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Five Toe Shoes for that Barefoot Feeling!

Vibram Five Finger Toe Shoes

Review of Vibram Five Toe Shoes

There are two popular makes of Toe Shoes: Vibram Toe Shoes and File Skele. My son requested these for his birthday and of course, that request resulted in this research!
The most preferred brand is Vibram Five Toe Shoes, however, if you're looking for a slightly less expensive Toe Shoe then Fila's are also a good choice.
The notable difference between the two shoes is that while Vibram Toe Shoes have 5 toe slots, Fila Skele comes with 4; The last two toes on Fila Skele-Toes are a shared slot.
You'll also notice that Vibram Toe Shoes are designed to shape the foot, where Fila Skele is less of a contoured fit and have more of a ridged bottom. Vibram's were specifically designed to emulate a barefoot feeling and thus are shaped like a foot.

Why Wear Five Toe Shoes?

There's a great deal of evidence that running barefoot allows a person to run faster and farther with less injury.
Vibram Toe Shoes are designed so that you land directly below your center of gravity...which would be on your forefoot. This type of shoe gives you less of an impact and provides better balance while giving you more propulsion.
Since you're in a simulated barefoot shoe, you'll be able to sense more of the impact on your feet and thus make adjustments to improve agility and balance. This is one of the reasons Runners love these type of shoes. These Toe Shoes are also structured to help strengthen the muscles in the lower legs and feet.
In the case of my son, he's not a runner, he just decided these would be comfy and wanted a pair!
So Here's what I found out about the different brands:

For Women, Men, Boys, and Girls

There are various designs of Vibram Toe Shoes. Below is a breakdown of which designs are available
for Men and Women:
Women's Vibram Toe Shoes: Komodosport, Classic, Sprint, Jaya, Jaya LR, Flow, KSO, Treksport, Kso Trek, Performa Jane, Bikila, Bikila LS
Men's Vibram Toe Shoes: Komodosport, Classic, Sprint, Flow, KSO, Treksport, KSO Trek, Bikila, Bikila LS
Kids Vibram Toe Shoes: Boys KSO, Girls KSO

For Running, Fitness, Water Sports, Yoga, Trekking, Traveling, & After Sports

Running: Bikila, Sprint, Flow, KSO, Trek Sport, KSO Trek, Bikila LS, Komodo Sport
Fitness: Bikila, Classic, Sprint, KSO, Trebk Sport, Performa Jane, Jaya LR, Komodo Sport, Bikila LS, Jaya
Water Sports: Sprint, Flow, KSO
Yoga: Classic, Sprint, KSO, Performa Jane
Trekking/Hiking: Flow, KSO, Trek Sport,
For Travelling: Classic, Sprint, KSO, Trek Sport, KSO Trek, Performa Jane, Jaya LR, Bikila LS, Jaya
Unwinding/Relaxation: Classic, Sprint, KSO, Trek Sport, Performa Jane, Jaya LR, Jaya
The most popular all around Toe Shoes are the Vibram KSO Toe Shoes, which are the ones I've decided to go with.

Here's a useful video review:

Review by Barbara Tremblay Cipak

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  1. Good information here. I love being barefoot. Or as close to barefoot as possible. But I always thought these shoes would feel funny. I might have to try a pair after all.

    1. Thanks Dawn, I agree about the 'feel funny' part, but I imagine they become something we get used to and who knows, maybe prefer in the long run, lol

  2. I have wondered about these shoes. I have seen several of my son's friends wearing them and thought it was simply a new fashion. Fabulous to learn about the benefits of these shoes. I can certainly see that they would be great exercise shoes. Like Dawn, I just might have to try a pair myself.

    1. My son sure wants a pair, but for me, well, since I'm not into the whole running thing, I can't see why I would want them but I wouldn't mind trying his when I get them!

  3. What won't they think of next! Very interesting concept, Barbara. I can see the benefits for wearing these five toe shoes for various activities.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Pat I know lol ! - and there's five toe socks too :)

  4. These seem like you would get that barefoot feeling so that would be great for runners!


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