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Reviewing the Perfect Valentine's Day Card

What is it that makes the perfect Valentine's Day Card?   Do you know?  I do!

the perfect valentines day card

What makes the perfect Valentine's Day card is YOU!   Knowing and caring for your special person means that whatever card you choose will be the perfect Valentine's Day card.

There can be so much pressure on new couples around February 14th as they try and find the perfect card, the perfect gift or the perfect date.   I've even known someone who always broke off his relationships (if he happened to be in one when February began) just so he didn't have to deal with Valentine's Day!   Luckily he has now settled down with the love of his life and they don't celebrate Valentines Day at all.

My husband and I don't usually celebrate Valentine's Day as it's only a week after our wedding anniversary, but when we first started dating we did and I couldn't tell you what gifts I received, but the cards were the important thing.  My husband always says he's useless at choosing cards (and I must admit I do wonder where he goes sometimes until I open them up!), but he always finds one that says the perfect thing (for me that is) or a blank one when he's feeling like writing me a few paragraphs about what I mean to him.

So what is the perfect Valentine's Day card?   It's the one that shows the person you care for how much you care by either knowing what they love or by expressing your feelings for them or both.

If the person you love enjoys poetry by the likes of Poe then they may appreciate a Gothic Valentine's Day card, if you first bonded over the Walking Dead or on a Zombie walk then check out some of the Zombie Valentine's Day cards available.

Maybe your partner is a math geek or loves the Doctor in which case one of these Geeky Valentine's Day cards might be up their street.

If I was purchasing a card for my husband this year then any dog Valentine's Day card would be a winner, but this one would probably get him misty eyed -

If my daughter was getting her partner a Valentine's Day card (and I suspect they will be) then she'd probably get either a car one or one like this -

Would you guess they both love boxers?   Whereas my hubby is a total sucker for any Staffy type of dog.

The perfect Valentine's Day card is one that says I know you, or I'm listening to you.   So what type of Valentine's Day card would be perfect for the special person in your life?

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  1. This made me giggle. You are absolutely right, the best Valentine's card, gift, or date is the one that shows that your person knows you. My BFF and I know each other well. We often celebrate by buying the candy the day after... when it's on sale.

  2. I agree, Louanne; the card/gift/etc means so much more when it lets you know the giver really KNOWS you. My hubby always found the perfect card (usually humorous) that said exactly what I needed to hear at the time (or blank ones with space for his special words to me and the perfect image on the front).

  3. I like the flowery, sappy Valentine's Day cards. If they also include birds or wildlife, even better! My husband picks out the very best cards for any occasion, but especially Valentines. I actually have a Valentine's Day card that he gave me a few years ago that sits on my daily work table (my version of a desk). As for the added humor, he has found a way to include that too. He draws pictures on them. I keep my cards, from any and every occasion. The cards I have gotten over the years are some of my most precious treasures.

  4. You're making me want to get my hubby a card! I'd have to get him one about cleaning because yep, that's what he loves to do, lucky me :) - Good tip to give a card that reflects their likes - I actually had never thought of it that way before.

  5. Spot on It is matching the card to the person :)

  6. Some years we give each other Valentine's Day cards and others we don't. This year Valentines day was celebrated early with a trip to Hawaii, so no cards this year, just lots of pictures. I do love cards that match or reflect a person's personality and likes or dislikes. Some are really funny too! Each one is special if given in Love.


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