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SuperNail Nail Bandage Instant Nail Repair Reviewed

Nail Repair
I confess, I do not worry much over my fingernails. I stopped painting my fingernails decades ago because I hated how polish would turn the actual nail yellow over time. I keep my nails clean and file rough edges, but otherwise I leave them alone, unless they break. I recently discovered SuperNail Nail Bandages which are fabulous as a temporary fix for nail breaks.

The one thing that has always bothered me is when a nail breaks or tears on the side, below the top line of the nail bed (the hyponychium).  It hurts and can bleed if the break is allowed to continue across the finger.  I try hard to protect the fingernail until it has grown out past the skin line enough to cut off. In the past, I have used band-aids to try to keep the nail from tearing more. However, a band-aid doesn't last long, it doesn't stay clean, and it can be annoying when I am working. Plus, it is very noticeable to everyone. 

When moving boxes recently, my thumb nail broke below the skin line of my nail (onychodermal band of the hyponychium) and into the nail bed. I knew it would be a while, possibly weeks, before the nail would grow out enough to be cut. Any time I have a break or tear in my nail like that, it catches on fabric or in my hair and tears a little more into the nail bed. Knowing I would be living with this break for a while, I was desperate to find tape or something that would cover the break. My search lead me to SuperNail Nail Bandage Instant Nail Repair on Amazon. I ordered this very inexpensive solution immediately. When it arrived two days later, I removed my band-aid (the temporary fix) and immediately applied the nail repair bandage.  

Six days later, I am writing this review and the initial bandage is still adhering, covering the break and keeping it from tearing further into the nail bed.  Keep in mind, I wash my hands dozens of times a day!  I expected to need to replace the first bandage long before now. 


SuperNail Nail Bandage Instant Nail Repair

 supernail Nail Bandage Instant Nail RepairCheck PriceI never want to be without SuperNail Nail Bandage Instant Nail Repair again!  The clear thick bandages are perfect for covering a nail break until the nail grows out enough to cut. 

The package comes with 30 clear adhesive tabs in varying sizes. I used the largest size on my thumb nail, but the smaller size would be great for my other fingernails.

The package also contains a really nice buffer for smoothing the edge and area of the break before applying the bandage. The blue side of the buffer is a file that can be used for filing the nail and for filing away any access bandage material.  

Obviously, I can't guarantee future nail bandages will last for more than 6 days, but with 30 bandages in the package, I think I am safe for a while.  I expect I will require at least 2 more bandages before the thumb nail has grown out enough to cut the nail.

For me, the SuperNail Nail Bandages have been a fabulous find. Not only do I appreciate the long lasting protection, but I love the transparency. 

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  1. A nail break such as you describe is most annoying, and can actually be painful. This happened to me just recently. How nice to know there is an easy and helpful nail repair product to use as a solution. Thanks for your review, Sylvestermouse.

  2. My nails are usually really short as I am always gardening, decorating, DIY etc and they never get to grow long. However recently due to surgery I had to rest and took the opportunity to grow my nails! For the first time in a long time I experienced a break in a nail and wasn't sure what to do and like you tried a plaster but it did not last and was not effective. So this nail bandage is an excellent idea!! Thank you so much for your review.

  3. Like you, I really hate it when a nail tears below the “quick.” Holding the torn edges together and smoothing the surface to prevent them from snagging and tearing further are essential while the nail grows out enough to trim off the tear. I use a tear patching system that involves cyanoacrylate (super) glue and acrylic nail powder, which creates a stronger, longer lasting patch, but is more visible and needs to be covered with polish to conceal it. I have also used the SuperNail Nail Bandages during the times when I give my nails a “breather” from polish and, while not as durable as the super glue and acrylic powder repair method I usually use, works surprisingly well when I don’t want to wear nail lacquer on top. Thanks for your recommendation, which I second!

  4. P.S. Thank you so much for including a link to my post, “14 Secrets to Growing Strong, Healthy, Beautiful Nails!” Much appreciated! ❤️

  5. Oh this sounds like something that I could use for sure. I am really hard on my hands and the nails take a beating quite often. With age, I find that my nails are becoming a little more brittle and seem to crack quite a bit easier than before. I will have to have some of these "BANDAGES" in my nail care kit for sure. What a great find. I love it when friends share these incredible finds! Thanks for the link back as well. <3

  6. Cynthia, thank you for this tip! I could absolutely use these, and of course, had no idea it existed. I always presumed I had to cut it down to where it tore and had no idea there was another option.

  7. I used to put tissue paper on my nails and glue it on with nail polish. This is much easier I'd say. Thanks so much Cynthia. A must try.


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