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How a Room's Color Can Affect Your Mood

Funk by Color
Did you know the colors you choose to decorate a space with will dictate the room's overall mood?

In a recent article we talked about the basic rules for choosing color when you decorate a space. That article also discusses 'Mood' as one of the pertinent considerations.

So let's review the Mood that each of the main colors evoke:

Red - Excitement

Red carries several meanings and all of them fall under the umbrella of excitement. Red represents rage just as much as it screams 'I love you'. In other words, if you need a room filled with emotion, red should be your go-to color. Splashes of red can make a room calming. However, if you plan to feature a whole wall of red and other red accessories, ensure the room is meant for social gatherings. You might even encourage intense discussions and debate in a red powered room.

Blue - Tranquility

Blue is the color of calmness and tranquility. However, if the room is entirely two colors such as blue and white, the space will feel cold more than calm. Three to four colors in a space along with your main choice color will achieve the intended affect of that main color (especially with blue). When you're seeking a peaceful, relaxing mood, combine light and dark blues together and soften the space with at least two other accessory colors.

Yellow - Uplifting

When you want a space to reflect a cheerful, happy, hopeful energy, choose yellow as the main color. We associate yellow with spring and summer so it's not a stretch to connect those seasons with an uplifting mood. Get ready for a little shock … did you know that yellow is also the color of intelligence? Yep, apparently intelligence has a color. Yellow is the color of the mind and it represents acquired knowledge. When you want to encourage learning, believe it or not, decorate with yellow.

Green - Renewal

The color of green represents two polar opposites. We typically think of nature, renewal, freshness and the environment when we decorate with green. However, green is also the color of money and can represent greed, jealousy and ambition. In home décor it's safe to say that a green themed room is normally chosen to create a fresh and harmonious environment. I mean, who decorates for greed, lol.

Orange - Enthusiasm

Orange is the color of creativity, social activity, determination and believe it or not, healthy eating. It's also an action color. Think of orange as the verb of colors. Most of us know the most popular 'buy button' online is orange. Makes sense right? After-all, orange is the verb of color. Orange is also ideal for a space where fun, interest, adventure and excitement are the primary mood goals. Go ahead, paint a wall in your kitchen orange! Orange is the social color that promotes healthy eating and conversation, making it ideal for the kitchen. Use various shades, or a softer shade if bright orange is too much. On a personal note, orange and yellow are my favorite colors :)

Purple - Wisdom

Purple is the color of royalty, luxury, power and spirituality. That's a fairly broad range, however indirectly each of these traits are connected to one another. If you're looking for a room that evokes grandeur with a bit of mystery, a purple themed room is the way to go. On a personal note, my young girl bedroom décor was purple, white, and pink. Without knowing, I must of been a mysteriously royal person who craved wisdom. :)

Did you read last weeks article on the color choices for spring and summer? You'll also get a quick tutorial on how to combine colors.

Have fun with color!

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  1. It is always fun, as well as informative, to read your color related decor articles. I have always preferred walls painted colors instead of using the neutral wall colors throughout the house. (I realize the neutral shows better when selling a home, but I prefer colors when living in a home) I enjoy looking around my home after I read one of your color-meaning articles and applying the information to my previous selections. I would like to repaint my craft room soon. I had not considered orange, but it sounds like I need to find an orange for the walls. I would assume I can use a light shade of orange :) It is a small room, so I wouldn't want to go too dark.

    1. Couldn't agree more on decorating with color to your taste. Until you're ready to sell, there's no need to neutralize. I'm with you in that I need color. Doesn't have to a lot, but I do need a space that has some. In regards to your small room you're thinking of adding orange to, I think that would be beautiful. You can do orange in a dark shade for a small room, but if you're nervous about that just create an orange focal wall. You could leave the other walls lighter, even a faded super light orange. A very soft orange on all the walls would look great as well, then you're free to introduce darker brighter orange in accessories or furniture. :)

  2. I wrote an article on the effects of the color red on our moods and emotions several years ago and you're spot on. I had not researched the effects of other colors and it's fun to read more about how those can affect our frame of mind. I love your suggestions for selecting room colors to evoke desired emotions!

    1. Margaret, lol on what red evokes. Our family room has a lot of burgundy but it's softened enough that it's a warm and inviting and relaxing space versus a room for deep conversation. When we first moved into our home we painted the hallways in a super dark burgundy, but we had to change that as it was a bit too severe for the space. We've painted so many colors over the years, lol. Our house needs a complete re-do in the paint department in many of the rooms. It's time :)

  3. I guess I need an uplift in color......everywhere I look we have neutral grey. Pretty boring, I think I just might have to "splash" some color in my life and my surroundings. Thanks Barb for a helpful heads up on those colors.

  4. Always interesting to read how color affects so many things, so I'm not surprised that a room color can affect your moods and/or reflect certain moods.


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