having an affair.

After their engagement, Johnny has to fly to Palermo, Italy,   to be with his dying mother, and he asks Loretta to visit his brother Ronny (a brother she had no idea he had!) Johnny wants to resolve his differences with his brother and asks Loretta/Cher to invite him to the wedding.

Loretta goes to see Ronny (played by Nicolas Cage). He's a funny, dramatic caricature of a scorned man. Ronny blames his brother for the loss of his fiance five years previous. Loretta goes upstairs to his apartment to talk sense into him, and one thing leads to another; they sleep together, but even worse, they fall in love!

In the end, her mother asks her about Ronny, 'Do you love him,   Loretta?' ...Loretta says, 'Yah, Ma, I love him awful'...her mother says, 'Ah geez, that's too bad.'

There are many other 'love mix-ups' taking place, making this movie pure entertainment to watch.

What is Cosmo's Moon?

The movie centers around the moon, referred to in the movie as Cosmo's moon. Rita's brother, Raymond Cappommagi, played by Louis Guss, tells the story of when he was a young boy who saw this huge moon in the sky, so he proceeded to his bedroom window to look at it, and he swears he saw Cosmo standing outside his sister's window. The old wise tale is that the moon brings the woman to the man.

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  1. One of my fave movie's too. Cher was fantastic in it!

    1. Heather, it's such a fun movie isn't it - I'll venture a guess it will be on again as we approach Valentines Day :)

  2. Wow! Thanks for the review and recommendation! Nicholas Cage is one of my favorite actors, but I have never seen Moonstruck. Going to add it to my watch list now. I surely do enjoy a great romance, especially when it is also a comedy.

    1. Cynthia, you'll enjoy this one, it's a fun movie

    2. Just had to stop by with an update! Because you recommended it, I watched it and I have to report, I loved it!!! Thank you for the recommendation. It really was fun, romantic and uplifting.

  3. I loved Moonstruck and have seen it several times. Both Cher and Nicholas Cage are great in it. And the lines.... you are right, they are memorable.


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