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Clorox 2 Free & Clear Laundry Stain Remover & Color Booster Reviewed

Clorox 2 Reviewed
I now add Clorox 2 to Every Load of Laundry!

Almost 2 years ago, we were forced to buy a new washing machine because our 20+ year old machine could no longer be repaired.  I was not at all prepared for what we discovered when shopping for a new laundry washer.  The newer models no longer have an agitator in the tub of the machine.  Many of you may have already discovered that during your own shopping quests, but I was shocked.

With a height of only 5' 2", I found I could not reach the bottom of the washing machine tubs on the display floor.  The salesman recommended I use a step stool.  Ugh, no!  I was not going to use a step stool to remove the washed laundry from my machine with every load of laundry, every day.  

I finally found a Kenmore washing machine at the 3rd store that had a sloped front inside the machine so I could actually reach the bottom of the tub when leaning in.  So, I thought problem solved.  I didn't expect the next problem at all.

Adding Clorox 2 to Our Wash 

Clorox 2 Free & Clear Laundry Stain Remover & Color Booster Reviewed
Washing Machine with No Agitator Requires Clorox 2
Our new machine arrived and I was thrilled to be able to wash clothes again.  That is, until I smelled the first few loads of washed laundry.  For a while, I was able to convince myself that it was because the machine was new.  It was not!  

Oh, how I missed my agitator washing machine!!!  My clean clothes smelled musty, which made me think they were not clean.

I tried adding vinegar to every load.  It seemed to help some, but I could still smell traces of that nasty musty smell.  Using a scented detergent might have worked, but I'm not keen on covering one smell with another.  Plus, I am allergic to most scented detergents.  Actually, I am allergic to all scented detergents that I have ever tried, but I said "most" simply because there might be one I could use that I have never tried.

Finally, after a year of hating the smell of our clean clothes and being clueless what to do other than buy another new machine, I spied the Clorox 2 on the grocery shelf.  I had used it years ago as a color booster so I knew I was safe to try it again.  Glory be!  It actually worked!!!  

Not only does it help maintain the color of our clothes, but it actually cleans away that musty smell.  Once again, our clothes, bed linens and towels smell clean.
clorox 2
Clorox 2 For Colors - Free & Clear Stain Remover And Color BrightenerCheck Price Thank you Clorox 2 for giving me back clean, and not stinky, clothes & linens!

How I Use Clorox 2

I measure only to the first line on the  cup lid of Clorox 2 and add it in with my regular washing detergent.  That way, it lasts a lot longer, but still does the job.

If you find you are experiencing the same issue with the new agitatorless washing machines, or if you want a color booster for your clothes, I highly recommend Clorox 2.  I do prefer the "Fragrance & Dye Free" option, but decades ago I did use the regular scent and didn't have any problems with it.  I should note, I cannot touch bleach without having an allergic reaction, or even smell it without getting an extreme headache, but the Clorox 2 doesn't bother me at all. 

Here's to having clean, vibrant, and fresh smelling clothes!


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  1. I plan to give this product a try. I had no idea the new washers were built so differently. I’m glad you found a solution to your laundry dilemma.

    1. Me too Diana! Honestly, I have been very distressed by the issues with the new agitatorless models. It is not an improvement in my opinion.

  2. Boy wouldn't that be a kicker, you do all the work and your clothes still don't smell fresh! That would drive me to the crazy farm faster than a jet plane. Anyways, I'm glad you found a solution. I will have to share this with my DIL! My washers don't seem to have that problem at all even though they too are agitator less. I will keep this product in mind if it ever becomes a problem. Thanks for the helpful household helper tips!

    1. You are very lucky Olivia that your agitatorless model will clean your clothes! What model do you have? It might help others to know what to buy when they find they must replace their washing machine. For me, my short height and being able to reach to the bottom of the tub to remove clothes will always be an issue. The sloped side is the only reason I bought the model I have.

  3. I hate the agitatorless models. My daughter has one with her new machine. Mine, thankfully, was purchased early enough to have an agitator, but one never knows how long it will last. If I get a new one someday, I will need to check the deepness as I'm less than 5 feet tall and have trouble these days even reaching the bottom of my regular machine. But, I digress. Regarding the Clorox 2 product, I've often seen it and wondered about it. I can't use regular bleach either. So, with your wonderful review, I am convinced and will be giving this Clorox 2 a try.

    1. I hate them too Elf! And, it is not just about change, even though I hate change. The agitatorless models don't really wash clothes well. You can read this in my answer to Barbara below, but the only way to get enough water in the tub to really wash the clothes is to wash every load on heavy duty just so I can select deep fill. Otherwise, it' just basically spraying clothes instead of washing them.

  4. I hate the way they keep "improving" products that have always worked well for me. I currently have an old machine, but I'm not sure it will last as long as I do. I have horribly hard water here, and use vinegar with every load. Will I still need to use that with the Clorox 2? Or do I still have to use a third product to soften the water?

    1. I stopped using the vinegar when I started adding the Clorox 2 Barbara. I don't know the answer about the hard water issue. Like you, I hate it that things keep changing and "not" improving. I hear others praise the agitatorless machines because they don't damage clothes, but I really do not like them. It has been way too hard to figure out what works to get clothes clean. In addition to using the Clorox 2, I now wash every load on heavy duty so I can select "deep fill" and a second rinse. If I use the delicate or normal cycle, the clothes will only be wet in spots, like they were sprayed by water instead of immersed. There is no water or energy savings if you have to run the machine multiple times just to actually wash the clothes.

  5. Ugh. I can relate. When the apartment complex switched to the new, improved, water-saving models of washers, the clothes came out stinking. Imagine that smell AND the fact that it's a public laundry room ?! NO THANKS. I almost exclusively wash my laundry by hand and hang-dry. And I dread when i have to go to the laundry for blankets or towels. Now I know the solution. THANK YOU for this review.

  6. Good tip Cynithia. I'm sensitive to smells and if my laundry had a musty scent it would drive me to finding a solution. I'll remember this one. Front loading machines have a funky smell to them sometimes, I'll give this a try.


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