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A Personal Double Oven Review - What's Good and Not So Good About It!

Double Oven  Review - Smaller Oven on Top &
a Larger Oven on the Bottom
If You're Thinking About Getting a Double Oven Stove - Here's some Feedback
For years I insisted that once we were in the market for a new stove, we would get a stove with a double oven. We have a large family, and a double oven is necessary to handle the large meals that are required when everyone gets together for a celebration - especially Christmas!
Finally, it happened - a new stove was required - and finally we did in fact get that Double Oven Stove.
I learned a few things about a Double Oven since then, and thought I would share them with those looking for the same type of stove.
What I Like About the Double Oven Stove
  1. It's extremely handy when you have to prepare a large meal. The second oven is very useful, especially in warming up pre-made dishes
  2. It looks really impressive and modern
  3. Love not having to clean stove-top inserts like we had to with the old stove
  4. We've had it for a few years, and so far there's been no problem with it
  5. We took the extra step of getting a double oven stove with a convection oven - that's handy once in a while
  6. It's self clean (which I really appreciate)
  7. Cooks the food nicely
  8. Easy to use
What I Don't Like About a Double Oven Stove
  1. There are two types of Double Oven Stoves I could have selected - One with the smaller oven on
    Double Oven with Two Ovens the Same Size
    top and the larger oven on the bottom - The other with two ovens the same size (The two different choices are featured on this page) - I went with the former: The smaller oven on the top, although very convenient, it has a few limitations: Because the heating elements are so close to the food, the food can burn, so you have to watch it carefully. In fact I do not put cakes and pies in the top oven to bake anymore - The first time in my life that I ever burnt a homemade chocolate cake was by putting the cake in the smaller top oven to bake! The element is too close to the cake, so I suspect that was the problem. The stoves with the two ovens the same size more than likely wouldn't produce this result!
  2. I'm not a fan of a flat-top (so I discovered) - Yes, there are advantages to it (looks good, no grills to clean), however I find it marks up a bit too easy for my liking. We do keep it clean, but it's never perfect like it was when we bought it.
  3. Our old stove had an electrical outlet built into it, this newer model oven doesn't
  4. Although the convection oven is handy once in a while, for our family it's a bit of waste of money - so if I had to choose another one, I would select one without a convection oven built-in. We just don't use it enough to justify the added cost.
Two Full Ovens
In Summary, would I invest in a Double Oven Range again?
The answer to that is yes. The reason I say yes is that it's in an affordable price range for us, and although point number 1 in the 'don't like' column above does bother me, the convenience of having two ovens without doing a major renovation is worth it.
If I were doing a full kitchen reno, then no, I wouldn't get this double oven stove; I would have two separate ovens installed one above the other and get a stand alone stove-top installed on the counter.
By Barbara Tremblay Cipak -

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  1. I have a double oven and I absolutely love it! Both of my ovens are the same size and I honestly don't know how I ever prepared the holiday dinners without 2 ovens. My mom sure cooked for a large family everyday with only one oven, but I am definitely spoiled to having two. Sure cuts down on the work time. I do prefer the stand alone ovens like you recommended if you are renovating your kitchen.

    1. great to have to full ovens with a big family Cynthia - I would prefer that - If ever I get that full kitchen reno, that's what we'll be doing too

  2. I once had a house with the built in counter top range top and 2 full ovens in the wall next to it, one over the other. The set up looked very much like the one you show in the picture in this article. I absolutely loved it. Another time I had a tall stove (probably no longer made) with an oven on top, a cooktop in the middle and a regular oven on the bottom. This was before the days of microwave ovens, which now are popular installed above many stoves. Very handy. Two ovens, no matter what type you get, are really helpful.

    1. I think I remember those ovens you're describing with the oven on top, and cooktop in the middle and another oven on the bottom - they probably still make those - they're pretty cool too and certainly a good space saving way to do it

  3. Just saw this on Pinterest. I really like double wall ovens, but haven't heard of double oven stoves. Have to share this with my hubby (he's the main cook in the house). Thanks for the review.

  4. For fifteen years I had a house with built-in double ovens and I loved them. They were both easy to reach. I did a lot more baking then and having two ovens made it possible to bake things that needed different temperatures at the same time. After we moved here and I was limited to one oven again, holiday dinners were much trickier. I baked much less. I've always hated my stove there, but since I stopped cooking so much it hardly matters. Now at the Paso house we have a stove with two ovens again, but I've never figured out the one on top - a microwave with a metal rack? Since Mom bought the stove, I still haven't located the manual. I have two other microwaves here. I no longer do holiday dinners, and when I do I use an oven/crockpot Hubby calls the bathtub for cooking the turkey. I would love to have my built-in double oven back, but neither house has a place to build it in. I agree with your review.


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