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Review of The Best PC to PC Transfer Device

PC to Pc Transfer Device
PC to Pc Transfer Device
I can't say enough good things about this PC-to-PC data transfer device! We've had this Tornado Data Transfer Tool for years and years: I'm trying to remember what year my husband bought it...maybe 2005 or 2006?

Of course, since then, we've had to transfer data numerous times from an old PC to a new PC, and it's still as easy to use now as it was then!
I Was Really Mad that My Husband Bought Yet Another Gadget!
Let's hope he never reads this page, 'cause he was right about this gadget...well worth the money and not expensive! He knows he was right about this one already; I've admitted it to him! Big girls don't cry? lol.
The thing sat in its package for a few years before I took it out to use it! My first thoughts on new devices are usually how they're going to suck hours out of my day trying to learn and configure get the picture! Well, well, well, it turns out it's as simple as 1,2,3!
  1. Plug the USB into One Computer
  2. Plug the Other USB end into the Other Computer
  3. Open up the Tornado on both computers, read the screen, and drag and drop to transfer
Seriously, it's that easy! On both computers, the screen says 'This Computer' and 'The Other Computer' so you can easily know which files are on which!
Again, at that point, just drag and drop the files you want to transfer.
My Most Recent Computer Crisis - and How I Used It
Yep, I was having computer troubles...pulling my hair out and thinking about wine! Anyway, I quickly pulled out this device to transfer all the data to another laptop - (I have too much info for Cloud Storage...maybe eventually I'll go down that road).In no time flat, all my data was protected. Today I transferred all my data back to a new laptop. Again, fast and painless!
The best part is I've never had the pain-in-the-rear compatibility problem that can sometimes happen when you get a new laptop; The Tornado has worked on every version of windows that we've used without a hitch - currently 8.1 - Not only that, I was able to transfer even if one computer had one version of windows and the other was different. So hubby was right to get this device years ago! Shhh.
Other Ways to Transfer Data
Of course, there are many other ways to back up and transfer data: Windows Easy Transfer, Cloud Computing, Other Software Programs, Wireless Transfer between devices if you're set up for that, or Using an External Hard Drive. I've tried 'Windows Easy Transfer,' and it wasn't that easy! I prefer this device.

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  1. I was sitting here thinking how many disasters over the years could have been avoided if we had this device! I don't know how many times one of us had a major PC problem and needed files for work or school and our laptop was clearly about to go completely out. I even remember asking my son many years ago if there wasn't some type of device were data from one computer could easily be moved to another. It is a very common problem to need to do that. Excellent review! I feel like I need at least 4 of these units. One for each family member.

  2. Never knew this tool existed. What a good idea ... and a simple one. Thanks for the review.

  3. Cynthia & Pat, what's funny is that it's almost 'old school' now (in terms of technology) but I keep mine in my laptop bag at all times in case I need it for some unexpected reason - my hubby saw this on the shopping channel way back when (lol, mid 2000's)

  4. Barbara, this review couldn't have been more timely for me! My laptop is clearly on its last legs and I'm dreading having to move all my data from it to a new computer (when I finally break down and buy one). This sounds PERFECT!!! Thanks so much.


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