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Reviewing Homemade Immunity Cubes

Stay healthy by keeping these immunity cubes in your freezer

I have recently caught a pretty bad cold/flu virus that has been going around which although annoying was a great chance to try out my immunity cubes that I had made a couple of weeks prior.

I got the recipe for these cubes on Instagram and I'll be honest I've found quite a few quick and healthy recipes on Instagram. The immunity cubes were created by the user @feelgoodfoodie and they are made as follows.

Immunity Cubes - Ingredients

12 oz fresh lemon juice

2 thumbs fresh ginger

2 inches fresh turmeric root

Directions for Making Immunity Cubes

Juice the lemons until you made the required amount of lemon juice (I used 5 medium-large lemons) and put the juice into a blender cup. Peel both the ginger and turmeric and add them both to the cup. Next, blitz them all together in your blender.

Strain the liquid into a jug and then grab an ice cube tray.

Now as a note I decided to purchase a new ice cube tray for this as I wanted to make sure I could easily remove one cube at a time (also this includes turmeric so I had to be prepared for staining, which you can see in the photo is a real concern!). I choose to go with a silicone-bottomed pop-out ice cube tray (like the one I've linked to). This worked really well for removing said cubes when needed.

Pour the liquid into the ice cube tray and pop into the freezer.

Once frozen your immunity cubes are made and ready for when they are needed.

How to Use Immunity Cubes

When you are feeling sick simply take the ice cube tray out of the freezer, pop one of the cubes into a mug and add boiling water.

You can add honey or not, it's entirely up to you. On days when my sinuses were blocked, I didn't bother with the honey, but when I had a sore throat I added some raw honey. Honestly, I think it tastes a lot better WITH the honey!

I found that they definitely seemed to help me and in my opinion were a lot better than the Lemsip sachets I used to have when I was younger. The hot drink is always nice when you have a cold and it's also a great way of getting fluids into you and that's all without counting the health benefits of all three of the ingredients.

Ginger, tumeric and lemon cubes to help boost your immunity


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  1. Lou, these sound great! Good to know they’re effective. (I hate most over-the-counter cold remedies.) I think I might try them without straining the lemon pulp out of the juice. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe!

  2. This sounds like a really good home remedy for colds/flu, Louanne. Thanks so much for sharing this simple recipe with us.

  3. What a very interesting "recipe" and one I will have to try! Fortunately, I don't get sick very often, but when I do I am a real baby and I want a quick fix. This sounds like it would offer some comfort and perhaps a touch of healing. Like Margaret, I don't like taking over-the-counter medicine. This might well be the help I want when needed. I love your idea of buying a silicone ice cube tray just for these immunity cubes.

  4. Anything natural that helps with a head cold is welcome in this house. While we don't take a lot of drugs when we get the sniffles, it's nice to have something that is effective in helping to relieve the symptoms. Thanks for this recipe Louanne!

  5. Each of these ingredients are a part of my RA routine - I was more discipled about injesting them early in my diagnosis - they are absolutely musts to include in your daily routine whether inflicted with a disease or not!

  6. Thank you for sharing this homemade remedy, it is something I will certainly try if we get any colds. I think it would be soothing as a warm drink. The silicone ice tray is also a good idea for this.


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