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Snorkeling in Hawaii Requires the Right Tools

Snorkel Mask Review - Snorkeling is a fun thing to do in the warm places of the earth!  

Hubby and I just got back from a long overdue holiday to Hawaii.  We had been planning to do this trip for our 50th anniversary, but decided to do it a little earlier, as both he and I are having mobility issues.  So we celebrated 48 years together with this trip of a lifetime. 

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Image my own!
This was our beach on the Island of Maui.  The hotel had a nice pool, but an even nicer beach.  You could go out just a few feet and see hundreds of schools of fish.  (Sheraton Hotel)   There were even sea turtles seen by some of the guests, but we did not see any for ourselves at this location. 

What made the snorkeling so much fun was the full face mask that my son had given to us to use.

So you are thinking to yourself, "Big Deal, a full face mask!"  What's that all about?

Let me tell you, this full face snorkel is so much better to use than the traditional two piece mask and snorkel! I had only used the two piece equipment in the past and always had difficulty with swimming under water with my gear. Water always, always got into the tube and I ended up choking more than once. Not so with the one piece full face mask.

What makes this so much better?

Let's just say that technology has gotten so much better with these new face masks in several areas.
  1. The breathing tube is fitted with a one way valve that let's you go underwater without getting a mouthful of ocean water. 
  2. The silicone around the face mask is comfortable and gives a really good seal, without pinching anywhere.
  3. Anti-fog face lens lets you breathe normally and still maintain   clarity in the water.
  4. There is a mount on the breathing tube for a camera.
  5. There is no need to clench your teeth together in order to hold the breathing tube securely.
  6. With the full face mask, you can breathe through your nose or mouth.
Due to the comfort of the fit, you will be able to snorkel longer.  Believe me clenching a breathing tube in your mouth is very tiring and can cause pain in the jaws.  This problem is totally gone with this one piece face mask.  

I just remembered another bonus with this one piece mask,
The full face mask wraps around your head differently than a traditional mask, thus giving you  a much better field of vision.  It really is comfortable and easy.

Many of these one piece face masks also come with an adapter on the tube to mount a GoPro (or similar) type of camera.  So now you can snorkel with the fish and you can also take their pictures too!

Are You Snorkeling With Family?  

Don't worry,  these masks are made in sizes for children and for adults. Size is determined by the length of the face from the bridge of the nose to the bottom of the chin.  Can you imagine your children being able to see the amazing creatures under the sea?  I'm sure that the first time would be so much fun to see their reaction to things that they probably have only seen in movies or educational shows.  It just isn't the same thing as seeing it with your own eyes.  Once you have outfitted your family with these masks, I bet you will be looking for places  where  snorkeling is one of the best activities listed.

Now, I must add just a little addendum, facial hair can sometimes be problematic, so if you have a beard, you might want to check out the seal you get before you pack this mask into your suitcase. 

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Image from Pixabay
At the start of this article you will notice that I said both my husband and I were having issues with mobility.  That is true on land, but in the water, we are both like little fish!  I know there will be more snorkeling in our near future and hopefully I'll get better pictures to share with you too!

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  1. Olivia! I'm so glad you went on this trip. What fun. I'd love to snorkel but I was always afraid that I wouldn't be able to manage to keep the water out. It's great to know about this option.

    1. It is a great option and works well. The only problem is for guys with full face beards. The seal doesn't work so well for them.

  2. Glad you enjoyed your trip to Hawaii, Olivia. I have never had the snorkeling experience, but can see how this full face mask would be so much better than the old-style 2-piece mask.

    1. It was a really good trip. Lots to see and experience. If you haven't ever gone snorkeling, I would suggest that this mask combination is a great way to do it the first time. You would love it!

  3. Snorkeling was our favorite activity when we were in Hawaii. I can see how the full face mask would be awesome. Because several of us need corrective lenses, I had prescription lenses put in our masks. I will have to check to see if they are available in the full face mask the next time we go to Hawaii.

    1. Or if you wear contacts, they would be great with this mask combination. Hope you get a chance to try them out for yourselves.

  4. What a beautiful way to celebrate 48 years together. I'm so glad you took the plunge and chose to enjoy a dream trip while you can still enjoy it fully. We all tend to put things off and then discover health issues that get in the way of living those dreams. I really like the features of the snorkeling mask you have reviewed here. I want one! Love that camera attachment option. Hope to get to Hawaii one day.

    1. Oh I hope you get to Hawaii one day too. It really is a beautiful place and magical in many ways. The underwater world is just so amazing, you have to see it for yourself! The camera attachment is a bonus for sure.

  5. What a trip! Have only snorkeled with the old style of mask, so this mask sounds fabulous!

    1. I really liked it. I always had trouble getting a mouthful of ocean water when going underwater. This really helps me to fully enjoy being under the sea!

  6. I'm so impressed with your adventurous nature! WOW. I've never been snorkeling in my life. I'm a bit afraid of being too deep in the water. I'm like a fish too in the water, I never want to get out, but underwater activity freaks me out a bit. What a beautiful trip and gorgeous photos as well. Especially that last photo, amazing!

    1. I hear you Barbara, the first time I went underwater I had a very claustrophobic feeling as well. It passes quickly. I don't tend to go too far under the sea, but do like to get down there a bit. When snorkeling on the reefs, they really don't want you going too close to the reef. They seem to be very fragile to the presence of humans. So no problem there. I hope you try it at least once in your lifetime!


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