Monday, February 3, 2020

Reviewing the Honbay Convertible Sectional Sofa

When furnishing a living space your first thought might not be to shop Amazon. It sure wasn't my first thought. That is the last place I would have considered shopping for a sofa before now. But I ended up purchasing the Honbay Convertible Sectional Sofa through Amazon Prime and it turned out to be a great decision in several ways.

Reviewing this sectional sofa from Amazon.

My son recently moved to the area and was in the process of setting up short-term living arrangements in a small apartment. My youngest son and I wanted to give him a sofa. Small living space translates to small furniture. We searched nearly every furniture store in the Baltimore metro area to find a compact, inexpensive sofa that would fit the space and be easy to handle during his next move.

Every local small sofa on sale was nearly $400 and included approximately a $100 delivery fee. And some deliveries were scheduled for weeks out.

My son suggested Amazon and I was not initially agreeable. We chose the Honbay Convertible Sectional Sofa and I skeptically waited for delivery (expecting to feel regret at the purchase).

He is very pleased with the sofa! I was thrilled that it arrived quickly and with Amazon Prime's free shipping. I know that he really likes the sofa but when asking for the purpose of this review what he likes, he immediately listed:

  • easy to assemble
  • sturdy and well-built for the price
  • tear-resistant linen cloth
  • excellent size for a small space
  • seating for 3 adults comfortably

It is currently priced at $319 with no delivery costs - saving us nearly $200! It was delivered as easily as any other Amazon package.

This sofa has been great with the dogs. The cloth is durable - no punctures or rips from those sharp dog toenails. Because of the low price tag, I expected the covering to feel scratchy or cheap. It does not.

The chaise portion can easily be changed to either the right or left side by changing the placement of the ottomon and long cushion.

HONBAY Convertible Sectional Sofa 

I highly recommend this sofa for:

  • small spaces 
  • living spaces that are up or down stairs
  • temporary living situations 
  • folks who relocate frequently and want easy-to-move furniture
  • people with a tight budget
  • college students
  • young families just getting started
  • older folks who are down-sizing
  • furnishing that guest suite
  • seating for a large bedroom
  • seating for entertaining and conversation areas

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  1. What a great sofa! I haven't purchased any furniture from Amazon, but now you have convinced me to be open to it. I really like to try out the comfort of furniture before buying. I'm sure your son was very happy to receive such an outstanding house-warming gift (apartment-warming). I know I would have been thrilled with this.

    1. I am the same....I want to touch, sit on, and lay on any furniture I'm buying. But he's far more brave than I am.

  2. I would never have thought of ordering furniture online, because I like to try it out for comfort, but the reasonable price and quick free shipping at Amazon is certainly a big draw. Local furniture & appliance stores would certainly encourage more business if they offered free delivery, in my opinion. This small sectional looks just perfect for your son's needs. And how nice for you to have him in the area.

    1. It has been wonderful having him in the area... after so many years in the army. He's here temporarily, but I'm soaking up every moment.

  3. How awesome! I've purchased a few smaller pieces of furniture (bookcases) from Amazon and have yet to have any problems. I would not have thought of them for a sofa, but I definitely will now. That price is amazing and the couch is lovely and a very thoughtful gift.

    1. The price was definitely amazing. I will definitely watch Amazon for furniture items in the future. I hadn't thought of bookcases either. I usually go to IKEA for bookcases. But now I have a 2nd option for sure!

  4. I've never even thought about getting furniture from Amazon. You have made me rethink this. Who knows? I may even want to downsize my sofa one of these days.

    1. I definitely like smaller furniture for myself. So much easier to re-arrange, clean behind, etc.

  5. That’s a nice looking piece of furniture. So convenient to have it delivered from amazon as well. Good deal too! I really like it, great find.

  6. Love the clean lines, and the flexibility with the ottoman. What a savings!

  7. What a great little couch and so nice to look at too! This would be a great idea for many people who are limited with space. Nice find.

  8. I am considering buying this piece. Sounds great in your review. Can you comment on the comfort of the sofa?

  9. I am considering buying this piece. Sounds great in your review. Can you comment on the comfort of the sofa?

    1. It is not as comfortable as a high end piece of furnture, but it is far more comfortable than a futon I had purchased awhile ago. I am always comfortable when I visit him and sit on it.

    2. Actually, I slept on it one night when I was dog-sitting. I had no complaints.


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