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Review of Canon PowerShot SX 130 IS~Best Point and Shoot Digital Camera!

Canon PowerShot photo of Venice
Basilica in Venice, Italy

My Review of the Canon PowerShot SX 130 IS Point and Shoot Camera

I used to hate taking photos because it was so hard and most of the time my pictures didn't come out that well. In fact out of a roll of film I would keep only one or two. I solved the problem years ago by buying postcards everywhere I traveled. After all, a photographer already got the perfect shot and it was cheaper than developing all that film and then throwing away most of the photos anyway.  So I would just buy the coolest postcards everywhere I went and always have great photos. But none of the photos had me or my family in them and that's a problem when you are doing scrapbooks.

Canon PowerShot photo of building in Rome, Italy
Old building by the Colosseum, Rome, Italy

So a few years ago when digital cameras came out, I thought maybe I could try again, because now when the photos are bad I can just delete them! No more wasted film and money. So I took the plunge. What I did was ask some of my photographer friends for suggestions and based on those, and my preference for a point and shoot camera,  I bought a Canon PowerShot SX 130 IS and I couldn't be happier!

Canon PowerShot photo of Hong Kong
Hong Kong, from Victoria Peak on a Misty morning

Now if you are a technical person who wants all the specs and that kind of stuff, you might not want to read my review of this awesome camera because what I love about it is that even someone like me who hates all that stuff and doesn't even know where to begin to talk about that can use it and take great photos! But I will say a few things about it anyway, for the non techie crowd.

Features of the Canon PowerShot SX 130 IS

 It has an auto setting and I just leave it on there and voila, good shots most of the time. It has a built in zoom, so I just adjust the zoom and it refocuses itself instantly! How cool is that? Now for those of you who understand the F stop settings and the like, it has those available too, but I never use them; I keep it on auto all the time. It has a built in flash and it tells you if you need to activate it! That just means raise the flash. (no light bulbs to buy either) And the thing I really like is that even when it says I need the flash, if I'm in a church or museum where they prohibit flash, I still am able to get a great shot most of the time. More coolness! It also has a huge viewfinder, basically the whole back of the camera is the viewfinder! The photo below was taken in a church where no flash is allowed. Can you believe that?

Canon PowerShot photo of Carcassonne
Rondele, Cathedral in Carcassonne, France

My husband has a Nikon top of the line digital camera and he even thinks some of my shots are better than the ones his camera takes. (He likes to play with the settings though, so that's probably the reason. I tell him to just put it on auto, but no, he has to be all fancy.) I have an iPhone and it has a camera, but the photos from this camera are way better so I will always carry it. ( It's not very heavy.) It was not an expensive camera either considering all its features and the quality of its photos; I got it on sale for less than $200!

Canon PowerShot photo of Sydney Harbor
Sydney Harbor Opera House, Australia

Another thing I like is that it takes regular AA batteries, not those lithium expensive ones that are hard to find. Just pop into any grocery or drug store and you are set to go. Really, it's been so fun to finally take photos that I'm happy to keep and can actually have some fun family shots too. So if you want a camera that takes great shots without having to know all the technical details of cameras, I highly recommend the Canon PowerShot SX 130 IS!

All the photos on this page are from my little digital camera so you can see the variety possible. 

Here are more of the photos I took on my trip around the world, 2014-2015 which I'm still enjoying! .

Canon Powershot photo of Albi France
Mary and Jesus, St. Cecile Cathedral, Albi, France

Canon Powershot photo of Albi street in France
Lights in Albi, France, Christmas 2014

Canon Powershot photo of Australia
Blue Mountains, Australia

All Photos © Heather Burns, 2014. Please do not copy.

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  1. The camera took very good photos. Beautiful pictures. Our digital camera isn't that sophisticated but the photos are pretty good - I'll keep this in mind as my youngest son is starting to take an interest in photos (I'll see if it lasts or if it's just a phase!)

  2. Excellent review and beautiful photos! I do love a great camera that doesn't require a lot of technical knowledge or experience, especially when I travel. I want, and need, a reliable point and shoot camera. I keep a Canon Powershot on hand at all times. Mine is a different model because I wanted the viewfinder, but these camera sure are hard to beat.

    1. Thank you, Cynthia! I love the viewfinder! Just point in the direction I want and voila! I can always use photoshop to crop and fix any photo so not worried about a precise viewfinder. :)

  3. Excellent review. Thank you. And gorgeous photos. I have a fancy-pants camera that I love, but I'm learning about the settings and I often don't get what I want. Also, I refuse to take it some places (like on kayak trips). So I've been thinking about getting a point-and-shoot for those occasions. I've been hesitant to but a new one because I have a drawer full of old ones that are very annoying in one way or another - like those special batteries that are expensive or harder to find. One question: how is the battery life? Do you feel like it goes through batteries quickly?

    1. It sort of does go through them quickly, but I've found the alkaline ones last a while. It depends on how often you use the flash. But I get them on sale at the $1 store, 4 for a dollar, and just keep them around, so not a big deal. Thank you for your kind words.

  4. Thanks for a great review and wonderful photos. I have several cameras including a SLR, but when I'm traveling there is nothing like a Canon Powershot. It is easy to use and nice and lightweight. It easily fits in my purse. I also agree with your husband, many time my powershot takes photos just as good as the ones from my SLR!

    1. Thank you! Since you're a real photographer, I really appreciate the compliments! I'm just an amateur trying to get a good scrapbook of my travels.

  5. I have a small beginner digital camera and have wanted to upgrade for quite some time now. Your review of this Canon Powershot really interests me. Will have to consider it when I get ready to buy. Love your photos of your fabulous trip.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I am definitely impressed by these pictures! What a great camera to have. I like that it is smaller too because who wants to carry around some hunk of camera machinery when traveling? Certainly not me. You took gorgeous photos, that stained glass is my favorite. Great review, if I get a point and shoot camera I am totally going with a Canon.

  8. There's nothing better when you are travelling than being able to quickly capture the moment and a good point-and-shoot- is ideal for that. I kind of wish I had gone for one of these instead of the half-way to bigger Nikon I opted for. Next time. I'm loving your travel photos.

    1. Thank you so much! You probably recognize one of the shots, right? LOL

  9. That night Christmas shot was impressive. I like the idea of using AA batteries, too. I love point and shoot cameras, and since I stopped using film all my cameras have been digital points and shoot.


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