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The Classic Berenstain Bears Book Series

The Berenstain Bears - Available on Amazon
A Review - Children's Books About Life Lessons and Why we Love The Berenstain Bears Collection

As a mom of four sons, I have to say The Berenstain Bears Books were a staple in our home. I use the term 'were', because I've since passed most of them down to grandchildren or in some cases, they've been given to schools.

The Titles Tell You Exactly The Lesson Your Child is About Learn

The title of these books make it very clear to us Mom's exactly what 'life lesson' we are about to teach our child. With titles like; Too Small for the Team, Learn About Strangers and Mama's Helpers, it's easy to see why we know what we're getting. After all, we're busy and the clearer the title, the better it is for us!

Teaching Life Lessons Seems Just a Bit Easier with a Storybook!

When the kids are growing up, it seems we're always in 'teaching' mode: Put this away; please share with your brother; turn off the lights; finish your homework please, and so on! Do these instructions sound familiar to any of you? I'm sure you've said these things and a lot more!

What I loved about the Berenstain Bears Collection of books was being able to teach the boys a life lesson without sounding like a preachy mom. When it's a character in a book learning a lesson, it's simply more fun for the kids to watch that character 'take the lesson' instead of mom telling 'them' what to do for a change! I like to think of these books as 'a break from life lessons while still learning a life lesson'. Oh, we moms can be sneaky!

They need a series now for teenagers and young adults! I can just pictured it; my teenage son sitting beside me while I read, 'Did the Berenstain Bears Not Teach You Anything! Clean Your Room Cause Mom is Older and too Tired to Preach! - Only problem is, they would probably loved being sent to their room for a time out, request extended time, then laugh about how they managed to get mom to read  them a story and bonus...sent them to their room!

Here's a Popular Berenstain Bears Book on Youtube - 'Forget their Manners'


By Barbara Tremblay Cipak

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  1. We always loved the Berenstain Bears too! I have known a few adults who needed to learn some of these simple and basic lessons. Perhaps a Berenstain Bears for adults :)

    1. Cynthia, lol, that's what I was thinking, 'story book reading for adults' haha!

  2. Berenstain Bears' "Bears in the Night" was my son's very favorite book of all time. He had the words memorized by age 3. The whole family were fans of the Berenstain Bears series of books. Barbara, I think a line of these books (now being written and published by Jan & Stan Berenstain's sons) for teenagers would be perfect. Life lessons for teens in the form of a children's book(s) would fit the childish nature of many of today's teenagers who insist on 'forgetting' what parents have been teaching them since they were tots! I have two teenage grandsons who definitely could use a few reminders right about now! LOL.

    1. lol! I hear yah! - they could be written with sarcastic youthful humor with messages sewn in :) - Here's the first book that could be written: 'The Berenstain Bears - 'Why Dropping Your Cell Phone in the Toilet Isn't the End of Life as We Know It'! -

  3. These books were favorites in our house too!


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