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Review of Skechers Women's Go Walk Impress Memory Form Fit Walking Shoe

Reviewing a Great Walking Shoe

womens walking shoe
All Black Women's Walking Shoe
walking shoe
When you are traveling around the world like I am, you do a lot of walking and that means you need good walking shoes for travel!  So before I left the USA, I researched women's walking shoes, and decided on this brand:  Skechers Women's Go Walk Impress Memory Form Fit Walking Shoes.

I am so happy I did, as they have made my trip so much more comfortable than I thought possible. You see I have a back injury and I was worried about walking but didn't want to miss all the monuments and cool sights I went there to see in the first place. Because of these shoes I haven't missed a thing.

* All of the following shoes are available at by just clicking the photo. 

womens black and white walking shoe
Black and White Women's Walking Shoe

So why do I love the  Skechers Women's Go Walk Impress Memory Form Fit Walking Shoes?

Well you have probably heard of memory foam because it is used in mattresses and pillows worldwide for its comfort.  It is very comfortable in shoes too! The memory foam extends to the heel so the whole shoe is very light! They have rubber soles, and are so well made that my feet have not gotten wet at all even though it has rained a fair amount on our trip. The midsole is cushioned too so that adds to the comfort level.  These shoes are so lightweight and flexible that it's like walking on air.  I love them!

womens grey walking shoe
Grey Women's Walking Shoe

I also love that they are slip on, as opposed to ones that you have to tie. People ask me if they are hard to keep on. No, they are easy to keep on. I have worn slip on shoes for years and  have never had a single problem. Now some people would rather have walking shoes that tie, so if that is you, check out my friend's review of walking shoes here: Inexpensive Home Fitness .

Skechers Walking Shoe Colors

I got mine in blue with a white sole, and believe it or not, the white still looks white! You can see it below. But if you like black,  the shoes are available in all black (meaning the soles are black too) or black with white soles. They are also available in 2 shades of gray. Funny that they call one of the shades gray, and the other one grey. One of these colors is sure to go with your travel wardrobe. I have shown a few of them in this review of women's walking shoes.  Mine also still look almost new and I have worn them every day for more than 3 months now!

womens blue walking shoe
Blue Women's Walking Shoe

So if you want walking shoes for travel that you don't have to tie, I highly recommend these wonderful women's walking shoes!

Bon Voyage!

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  1. Some of the hardest things to find that are truly fit for travel, are good walking shoes and they are so very essential. Excellent review! Thank you for the recommendation and for writing about your actual experience. I shall never forget about when I first heard about Skechers shoes. My daughter came home from school one day telling me she wanted some Skechers. I honestly thought it was a joke! Of course, I did get her the shoes and she wore them for nearly a decade.

    1. Thank you for visiting! Yes they are very dependable and long lasting!

  2. Skechers are new to me, but it's really great to have a review from someone who knows this walking shoe brand well. Nothing like personal experience and I'd say that 'walking around the world' in these shoes is excellent experience.

    1. Walking around the world is just about right! LOL. Still miles and miles to go!

  3. These shoes sound great. I definitely will check them out.

    1. You travel a lot too so they would be perfect for you!

  4. My mom has a pair and I've been meaning to get a pair as well. She speaks highly of them. The fact that they are slip on is also a huge bonus - hers are quite cute as well (brown and pink) - I'd probably choose a darker pair for the winter/spring, but I do like the grey ones you've featured here

  5. I got a pair of the Skecher's Goga Mat Walking Shoes. I use them as my work shoes; they are very comfortable.

  6. I've had mine for quite a while now, but maybe I'm just too hard on shoes. I often venture out into places on my photo walks where perhaps these shoes weren't meant to go, and the heels are beginning to wear down a bit. Those wonderful soles are very comfy, but as far as I know the heels can't be replaced. I recommend that they not be worn on places with rough surfaces, such as the rock walkways at my house or cobblestone surfaces. I think they will last longer that way. With that said, I have very hard feet to find shoes for, and these are the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned.

  7. I'm pretty easy on shoes and mine still look great!


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