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Split by M. Night Shyamalan - Movie Reviewed

Split by M. Night Shyamalan Movie Reviewed
I want to start by saying that reviewing Split was not an easy task.  This movie is so physiologically deep that I worried I would not be able to capture the intensity with mere words. I was also concerned that I might unintentionally dissuade readers from watching the film by telling too much.  It really does need to be watched in order of events, instead of reading any brief synopsis that delves into the plot.

James McAvoy does such an excellent job of playing the part of Kevin Wendell Crumb, I know, without a doubt, I would be frightened to be in his real life presence.  I liken his acting job in this movie to that of Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter.  For years after I first saw that movie, Anthony Hopkins was the face of evil in my mind.  Therefore, for me to compare the two, is truly the greatest compliment I could give to James McAvoy.

The title and DVD cover warn you in advance that the movie will be a terrorizing tale of a man with a split personality.  But, the film is so much more than just a story.  It gives you a close-up look at how the individual with DID (dissociative identity disorder) is tortured by his own mind.  So many times throughout this film, I felt sorry for Kevin, but I felt more than sorry for his victims.  

An Introduction to Split starring James McAvoy

SPLITSPLIT ~ Movie by M. Night ShyamalanCheck PriceThis is the best psychological thriller that I have ever watched.  Almost every emotion a person could feel is toyed with in this movie as we helplessly watch the spellbinding, terrifying events. 

Kevin Crumb has worked hard to lead a normal life and to control the disorder that plagues his life.  He doesn't try to deny his mental difficulties that are the result of the torture he survived as a child.  It is clear when "Kevin" or "Barry" is in control, that he is desperate to be good, loved, and accepted.

Dr. Fletcher has been Kevin Crumb's therapist for years. She has been able to help him with his DID by identifying 23 distinct personalities.  Up until recently, he has been leading a productive life, holding down a good job for years, and coming in for his weekly therapy sessions. She is very proud of him, but becomes greatly concerned when he starts sending her emails at night.  She schedules emergency appointments with him, but one of his dominant personalities shows up for the appointment and assures her all is well. 

Something had triggered the dominant personalities and Kevin's protective personality is about to appear.  Several of his dominant personalities have teamed up to suppress "Kevin" and to take control of his actions.  What happens is characteristic of the ultimate villain.

My Recommendation

If you know you can handle a tough psychological thriller, you will definitely want to see this movie.  If you have a strong interest in psychology and enjoy delving into the inner depths of DID, then this movie is for you.  However, if you are prone to nightmares after watching an intense movie, I wouldn't recommend it.  

As for me, I had no trouble sleeping after watching the movie, but I can understand how it might frighten some.   

Split can be viewed as a standalone movie. ~~~~~~~ However, if You Would Like to Watch as part of a Series, Watch Unbreakable First, then Split, and Glass Last

 SplitCheck Price UnbreakableCheck Price GlassCheck Price


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  1. Wow, reminiscent of Sybil and the 3 Faces of Eve. This movie sounds fascinating (and scary, from the standpoint that such a disorder can occur in one's mind and literary 'take over'). Excellent review with just enough information to pique one's interest.

    1. It is a scary movie, Elf, for many reasons. Not being able to control your own actions, yet being held accountable for them, would certainly be horrifying.

  2. This makes me recall how fascinated I was when first introduced to Sybil. At the time, I was enrolled in a college psychology course, but it was the late night dorm discussions that I still remember to this day. I'm sure this movie will take me back to that place. I don't normally like to watch evil, but I may have to make an exception for this film. I find the mind/psyche so endlessly captivating. Thanks for introducing me to another compelling movie. Your review provided just the right amount of teaser.

    1. I am with you on not wanting to watch evil and this movie reveals a face of evil. Like you though, I am intrigued by the mind. James McAvoy did an exceptional job of making us feel great sorrow for someone suffering with DID. It left me trying to balance my sympathy, my anger, and my desire for justice. Not an easy task when the victimizer was first a victim.

  3. Oh my, these kinds of movies really get under my skin. So thank you for the heads up on the terrifying nature of this movie. I will pass on it, because I already have trouble sleeping and this would just put me over the edge. But I will recommend it to my friends who love to get "worked over" with a movie.

    1. This one would definitely haunt you Olivia and case you to have restless nights. I don't recommend this movie for everyone. For me, I found it very insightful, but I did have to remind myself several times, it is only a movie.

  4. Cynthia, oh my, not sure I could watch this movie. I love psychology but the thriller aspect of this will probably do me in. I rarely watch crime shows for this reason. I'm torn though, your review has intrigued me so much, I may have to watch it!! lol - way to toy with my head ahaha :)

  5. Your review definitely propels me to watch the movie (not sure I can watch it with both eyes open!) The complexities can turn a thriller into also an insightful and thought provoking movie.

  6. Excellent review. I'm afraid I'm one who should not watch this. I had trouble with the suspense in "That Darn Cat" and "101 Dalmatians." That's one reason I rarely watch any movies but lighthearted comedies or love stories. It's safer to read.


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