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Terrific High Protein, Sugar-Free Rocky Road Cottage Cheese Ice Cream

Cottage cheese ice cream is an increasingly popular trend, and for good reason. We're learning more and more about the importance of prioritizing protein in a healthy diet and for muscle building, fat loss and weight loss. After reading several popular recipes, I decided to develop my own delicious sugar-free, high protein cottage cheese ice cream recipe in one of my favorite flavors, Rocky Road.

In addition to being a decadent, silky, rich chocolate ice cream, it's also low carb and sugar free. As a bonus, it has a silky smooth texture with a base that doesn't require cooking or churning in an ice cream machine. Just process the base ingredients in a food processor, freeze partially, stir in the add-ins and finish freezing.

Enjoy this review of my Easy, Decadent, High Protein, Sugar-Free Rocky Road Cottage Cheese Ice Cream recipe!

Rocky Road Cottage Cheese Ice Cream - High Protein, Sugar-Free, Keto-Friendly & Low Carb
This decadent Rocky Road Cottage Cheese Ice Cream recipe is quick and easy to make, packs a punch of high-quality dairy protein and is low carb, keto diet friendly, sugar free and high in dietary fiber.

Why You'll Love This Rocky Road Cottage Cheese Ice Cream Recipe

There are so many things to love about my new Rocky Road Cottage Cheese Ice Cream Recipe!

  • Quick and easy to make. The ice cream base takes just minutes to whip up in the food processor. Other than stirring in the Rocky Road mix-ins (mini marshmallows, chocolate chips and nuts), the rest of the time is just waiting for it to freeze.
  • No ice cream machine required. The only equipment you need is a food processor.
  • Rich, silky-smooth, creamy, no churn ice cream. Even though this ice cream doesn't need to be churned, it's rich and creamy (thanks to the whole milk cottage cheese with 4% butterfat) and has a silky texture. Also, unlike most sugar-free ice cream (both commercial and homemade), it's soft enough to scoop straight from the freezer without setting it out on the counter for 10 minutes or so.
  • Rich chocolate flavor. The combination of my favorite unsweetened cocoa powder and chocolate whey protein, plus a bit of salt, provide the rich chocolate flavor in the base.
  • Chock-full of chunky Rocky Road add-ins. Thanks to ChocZero's fabulous new sugar-free mini marshmallows, Lily's sugar-free chocolate chips and walnut chunks, this Sugar-Free Rocky Road Cottage Cheese Ice Cream will satisfy even the sweetest sweet tooth!
  • More than 17 grams of high-quality protein in a decadent, sugar-free dessert! Can't beat that with a stick, as they say!
  • More than 15 grams of dietary fiber, just 7.4 net carbs, 0 grams of added sugar and just 254 calories per generous serving. Perfect for a healthy low carb lifestyle and can fit into a low calorie, low carb or keto diet.
So, what are you waiting for? Let's make some decadent, creamy, low carb Rocky Road Cottage Cheese Ice Cream! Here's the quick and easy recipe.
Dish of Rocky Road Cottage Cheese Ice Cream with Spoon
You would never guess this delectable Rocky Road ice cream recipe is made with cottage cheese and sugar-free maple syrup, mini marshmallows and chocolate chips and packs 17.4g of protein!

High Protein, Sugar-Free Rocky Road Cottage Cheese Ice Cream

Serves: 8 generous portions

Ingredients for Rocky Road cottage cheese ice cream recipe
Ingredients for making this Rocky Road cottage cheese ice cream recipe


Ice Cream Base:

16 ounces (2 cups) whole milk (4% milkfat) cottage cheese, large curd (preferably organic)

3/4 cup sugar-free Wholesome Yum Keto Maple Syrup sweetened with monk fruit and allulose

1 tsp. vodka (optional but recommended, to keep the sugar-free cottage cheese ice cream scoopable straight from the freezer)

4 scoops Perfect Keto Chocolate Whey Protein Powder (can substitute another brand, but it will affect the amount of protein per serving and may affect taste and texture)

3 Tbsp. Ghirardelli Majestic Premium unsweetened cocoa powder (can substitute another high-quality, Dutch processed unsweetened cocoa powder, but it will affect the taste)

1/4 teaspoon salt


2 ounces ChocZero Mini S'mallows sugar-free mini marshmallows (or use regular-sized ChocZero S'mallows sugar-free marshmallows and snip them into quarters with a pair of kitchen shears dipped in water)

112 grams of Lily's No Sugar Added, Stevia-Sweetened 55% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Baking Chips or ChocZero Dark Chocolate Baking Chips

2 ounces walnut halves or pieces, broken into small pieces

Chocolate cottage cheese ice cream base in food processor
The cottage cheese chocolate ice cream base become silky-smooth in the food processor.

Tools, Supplies and Equipment

Food processor

Silicone scraper spatula

Approximately 5-cup freezer-safe airtight food storage container (my 4.7-cup Rubbermaid Brilliance Food Storage Container fit this ice cream recipe perfectly; the less air space above the ice cream, the less chance of freezer burn)

Partially frozen chocolate cottage cheese ice cream base with prepared mix-ins
The partially frozen chocolate cottage cheese ice cream base is ready for the mix-ins.


  1. Place the ice cream base ingredients (cottage cheese, keto maple syrup, optional vodka, chocolate whey protein powder, unsweetened dark cocoa powder and salt) into a food processor. Process until silky smooth with no lumps, scraping the bottom and sides of the bowl once or twice.

  2. Scrape the ice cream base into the freezer-safe, airtight food storage container and freeze for 2–3 hours.

  3. While the mixture is in the freezer, weigh out the mix-in ingredients (sugar-free mini marshmallows, dark chocolate chips and walnuts). Break the walnuts into small pieces. Set aside the mix-ins.

  4. After 2–3 hours, remove the container from the freezer, open it and stir the mix-ins into the chocolate ice cream base thoroughly. (Take care not to spill any of the mixture over the sides, since there will be only a small amount of headroom between the mixture and the top of the container walls.)

  5. Re-seal the airtight container and return it to the freezer for at least 4 more hours.

  6. Divide into eight portions and serve.
Container of sugar-free rocky road cottage cheese ice cream
Finished Rocky Road cottage cheese ice cream, ready to eat. Doesn't it look scrumptious?

Nutrition Facts

I entered the recipe into the Carb Manager Premium app using the ingredients shown in the photo. Here is the nutritional information it calculated.

Per serving (1/8 recipe):

Total Carbs: 45.3g

Dietary Fiber: 15.4g

Net Carbs: 7.4g

Protein: 17.4g

Fat: 13.7g

Calories: 254

Screenshot of my custom recipe's nutrition facts in Carb Manager Premium
Basic nutrition data calculated for my custom recipe in the Carb Manager Premium app.

Don't Eat Sugar-Free But Still Want a Delicious Protein Boost?

Although I haven't tried it, I'm betting you could substitute regular maple syrup, marshmallows and chocolate chips for the sugar-free versions in this recipe. If you decide to give it a try, please let me know how it turns out.


Bowl of Rocky Road cottage cheese ice cream with spoon

Easy, Decadent, High Protein, Sugar-Free Rocky Road Cottage Cheese Ice Cream Recipe by Margaret Schindel

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  1. So nice to know that a delicious ice cream style dessert can still be had on a low-carb, Keto-friendly diet plan. Congratulations on coming up with a delightful substitute for ice cream dessert fans.

    1. Thanks so much, Elf! This delicious ice cream can be enjoyed by everyone and no one will guess it’s also healthy and high in protein!

  2. This sounds like and certainly looks a delicious dessert!! We don't generally eat ice cream but this does look tempting and good to know the nutritional information. Thank you for your lovely recipe and instructions.

    1. You are most welcome, Raintree Annie! This is so nutritious that you can indulge guilt-free as often as you’d like. I love that it’s so high in protein. Cottage cheese never tasted so decadent!

  3. The keto recipes you share are amazing - what a great help when we're following Keto - Who would have thought that you can make ice cream with cottage cheese - I know for a fact I would enjoy this ice cream - I'm not as strict keto as I was, but I'm still mindful of the amount of carbs I eat - would be great to have this on hand - for those who are Keto but can't go without ice-cream, this recipe is an ideal solution - another good one Margaret to add to your long list of Keto advice and recipes

    1. Barb, this is so delicious - and so healthy - that the whole family (and company) will love it. It’s so quick and easy to make, too, and packed with protein!

  4. Well Margaret, your timing could not have been better. When my mom first came to stay with us, I stopped my Keto Diet (she would not understand), gained 10 pounds and now just this week decided that I need to do this for me and forget whatever the mother disagrees with. I will be making this for sure as ice cream is one of my downfalls whenever I attempt a diet of any kind. So thank you, thank you, thank you!

    1. Olivia, I’m thrilled that my new cottage cheese ice cream recipe is helpful and timely for you! I’m sure your family and friends will love it, and they’ll never guess what’s in it. A guilt-free pleasure!

  5. What an interesting recipe! I never would have thought to add cottage cheese, or vodka for that matter, in an ice cream recipe. Like you, Rocky Road is one of my favorite ice cream flavors. How very creative of you to develop this "make your own" ice cream recipe.

    1. Thank you, Ms. Mouse! I can’t take credit for coming up with cottage cheese ice cream (it’s a new trend on social media), but I believe I’m the first to publish a rocky road version. Sugar-free ice cream tends to be hard and icy, and a very small amount of vodka solves both those issues. This ice cream is incredibly indulgent and couldn’t be easier to make. I’m thrilled with how my recipe turned out!


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