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Bagster Review

Have you ever started a home improvement project and found the debris begins taking on a life and area of its' own?  Improving one's home can be like opening Pandora's Box; one never knows what you will find lurking in, under, or behind an older home which brings the inevitable problem of how to dispose of construction debris.

We recently demolished an old and small wooden deck. Somehow the little deck turned into a very large pile of debris which seemed to keep growing and growing. Remodeling can be like cutting your own bangs; once you start it is hard to stop. Since we were demolishing the deck... well, of course we should cut down the old unwieldy bush and then could not ignore the well worn railroad ties around the garden bed which had outlived their usefulness.

Where and how to dispose of all these goodies? Even though the pile kept growing the size did not warrant renting a dumpster. At the suggestion of the carpenter the Bagster was investigated to help unload our pile of construction debris.

What Is The Bagster?

The Bagster is a disposable bag which can hold up to 3,300 pounds of debris or waste. The purchase of the Bagster allows access to the Bagster Pick Up and Disposal Service operated by Waste Management. It is an on demand debris removal also referred to as a dumpster in a bag.

Dumpster or Bagster

In my area it is difficult to rent a small dumpster due to the booming construction industry for both pros and DIYers. Small dumpsters are difficult to rent and one must also have the room to park the dumpster.

It was clear when the deck (it looked so small) was being removed and parked on the lawn this was more construction debris then anticipated. The pike kept growing ! Who knew such a little deck could produce so much construction debris? The dirt was also filled with concrete from the original construction of the house over 50 years ago.

Now what? Enter the Bagster.

Where To Find The Bagster

I purchased the Bagster from Amazon  for $29.95. For our project we needed 1.5 Bagsters so of course not wanting to pass up the opportunity to clean out the garage we made great use of the remaining area in the Bagster.

Note: Review the Do’s and Dont's as to the type of materials accepted in the Bagster. We had old pieces of odd shaped concrete which had been hanging around the garage for years we happily filled up the remainder of the Bagster. Actually everything we wanted to put into the Bagster was on the Do list for our area.

Schedule The Bagster Pick Up

The system worked flawlessly. I used the online scheduler at approximately midnight on a Monday. I received a confirmation email of the order and subsequent emails throughout the progress of my order through the process.On Wednesday morning at approximately 5:30 am I heard a rumble outside and it was the very large crane/truck arriving to pick up the 2 Bagsters. Shortly after the pick up I received an email completing the process.

Pricing Of the Bagster Pick Up

The pricing of the Bagster and debris removal is two fold: the cost of the Bagster plus the cost of the removal by Waste Management. The cost varies per area and the flat rate can be obtained on the Bagster website. Two Bagsters plus the pick up charge was lower than the cost of renting a small dumpster and so much more convenient!

The Yellow Bagster Handles

The Bagster deceptively indeed holds ALOT of debris.It is critical the yellow handles “touch” for the Bagster to be picked up by the truck as a large crane must be able to lift the
Bagster up by grabbing the handles.

This information is clearly stated on the Bagster bag instructions and the website and do not ignore! 


Online scheduling allows a customer to take advantage of a discount off the pick up price of more than one Bagster. Coupons are also available online by searching Bagster coupons.


I highly recommend the Bagster. It worked flawlessly from start to finish. I’m still surprised how much construction debris can fit into one Bagster. Quick, convenient and on demand debris removal fit our construction project perfectly.

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  1. Oh, wow! What fabulous information!!! I had no idea this product and service existed. I needed it last year when I cleaned out the attic in our home. I will definitely use the service on our next project. I assume you have to fill the Bagster at the curb or end of your driveway for them to pick it up. Is that correct? This is so awesome! I have several upcoming projects that I will want to use the service for. Wonder if I could use the Bagsters and the service for when we replace our fence. Going to look at the product on Amazon now. Thank you Tracey! This is awesome information to know!

    1. I think the Bagster would work great for disposing of a fence (may have to cut the fence down a smidge). The Bagster does have to be close to the road. There are specifications as to how close. The crane/truck which picks up the Bagster is huge so the crane has to have easy access from the road to the Bagster.

  2. I've never heard of this, but it is less expensive than renting a dumpster.

    1. In my area, it was definitely less expensive then a small dumpster.

  3. What a helpful product for anyone disposing of lumber, concrete, yard waste and other clean up - clean out projects. Certainly something to keep in mind for the future! Thanks, Tracey, for bringing it to my attention .

    1. I was actually happy to only fill 1/2 the second Bagster and gave us the opportunity to dispose of so many oddball pieces from prior construction projects !

  4. oh wow... what a great service! I live in an apartment, so we have dumpsters. But when I move, it is great to know about this option.

    1. I will also be bookmarking the Bagster for moving!

  5. This is a fantastic idea! I can imagine that they have a booming business. As you described it, the process is so easy! What a fantastic solution. I wonder if they have them in Canada. This would be very popular here once the word spread.

    1. I have used Bagster here several times. They are a great help. I had a renter who left quite a mess behind and had to use this service. It was fast, easy and affordable. I really like them.

  6. Bagster is a winner in my books. I've used them several times and I haven't been disappointed with them. This is a real handy service when the need arises.

  7. I've never heard of this. What a great service! I hope the pickups are available where I live. Wonder if those cranes can get onto rural dirt driveways on private property that cars and propane trucks can access.

    1. Perhaps. Definitely check the pick up specifications to ensure the service could work in your area.


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