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Reviewing Which Green Drink You Should Have

As long-time followers will know I've been taking a green drink daily for a number of years yet. For a long time I took a drink I called the Green Ogre Drink (which I reviewed here), the last couple of years I've switched to the Green Gut Glow Drink (which I reviewed here).

Which Green Drink Should I Be Using

Today I'm going to look at both drinks (and the variations on them) and see which one would best suit you.

The Green Ogre Drink

This drink initially contained Greens, Mind Health & Fizz as it was formulated before the Skin Elixir was available and also before the Gut Health was available in Australia (where I live). Once the Skin Elixir was available I did add that to my Green Ogre Drink as well.

I didn't add the Gut Health supplement to the drink for one reason - you need to drink the Gut Health within 20 minutes. I think this is an important supplement so I chose to take it as a shot in water first thing in the morning (word of caution it's not the best-tasting supplement BUT once you've taken it for a few days you do get used to it).

I loved mixing up my Green Ogre Drink and taking it to work to drink once I got there. In the past, I've either picked up a coffee on the way to work or I would pop out to grab one once I got to work - I choose to stop doing that and instead have a drink that was really helping me.

When it came to the Mind Health supplement I found it really helped my concentration levels and allowed me to focus really well at the start of the day.  The supplement contains ingredients that support mental clarity, focus and memory so it was really good.

Once I started adding the Skin Elixir I also received all the benefits of taking a collagen supplement. The supplement doesn't actually contain collagen as all Arbonne products are vegan and there is no such thing as vegan collagen, however, it contains the ingredients your body needs to produce its own collagen.

The Green Gut Glow Drink

This drink contains the Greens, Gut Health and Skin Elixir. There are lots of people around the world who were taking this drink before I switched. I'm not sure why, but I started forgetting to take my Gut Health supplement so I decided to make the switch to the Green Gut Glow drink.

I would take this first thing in the morning and found it really great, however, after a few days I realized that my energy levels just weren't where I needed them to be to start the day and I was grabbing a coffee when I got into work. Don't get me wrong, I do love a coffee, but I'm also aware that too much coffee doesn't do me a lot of good with keeping my hormones balanced.

I started adding a fizz stick to my Green Gut Glow and I found that this was the perfect drink for me to start every day with (except if I'm meeting friends for coffee in which case I leave the fizz stick out - it contains caffeine). 

I have on occasion added Mind Health to the Green Gut Glow Drink and it has been great, but I don't find I need to be taking this all the time, I just take it at times when I have a heavy workload as I personally find that when I get overwhelmed I cannot focus as easily and start to procrastinate - Mind Health really helps me at these times.

How To Decide What Greens Drink YOU Need

You need to look at why you are taking a green drink first. All of the supplements that I've mentioned can be taken by themselves or mixed together to formulate the perfect daily supplement to enhance your life.

Whichever greens drink you think you need you will be starting off with the BeWell SuperFood Greens powder (otherwise it wouldn't be a 'greens' drink!), this is a whole food smart nutritional choice containing a balanced blend of 36 fruits and vegetables that contains fibre, phytonutrients and antioxidants.

If you're going to be drinking your drink as soon as you make it (or at least within 20 mins) then I would suggest adding the Gut Health supplement. More and more is being discovered about gut health all the time and its impact on so much of your health that I believe taking a supplement like this is important for the majority of people. Arbonne's Gut Health supplement contains both pre and pro-biotics as well as digestive enzymes.

Now let's break down what benefits you're looking for in a drink.

If you're just looking for a boost of energy or simply to get your mojo back and you aren't having any hormonal problems, no problems with focus and concentration or any other illnesses that you may be dealing with then I would suggest -

Add a fizz stick to the greens and gut health. Fizz sticks are designed to give you a natural energy boost. They contain Ginseng, Coenzyme Q10, Chromium and B vitamins along with naturally-derived caffeine from Guarana and Green Tea.

If you're having problems concentrating or are experiencing brain fog then I would look at taking greens, gut health and mind health with or without a fizz. As well as giving you a boost of energy fizz can help support your alertness and cognitive function. Mind Health really is the king when it comes to supporting cognitive performance, however.

Mind Health's key ingredients are sunflower seed-derived Phosphatidylserine, a key building block for brain cells and Vitamin B12 which contributes to normal neurological function. I definitely found that this helped me when I had a lot of work that needed my concentration at a time when I had a little of the menopausal brain fog happening!

If you want to improve your skin hair and nails - I recommend taking the greens, gut health and adding the Skin Elixir supplement. Arbonne's Skin Elixir supplement helps your body to produce its own collagen which is great for your skin. The supplement also includes other ingredients such as biotin to support and maintain healthy hair, skin and nails.

Fun fact my hairdresser noticed that my hair is getting thicker (not that it was thin to start with) since I added Skin Elixir to my greens drink and I'm in my 50s when I would be expecting it to start thinning!

If you're still not sure what combination would suit you then reach out to me in our Healthy Tips Facebook Group or on Instagram and I'd be happy to give you a personal recommendation.

Which green drink should I be taking
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  1. Louanne, this is such a helpful, clearly explained guide to which Arbonne products to combine for a greens and supplements drink tailored to our individual needs and goals. Thanks so much!

  2. These green drinks do seem to have a wealth of nutritional and supplements your body needs. Thanks much for this detailed explanation of all the benefits.

  3. These supplement drinks seem like the perfect way to make sure we are all getting the nutrients we need each day. Sure makes life (and meals) easier if we know we are getting what we need from a breakfast drink. Thank you so much for providing the options and benefits associated with each products so we can make our own concoction of goodness :)

  4. Thank you so much for your detailed and helpful guide to these green drinks. It is interesting to learn about all the benefits and options available.

  5. I find I go on and off following the program for drinking and preparing green drinks - I'm so impressed with your dedication and knowledge of what to choose and when to choose it - you're tenacity shines through!

  6. So when I don't eat all my veggies I know just where to get all the wonderful vitamins and minerals and more! Thanks Louanne!


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