Monday, September 9, 2019

Favorite Fall Lawn Gadgets Reviewed

Oh no! What happened to summer? I say that every September though most of September is technically still summer.

September is actually I think the best month for the northern United States. The air is crisper, the humidity has decreased and the leaves are just beginning their journey through the colors. Fall also means lawn work, garden clean up, Fall planting and preparing the lawn and garden for a snowy winter.

My Favorite Fall Lawn Gadgets 

The Bagster - On Demand Debris Removal

If Fall clean up involves heavy materials whether it be concrete, wood or trees then The Bagster is a great alternative to dispose of heavy loads. Simply purchase The Bagster bag either online or at a big box store, fill the bag and schedule the pick up!

bagster and debris

Find the full review here and see if your area qualifies for The Bagster.

Greenworks Leaf Blower

This is one of my favorite lawn tools of all purchases. The lightweight Greenworks Leaf Blower is so versatile.
leaf blower

I use it all year to blow leaves and debris off the driveway or deck, blow leaves to dispose of in the Fall and even use it for a Car Hack to blow dust out of the car.

Read the full review here of this easy to maneuver Leaf Blower.

City Pickers Raised Garden Bed

I really enjoyed this garden bed on wheels during the summer and will transition this raised bed garden for Fall planting. Maybe a pumpkin?!? I plan on rolling the bed into the Florida room for the winter and begin herb planting come spring.

raised garden beds

Read the full review here of this rolling garden bed perfect for the yard, deck or patio.

Blue Shoes Disposable Shoes

Fall means rain, mud and leaves in my area of the country. Do you have trees with those itty bitty leaves which stick to everything and every shoe?
disposable shoe covers

These affordable disposable shoes I have found invaluable for yard work in any weather. Pop the shoes on and dispose of in a jif if needed. If the conditions are dry the shoes can be used as a cover and then reused.

Read the full review here of these little shoe savers.

Top Ten Hallmark Christmas Movies

I know, these are not a lawn gadget. But Fall means Hallmark Christmas Movies are in the near future. As I recall the Christmas movies began at Halloween last year.

christmas gnome

Find the full review here.

A few new favorites from last Christmas to add to the list:

  • Christmas At Pemberley Manor
  • Christmas At The Palace
  • Christmas On Honeysuckle Lane

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  1. Ah, a dandy review of the helpful gadgets needed for fall lawn and garden cleanup. I work part time at an Ace Hardware, so already know that lawn care implements are being purchased as homeowners' thoughts turn from summer to Fall lawn care.

    Summer seemed to still be here in my area until this morning. Yesterday was a typical late summer day with mild temperatures and sunshine and everything looking green. This morning, after a cool night, I woke up to a rainstorm and suddenly there were yellow leaves on the ground blown down with the storm. When did the leaves begin to turn? It just suddenly began to look like Fall. So this review is very timely.

    1. I do love my local Ace Hardware! The leaves are definitely turning here!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed each of these reviews when they were first published. This is an awesome compilation all in one article of your excellent gardening and lawn care reviews. I really love the idea of being able to easily move a gardening bed inside for the winter. I always love a colorful fall, but also hate to see the leaves literally fall, for several reasons. Making cleanup easy is always appreciated.

    1. I can't believe it is edging toward Fall! Already the mums and sedum are in bloom and the leaves are falling!

  3. I probably love spring and fall equally, but I agree that there is something really special about the change of season in September. Those first few cool overnights are such a relief to a blistering August. I like this compilation of gadgets. I remember thinking how much I like the City Pickers raised bed.

    1. The City Pickers gardening bed has been a success! After harvesting will be turning it into a container garden for Fall :)

  4. Ahhh Tracey, we are on the same page. I am just starting to undo my balcony garden. September is that month. Tomato plants are just about done and it's time to clean it up. Lucky you to have a Florida room. When I was in my home, these gadgets would have been on my list too. Bagsters are the greatest.

  5. Excellent suggestions. The leaf blower is a must. Have to say I want that raised garden bed. Been thinking about doing this next year. It's on my list of things to get.


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