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Hard Word Search for Adults - 60 Various Word Find Topics

I'm happy to announce that I've completed my fourteenth activity book, Hard Word Search for Adults.

Some of you already know about this fun self-publishing adventure I've been traveling on since 2019. Yep, the trip continues.

I have a crazy goal of self-publishing 100 activity books, and I have to say, I might be 120 years old when I accomplish that milestone! Honestly, I'm not sure if I can do it! But I'll keep moving forward.

Why It Takes Me Longer To Complete a Book

To date, I've written 7 riddle books, 4 word search books, 1 poetry book, and 2 books on what to write on a card. I started writing activity books in 2019, and as I mentioned above, I plan to continue until I reach 100 books published .... if it can be done?

There are ways to create and publish word search books quicker than the several months it's taking me. However, I prefer to carefully research and choose the words for each puzzle, which takes more time. Also, I personally handle all aspects of the publishing process, not just the writing.

All of the word search books are theme-based, and the words you'll be looking for are related to each of the puzzle topics.

What Does "Hard Word Search for Adults" Include:

  • There are 60 unique word search puzzles.
  • Each puzzle is a challenging topic.
  • You find not only single words but also multiple words.
  • Multiple words are strung together (think Hashtag), offering an additional challenge.
  • Each puzzle has a place where you can put your name and the time it took you to complete the puzzle. You can compete with yourself, or friends and family.
  • The Book is the size of a standard piece of paper, 8.5 inches by 11 inches.
  • The puzzles are easy to read.
Examples of Puzzle Topics:
  • Lost in Space
  • Math is Hard
  • Positively Big Words
  • Weird Animal Names
  • Climb these Mountains
and 55 more.

The Answers Are Included

If you find yourself stuck, you can peek at the answers at the back of the Book.

The Book is the Size of a Standard Piece of Paper, Making it Easy to Read.

You can find the Book via or Amazon.

If you prefer humorous topics, take a look at my previous word search book, Funny Word Search for Adults

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  1. Barbara, congratulations on the successful publication of another word search book. This one looks really interesting. I particularly like the idea of 'multiplewords' (like hashtags) to find. I love puzzles and the harder the better. Well done on this latest step toward your goal of 100.

  2. You are amazing and very talented! Since I owe several of your books, I can personally attest to how much fun they are. The last word search book even made me giggle over some of the words. As much as I love your Riddle books that offer fun games for our family to play, I actually prefer your word search books because I play those alone. I don't have to wait on others to enjoy the "game". I can hardly wait to get my new book now!

    1. Thanks so much for all your support, you're an amazingly thoughtful person!

  3. Barbara, I think I admire your incredible tenacity and determination even more than your seemingly limitless talent, my friend! Once you set a goal, you never let excuses stand in your way of moving forward toward it. This type of puzzle book is right up my alley since, like you, I love words. Congratulations on publishing activity book number 14!

    1. Margaret thanks so much for all your support, I really appreciate your kind words. There have been a great deal of distraction in my life lately (as you know), so I sure was glad to hit publish on this one!

  4. Congratulations again Barbara and I'm sure you will get to that 100 mark at the rate you are going. You are one talented, determined and positive person and I know you have it in you! Way to go!

    1. Olivia, I agree! I'll be like Grandma Moses, working forever! lol

  5. Wow Congratulations on this wonderful word search book!! I love a good word search :) I think this would make a lovely gift for many people. I do so admire your talent and determination. I sincerely wish you all the best in reaching your goals.

  6. Congratulations! Barbara on yet another successful book. You are so talented in not only creating but publishing all of your own work. Nice work and I know you will reach your goal of 100!!


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