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Decorating Color Schemes for Spring and Summer 2019

Funk by Color
If you haven't had a chance to read about Pantone's color of the year for 2019, you can learn a little about it here.

Pantone not only designates a color choice for the year, it also establishes color groupings for the seasons during that year.

For 2019, Pantone has created suggested palettes that reflect uplifting energy:

1. Embracing Nature - Freshness with Blues, Greens and Zesty Limes
2. Joyful - Radiant with Pink, Purple, Blueberry and White
3. Color Play - Fruity and Bright Mango, Mystical Violet and Watery Pastels
4. Innocence - Light, Life and Hopefulness with Soft Pink, Blueberry and Soft Blues

You can take a peek at Pantone's color schemes for each of the above four moods here.

Innocence by Pantone

Here's a simple example of how to incorporate the colors of 'Innocence' into a decorating theme. You can feature any of the colors in pieces you find yourself drawn to. If a blueberry couch isn't your thing, then choose a soft pale blue or blush pink sofa then introduce blueberry via the rugs, drapes or accessories.

Embracing Nature by Pantone

Below are pieces you can include into a decor theme that focus on the freshness of nature. The color scheme outlined for this theme focuses on blues, greens and limes. Of course you don't have to stop there. Pops of wheat and soft ice can be used to further lighten the overall look.

Color Reflects You

Most of us tend toward neutral décor. More often we choose neutral because we're unsure how to mix and match colors. It takes a little extra knowledge to learn about color and how to mix them together. Below is a brief explanation of the color wheel to help you with your next decorating project.

Understanding the Basics of the Color Wheel

  1.  Complementary Colors: Two colors opposite each other on the wheel
  2.  Split Complementary Colors: Uses three colors. One color matched to two colors adjacent to it's complementary color (example, blue with yellow-orange and red-orange)
  3.  Analogous Colors: Three colors next to each other on the wheel
  4.  Triadic Colors: Three colors equally apart on the wheel
  5.  Tetradic Colors: Four colors in two sets of complementary colors (pink, green & blue, yellow)
Have fun with color this spring, even if you only add it with flowers!

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  1. Your decorating ideas, especially around colors, are always fascinating, Barbara. Since I have been reading your articles, I've begun to incorporate your color scheme ideas into my crochet crafting. Helpful to know what colors complement each other and look good together. :) See, color knowledge isn't just for home decor; also works well in creating cute stuffed animals. :)

    1. I love your crocheted items, they're super cute! Great idea to use color theory to design them - I hadn't thought of that. Colorful crocheted items, especially stuffed animals are so nice.

  2. I always tended toward neutral home decor colors until we redid our living room from scratch a couple of years ago and chose a vibrant Caribbean turquoise for two of the walls. Looking at the color every day still makes me happy! It’s amazing how much the color of a room can affect our mood.

    1. Margaret, your room re-do was gorgeous - I remember seeing your photos. So nice, and absolutely loved the turquoise you chose. My step-daughter decorated her condo with primarily that color and it's spectacular.

  3. I can totally embrace the 2019 summer colors! I love them all. I was just thinking yesterday how it is past time for me to get out my pink and white place mats for my dining room. I am very pleased to see that I will be in style with my color choices! Thanks for the information and encouragement to get ready for summer in my home.

    1. Cynthia, oh, I like the idea of pink and white placements! Of course I love pink. Soft pink is gorgeous too. Yep, you're accessories line up with the suggested 2019 décor colors :)

  4. I always enjoy your decorating ideas and the posts about Pantone. I really love the "embracing nature" colors.

    1. Dawn, thank you. Yep, I can understand how you would prefer the 'embracing nature' colors being that your an outdoorsy adventurous person :)

  5. I must admit that when it come to color I am terrified to making a mistake. I like neutrals and add a splash of color with cushions and accessories. So I guess I will have to learn how to do this in a "proper" manner. Thanks for the guidelines.


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