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Reviewing the Best Birthday Cards for Online Friends

A review of gifts to send to online friends (by Coletta Teske)

Selecting birthday cards for friends you've never met in person is a challenge. Find the perfect greeting in this review of birthday cards for online friends.

We all have them. Virtual friends that we hang out with online. We've never met them in person, but we feel we've known them all our lives. And, when our online friends celebrate a special birthday, we want to share it with them.

What do you send the friend you've never met for their birthday? Let's review birthday cards for online friends.

Create a Customized Birthday Card

Create a customized birthday card at Zazzle
Buy this card on Zazzle.
Yes, it may sound old-fashioned, but many people still enjoy getting cards and letters delivered to their front door.

When an online friend has shared their mailing address, take a suggestion from Review This! contributor, Mary Beth. Mary Beth loves to create special greeting cards for her special friends. And she loves to share her pictures of butterflies in her Zazzle print-on-demand gift shop.

The cool thing about shopping at Zazzle is that you can customize the gifts you buy. Mary Beth's Paper Kite Butterfly greeting card, and all greeting cards on Zazzle's site, can be personalized. You can add a birthday greeting to the front of the card and add a personal wish to the inside.

Send an Electronic Greeting Card

Do a web search and you'll find a long list of websites where you can create an electronic birthday card. These sites usually have a selection of free and fee cards. After you select and customize a card, the site sends an email to the card recipient with a link to the card. The only information you need to provide about your birthday pal is an email address.

My favorite web-based greeting card service is I found E-Cards about 15 years ago and have always had a good experience with their service. E-Cards has a nice selection of free cards or you can join the site for access to members-only cards.

If you care about wildlife and the environment, E-Cards donates a portion of their earnings to organizations such as World Wildlife Fund, Natural Resources Defense Council, Environmental Defense, Grist Magazine, The New American Dream, and The Green Schools Initiative.

Send a Gift Card

Gift cards are the universal gift. Gift cards are easy to purchase and easy to spend. The great thing about gift cards is that you don't have to second guess about what your online friend would enjoy. has made gift card giving a group activity. With the Amazon Birthday Gift, you and your online friends can contribute any amount to a birthday gift card for another online friend. All you have to do is tell your friends where they can make their contribution. This short video explains how it works.

It's easy to remember your online friends on their birthdays. Especially when sending a birthday card is just a few mouse clicks away.

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”



  1. Because I interact and talk to my online friends daily, I feel closer to them than I do some of my own family members. These are wonderful suggestions for letting them know that we remember, and wish to celebrate, their birthdays with them.

  2. I agree that we have become close with a large number of online 'friends'. We share their joys and commiserate with the problems life brings and we grow closer with each contact. Sending a greeting card for their birthday, or even a special event in their life, is a wonderful idea. Thanks, Coletta, for these great suggestions.

  3. Elf and Cynthia, Yes, it is fun to celebrate with our online friends, but it's not always easy finding ways to share the fun. Especially when the only contact information the friend gives out is a social media profile and an email address. I've always loved E-Cards!

  4. All great ways to celebrate! This was an issue for me - So I now pay for an online service where I can do everything online to get a physical card out to someone for special occasions - It works so well for me; they have a library of cards, you select what you want, keep your contacts in an contact list, get reminders, you can attach gifts or gift cards from their selection and best of all, they mail it for you. A lot of business people (offline) use this service - I can bulk mail with it too to a group I create - It also sends reminders. One of my friends is really big on sending and receiving cards, but this system would never work for her because she's not really a computer person, but for me it's ideal. She used to send electronic cards but hasn't done that in a while, but a lot of people love eCards (me too)


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