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Spring Flowers and Plants Reviewed

snowdrop flower
Snowdrop Flower (Galanthus)
As the snow and ice start to melt, our hearts and minds yearn for spring and the beauty of spring flowers and plants.  Those of us who love to garden can hardly wait to be able to get outside and work in our flower beds.  To clean out the residual winter debris, to plant new flowers, to fertilize, and to just be able to breathe in that fabulous spring air that seems to cleanse our lungs of stale indoor recirculated air with each deep breath.

My mind is planning and my fingers are twitching to get to work as I look out my kitchen window.  My flower pots and beds are summoning me even as I write this article.  I can hardly wait to be greeted by the face of my most beautiful iris and to touch to fragile petals of my tulips.  Oh, truly the daffodils are calling from beneath the ice covered ground.

Can you hear the awakening of spring?  Do you long for the beauty of blooming gardens?  Then lets take a moment to plan, order and prepare for the glorious rebirth of nature just outside our doors.

Flowers to Plant in Spring

Many of our early spring flowers come from bulbs that would have been planted back in the fall.  However, there are a few that we can plant in early spring. 

  • Pansy ~ The flower with a face is such a lovely addition to any garden.  It is perfect for flower beds and container gardening.
  • Hydrangea ~ The hydrangea bush is a pretty big bush with beautiful large blooms that are actually clusters of tiny flowers.  They can be planted in early spring or early fall.  You will find planting instructions, care suggestions, as well as see a selection of hydrangeas at How to Grow Hydrangeas.
  • Azaleas ~ Beauty and charm are the two word that come to mind when I think of Azaleas.  Having grown up in the South, Azaleas are simply part of my everyday world.  To such a degree, they are easy to take for granted.  You can learn all about proper care of Azaleas in this video on Southern Living.

Spring Plants

A spring garden would not be complete without those fabulous plants that often serve as background for our flowering plants.  The greenery in a garden is essential, but there are a few plants that truly stand out all on their own.

lambs ear
Lambs Ear Plant
  • Lamb's Ear ~ Silver Carpet Lambs Ear is one of my personal favorites.  It is appropriately named because it feels like a little lambs ear when we touch it.  It is a very resilient plant that allows even small children to touch and feel.  The beauty of this plant far exceeds it's visual appeal. They flourish in many regions.


Spring Floral Arrangements

Part of the beauty of having you own flower garden is being able to step into your own backyard, cut a few flowers and make your own floral assorted arrangement to bring inside.  I typically like to do this when my flowers are fully bloomed, or right before a storm when I know the blooms will be shattered.

I recently discovered an article of inspiration on "Accenting Your Easter Bouquet with Dark-Hued Flowers".  Since I love "black" flowers, the ideas and suggestions in this article very much appeal to me.  I normally place a black flower in a single bud vase, but I was intrigued by the author of this article, Paula Atwell and I asked myself "why not include them in a bouquet?!!"

That is one of the things I love most about working online.  There are so many great ideas shared by fellow online writers that encourage, inspire, excite and teach freely.

Do you have an article about Spring Flowers that you would like to share?  Please leave the link in our guestbook below so we can visit your Spring Flowers article today.

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  1. Yes I totally agree! I have been wanting to get out in the garden for ages. This morning it is so sunny I went out and found myself doing bits of tidying up and noticing all the little spring flowers and shoots coming up. So good to see them. As you know I blog about my garden so yes will be writing about those beautiful Spring flowers :)

  2. I've never had the gardening 'bug', but always admired those who did. My grandmother's greatest love were her flower gardens which extended along two sides of her large back yard. I remember every year late in the winter she'd be pouring over the seed catalogs and planning out her garden for Spring, which always comes late in New York State. Her beautiful yard was always a riot of color from early Spring right through Summer and Fall.

  3. Indeed! I love your beautiful photos and Zazzle items on Diary of a Wild Garden. Do you have a specific post link you would like to share here on spring flowers Jasmine? We would all love to visit.

    1. Thankyou Cynthia how lovely of you to say that ! I am just finishing one off and will be ready to post tomorrow if thats OK with you.

    2. Here is my blog post from Diary Of A Wild Country Garden about Spring flowers in our garden and natures rebirth. I really hope that you enjoy it as much as I loved writing it and taking the photos.

    3. Thank you for sharing your link with us Jasmine. I enjoyed reading Spring Flowers And Natures Rebirth-Are You Seeing Signs Of Spring?. I love the little crocus and your snowdrop photos are lovely. You reminded me that I need to get outside today and check on my own cameilla. I can't see it from my kitchen window and now that most of the ice is gone, I should be able to get out there to see how it is fairing.

  4. I'm not a great gardener myself, but I do love photographing flowers. Here is a link to springtime at Missouri Botanical Garden. A great place to view and photograph spring flowers.

  5. Great selection of flowers, Cynthia! Black flowers are my favorite! I can hardly wait for my black calla lilies (which are really deep, deep purple) to sprout. Come on Spring!

  6. Never planted Lambs Ear before, but I did have "black" tulips in one of my gardens. They really stood out and made the flower bed pop! My dandy's are already coming up. Hurry spring :)

  7. Spring flowers always get me itching to get in the garden. I love these ideas for new and beautiful flowers and plants for my gardens.

  8. Great article. I am itching for spring! I have a hibiscus that I'm wintering inside and it has a bud that is ready to open. I just set up an old aquarium as a mini greenhouse and will be starting my tomato and pepper seeds in it. I am SO ready for spring and the spring flowers are my favorite. I can't wait to start seeing the snowdrops and daffodils!

  9. Spring is my favorite season and I love all the Spring flowers and plants! All of them. This article made me wish for it even more.


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