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Mom's Visual Tweets, How to be Heard Without TALKING

One of Mom's Visual Tweets! - Wall Quote on Amazon
Yep, I've personally tagged wall quotes in our home with the title and purpose...'Mom's Visual Tweets'

Mom's Review of Wall Quotes and Their Intended Purpose!
My first child was born in 1986 and my last child came into our life in the year 2000. Watching the world change so quickly has been an incredible, almost shocking, ride. I've been holding onto the railings for a long time, so, yah, quotes prevent me from going postal. Fact.
Understatement coming....parenting today is challenging. There's too many outside forces coming at our children; products, technology...more stuff...more things...more useless crap, even more crap that's eventually going to become useless and rinse and repeat! Quite frankly, too much 'stuff' and too many 'things' make mom a big grump, and maybe a tad nutz.
Most of my boys are young men now, but I'm sure other parents can attest to the fact that parenting never ends, and I do mean NEVER. As the mom of 4 boys, it's hard to deliver life tips and messages without getting that 'hurry up, yah yah, glazed over look' from your kids-slash-young men.
So, to solve this dilemma, I decided to use wall quotes as well as hand written quotes to feature in our home.
Instead of Deciding to beat the 140 Character-Attention-Span-Syndrome, I Decided to Join It
By using wall words, sporadically through the house, I'm able to send a positive life message to the
This would get an Eye Roll - I Need to Put it Up :)
Wall Lettering on Amazon
boys (and myself). Oh yah, the quotes get eye-rolled. But tough bananas, like Martina McBride said in her song, I Do It Anyway.
I haven't just purchased wall quotes, I've also hand written them and put them on the fridge.

Unfortunately the fridge started to look like a hippie wall from the '60's, so I've since transferred most of them to a binder.

The binder sits ready for the kids to read..I've yet to see them open it. I should stuff some cash in it - in 10 years check it, bet the money will still be there. 
But I don't get discouraged. Not me. Nope. I'm going subliminal.
I just keep rotating them from the binder to the fridge, where one always sits in full view: I have to keep that puppy up for a longgggg time, cause it's usually a month before they notice 'a quote change'.
For the family, I particularly love quotes about the mind, about our thoughts, and how "we become what we think about" - 'control your thinking, control your life'. <---I'm hoping to control that thought so it sinks in.
I say, don't let the eye rolls discourage you, get those 'Visual Tweets' up! They eye-roll this Mom til the cows come home and it makes no difference, actually motivates me to look for more. Big mistake. Huge. In fact, I have a continuing series of mom's messages through song here! They'll appreciate it when I bite the big one; nobody puts Mom in a corner.

By Barbara Tremblay Cipak - Heart of Country

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  1. I really do love the wall quotes and you should see my refrigerator right now, lol. The first time I ever saw a wall quote actually on a wall was in a bathroom in Scotland. I thought it was really cool and something to read / think about while taking care of business. I do agree with you too about parenting being hard and too many influences vying for attention. The wall quotes are an awesome way to share your thoughts and reminders.

  2. Cynthia, well you aren't going to believe this, I actually wrote a page about putting up a wall quote in the washroom, because I've done it as well! lmao! Yep, I have one up in the main washroom upstairs - I thought the same thing, 'great time to grab someone's attention'!

  3. I love wall quotes ~ well, quotes in any form. I've been compiling them for years! There are so many with a positive message and a thoughtful one. You might not think your 'mom messages' are getting through to your boys, but subliminally they are receiving them. Some day they will have a good idea and realize it came from a message you've sent them. My daughter is an artist, married to an artist, and sometimes she loses confidence in her abilities, so I'm always sending her appropriate messages. The last one I posted on her Facebook Wall (a visual way for her to SEE the message) was the quote "You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have."

  4. Pat, what a great way to provide support to post a quote on her wall, one of my boys is in a band and I actually hadn't thought about posting on his facebook wall (oh no! you've opened up a new can of worms for me) - the world needs more creative thinkers, more artists. What's that quote...'The Earth without Art is just 'Eh' - love that one!


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