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Red Gifts and Romantic Ideas for Valentine's Day

A collage of red and pink plush penguins in crochet
Valentine Penguins on Etsy
Our favorite February holiday ~ Valentine's Day ~ is just around the corner. Time to look at  some romantic ideas and red gift choices for that special someone in your life.

Red and Pink, along with white, are traditional Valentine's Day colors.

  • Red is a symbol for passion and deep love. 
  • Pink stands for affection, sweetness and understanding and is a combination of red and white.  

A plush penguin in one of the Valentine colors of red or pink, handmade in crochet, makes a cute gift for your sweetheart. This cuddly stuffed animal is perfect for a favorite girl. These round and roly-poly penguins measure 5 x 5 inches and make an adorable gift.  They are available in the Etsy Shop of Coastal Crochet Crafts.

Handmade Happiness in Red or Pink Plush

Handmade red or pink plush animals are fun gifts for your special Valentine. 

These plush penguins in Valentine colors of red and pink will win her heart. Round and cuddly, your special someone will love this sweetheart penguin.

Perhaps a
Crochet Ladybug Plush Toy
Crochet Ladybug Plush Toy
is your choice for a red plush gift.

Lady Bugs are a symbol of good luck and happiness, making a lady Bug plushie a happy gift to that special lady in your life.

Crochet plush octopus in Valentine colors of pink and red
Cute Valentine Octopus in Pink or Red Crochet

A mini crocheted octopus handmade in red or pink makes a cute gift for your favorite Valentine.  It would look darling sitting on her desk at work or home as a reminder of the sweet person who gave it to her.

A Special Card - Sweet, Funny, Fun

Top off your Valentine gift with a fun card.   

This card by aaronsgraphics on Zazzle may not be perfectly romantic, but your sweetheart will get a laugh and a smile out of it.  
Simply tell them "I love you every single day", "But today you get a card!"

Symbols of Love

Illustration of the words LOVE surrounded by hearts
Image Source: Pixabay

If anyone has ever wondered how the heart became the symbol of love, and such burning questions such as 'why is the heart red', here's a light-hearted (yes, that's an intended pun) imagined conversation between Dr. Sheldon Cherry and a 2,000-year-old cardiologist.

Valentine's Day and Romance Go Together

For a list of romantic movies, books, songs and sweet stories perfect for Valentine's Day, check out these wonderful suggestions from many of the reviewers here on Review This in our ROMANCE section.

Valentine's Day is a Favorite Chocolate Holiday

As Lucy Van Pelt of Peanuts once wisely said “All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt!”  And no one at Review This knows more about chocolate than our own Susan Kennedy. Check out lots of her chocolate recipes and stories perfect for this chocolate holiday.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day

So, Happy Valentine's Day to you from the Peanuts gang and all of us at Review This

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  1. What a really fun post! I always love your crochet animals Elf and they would make adorable gifts for Valentine's Day. You know, I never really considered the whys and wherefores of the heart symbol. That was a fun, lighthearted interview to read. Plus, that card you shared is truly beautiful. I know several people who would prefer the Eiffel Tower and Paris. My own daughter would have loved a honeymoon in Paris. I suspect they will get there one day for a belated honeymoon. In the meantime, I am going to "kindly" show that card to her precious husband, but we won't tell her :)

    Headed for my morning dose of coffee and chocolate! This was a great way to start my day. Thank you!

    1. Mmmm, coffee and chocolate! Now THAT'S the way to begin the day! Glad you enjoyed my red plush animals for a Valentine gift suggestion.

  2. Oh, yes, Valentine's Day and delightful red gift ideas! Perfect combination. Your plush ladybug is adorable! Now that's a cute symbol of love for this romantic holiday. And, thanks for sharing my chocolate posts! There just can never be enough chocolate in the world.

    1. A world without chocolate would be dull indeed, Susan. Tickled you liked my plush ladybug. It was interesting to me to learn that ladybugs are symbols of happiness and good luck.

  3. These are so cute! love these crocheted gifts, and especially love that Charlie Brown book (anything Charlie Brown is the best!)

    1. Charlie Brown is perfect any time of year, Barbara. :)

  4. Loving those ladybugs and penguins! ♥♥♥

    1. Thanks, Tracey. I love to crochet both ladybugs and penguins.

  5. Cute cute cute ideas, and I'm a ladybug fanatic too. So these are all right up my alley, so to speak. Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

    1. Thanks Olivia. Glad you enjoyed my Red Gift ideas. :)


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