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10 Questions to Test How Well You Know Your Mother

Ten Questions for You to Answer or Ponder this Mother's Day about Your Mom or Mother Figure

A mother is anyone who raises us or is an integral part of our life.

My own mom recently passed away, but I'll answer too ...

1. What is the most significant life lesson you've learned from your mother?

For me, and maybe for you too, it's hard to pick one thing, but if I had to, I'd have to say my mother taught me strength through what she handled and how she coped with all of life's challenges.

2. Have you ever seen your mother cry?

Of course, I know mom cried, but I'm not sure I ever witnessed it. Mom wanted to protect us (or that is how I felt), so she kept many "grown-up" emotions private. I always thought it was because she didn't want us to be further burdened. I was intuitive enough to read her feelings whether she cried in front of me or not.

3. If you had to pick one, which personality trait would you say best describes your mom?

If I had to pick just one, I'd have to say strength. Mom was a lot more than just strong, but strength is what I think about when I wrap a bow around her life.

4. From your perspective, what moment in time would you say was your mother's happiest?

That's a tough one to answer. I'll pick a moment that doesn't involve the kids or grandkids because that's always happy, but it's work. Perhaps when she traveled with Dad on business conventions or when they would spend winters in a warm climate. 

5. Which food does/did your mom dislike the most, and which food does/did she like the most?

I'm feeling guilty that I may not know the answer to this! I'm going to say she hated any creamy white foods/sauces, and she loved pasta.

6. Does/Did your mother have a favorite color? If so, what is it?

I'll cheat; deep blues for clothes and neutral home decor.

7. Does/Did your mother have any regrets?

I think my mother regretted not pursuing the career she wanted to pursue. In her day, it was difficult to break out of the traditional jobs for women. Mom wanted to be an investigative lab technician (think CSI, lol).

8. What would your mother say was a perfect day for her?

I think my mom would answer, a day when everyone was ok, and the worries were few. I'm not sure she ever had a day like that, but there were many days I remember fun, family, and togetherness.

9. Who is/was your mom's favorite musician?

My mom loved Frank Sinatra's music, and later on, she absolutely loved Elton John's music.

10. If you asked your mom which one of her parent's personalities she believes she was most like, who would she pick?

My mom would say she was most like her dad. My grandfather was a strong family leader, and there's no doubt my mother was all of that and more.

Feel free to answer some, all, or none of these in the comments below.

Wishing You and Yours a Happy Mother's Day, and to all the Fur Baby Moms Too!

I wrote this video poem for mom years before she passed; it means even more today.

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  1. Great questions and I hope lots of people see this post and ask their mom's these questions before they can't do that anymore. Thanks Barbara for making us think a little bit about our own histories and hopefully getting some great questions answered!

  2. Very thoughtful questions about the mom in your life for Mother's Day. And I've always loved your video poem "About Missing Someone You Love". Happy Mother's Day to you.

  3. Oh wow! Loved all the questions and your answers. These questions would be a great Mother's Day gift.

  4. What a wonderful thing to do on Mother's Day! I love all of the questions and I found I could not easily answer a few of them. Some I know, but others I do want to find out the answers. Thank you for encouraging us all to really think about our moms, appreciate our moms, and consider how we really need to get to know our moms as a friend.

  5. Barbara, what a wonderful compilation of questions about our moms! Answering them is a wonderful way to pay tribute to our moms, especially for those of us whose moms have passed. As Olivia said, for those whose moms are still living, asking mom these questions and listening to her answers would also be a wonderful activity for both mom and her daughter or son, and some of her answers might even be surprising. Probing for more detail about the answers could also trigger mom’s memories and prompt her to share personal stories that might provide greater insight and a better understanding of her and the lens through which she views life.

    My late mother was a fabulous story teller, and when she was in her eighties I asked her to record some of the “family stories” on tape. I’m so glad I did. I only wish I had asked her to do it when she was younger, when it would have been less fatiguing for her. She found it difficult to recount the stories without an audience, so I would turn on the tape recorder and start by just chatting with her and asking questions, which helped her to forget about the tape recorder and feel less self-conscious about being recorded. Then, I would ask her to recount again a specific story I remembered her having told me in the past, and asked questions to learn even more. I treasure those recordings and the ability to hear my beloved mom’s voice, words, and tales from our family’s history.

  6. What a wonderful way to celebrate Mother's Day. Some questions I answered easily and others, well, I wish my mom was still here to ask. Thanks for some memories.


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