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Crocs Charms Reviewed

Crocs Charms are actually called Jibbitz Charms for shoes.

A pair of Crocs

My youngest grandson just celebrated his 9th birthday. One of the gifts he requested was a selection of Crocs Charms for his Crocs shoes. 

I was introduced to these interesting little charms at grandson Tyler's birthday party, having never heard of them before. At my grandmother age, I have to be 'clued in' on the latest 'craze' by my grandchildren, as I seldom follow what's new in the world of the younger set. :) 

Children and grandchildren keep parents and grandparents “in the know” when new things become popular.

Jibbitz Charms or Crocs Charms for Shoes

Jibbitz Charms for Croc Shoes
Jibbitz charms are cute and fun little images in the form of pop culture characters. There are also letters and sayings.  Each charm is mounted on a post and pop into the holes of Crocs Classics.  Each Croc (shoe) has 13 holes, so you can place up to 26 of these charms at a time. Or just use your favorites one day, and then change them out for another day. 

These Crocs charms are not just for kids. Adults, and even celebrities, collect them and wear them on their Crocs.  Kids like the cartoon and animated movie characters, moms like to add jewels and dads often wear charms of their favorite sports. 

How Long Have Crocs Charms Been Around?

In 2005, a stay-at-home mom got the idea to decorate her kids' Crocs with faux flowers and charms. She used clay and rhinestones to make charms that would fit snugly into the holes of her family's multiple pairs of Crocs. Her husband saw the potential, since more than 80 percent of the 26 million pairs of Crocs in the world are speckled by holes.  A great many of these popular shoes are worn by accessory-loving youth.  

The couple began a web site to sell their homemade Crocs charms under the name of Jibbitz. They began to create these charms in an assembly-line production in the basement, with help from their parents.

In a very short time, these charms became so popular that they had to eventually branch out into a regular office and warehouse. Within months, their company, Jibbitz, was purchased by Crocs when the couple agreed to take $10 million for the company, which will operate as a subsidiary. An American 'dream come true'. 


Having just learned about 'Crocs Charms' I found them so interesting I had to research what they were all about. This review is the result.  

Crocs Charms come in a variety of package sizes, from sets of 5 or 25 up to 100 pieces in a package. The charm themes are practically endless, from cartoon characters to anime superheros to flowers, sports, animals and Disney. Just about anything you can think of can be found in a Crocs Charm. 

Click here to choose from a selection of Crocs Charms Available on Amazon

Boy choosing charms for Croc shoes
Tyler choosing which charms to add
to his Crocs

Boy adding charms to his Croc Shoes
Tyler putting his Charms on
his Crocs shoes

I certainly could see how excited my grandson was to receive a new pair of Crocs shoes and a package of 30 charms to decorate them with.  

Croc charms on Croc Shoes

Happy Birthday, Tyler!

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*Crocs Charms Review by Wednesday Elf

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  1. Even though I have never worn Crocs, I know they are wildly popular among people of all ages, including adults who work on their feet all day. It’s easy to see how these decorative charms would be popular among Crocs wearers! Thanks for introducing me to them. So glad Tyler loved his gift!

    1. Thanks, Margaret. I've never worn Crocs either, so these Crocs Charms were completely new to me. Such fun watching how "in the know" my 9-year-old grandson was about these decorative charms for Crocs.

  2. How cute!!! I love them. It makes me want a pair of crocs, which is something I have never desired before. I really love the individuality these charms offer to everyone. I also loved the story of how the crocs charms began. Being a crafter can clearly payoff sometimes. Thank you for sharing your adorable grandson's charms as well as the story behind the crocs charms.

    1. It was great fun to be introduced to these Crocs Charms through my young grandson's excitement over receiving them for a birthday gift.

  3. Oh my gawd, that's an American Dream story! Amazing! Way to go. This small idea, turned out to be a huge idea - Inspirational stories like this make my day - We know someone (won't say who of course) who did something similar in the computer world a few decades ago and sold their business for, are you ready, about 80 million from what I understand - or something in that neighborhood - I love that this story started in the basement and turned into a life changing venture, wow.

    1. I agree, Barbara. Interesting that the husband saw the potential to his wife's little crafty pursuit. It certainly paid off big for them. :)

  4. These are a fun gift idea for anyone who loves their crocs and you know those who love them really love them!

    1. I gathered that, Brenda. My grandson went Ga-Ga over them. LOL.

  5. So so cute! Love he gets to choose his favs and personalize the crocs! too fun!!

    1. They are definitely cute, Tracey. Tyler loves his selection and enjoys wearing them on his new Crocs.

  6. Crocs are so much fun for the younger set and for us older ones too! I love the idea of charms to personalize them too! Move over Tyler, Grammie O wants some of these too!

    1. It was great fun for THIS grandma to be introduced to these decorative charms for shoes, Olivia. Nothing like a grandma being educated about a trend by a 9-year-old. LOL.

  7. Oh these are so cute and love that they can make crocs more personal and fun to wear! Thank you for sharing the story behind them and your recommendation !


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