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An Alternative to a Double Oven when Cooking for a Crowd

Counter-Top Roaster Ovens - "Very handy to have on hand"
Counter-Top Oven Roasters are a Practical and Affordable Solution

If you don't own a double oven it can be tricky to cook for a large crowd. 

For most of our life our homes have had one oven. Our family is quite large and cooking for family events, particularly Thanksgiving and Christmas, takes creative planning.

It's certainly possible to plan a large dinner with one oven, but having an extra oven makes the job so much easier. 

For 20 years or more we've owned a counter-top roaster oven. It's stored away for most of the year, but come the Fall the oven gets hauled out and used.

I Didn't Want One!

Not being one for a lot of kitchen appliance clutter, I was against getting another kitchen gadget. Clutter is not my thing.

However, I was absolutely wrong.

Our counter-top oven roaster has been one of the best choices in kitchenware we've ever made. Big family meals would be impossible for me without it now! Don't take my oven-roaster away.

The Brand We Use is 'Nesco'

I've featured a few 18 quart Nesco oven roasters below.

An 18 quart oven roaster typically fits a turkey up to 22 pounds. The non-stick cookwell is also removable which makes it easy to clean. If you use it to cook a large chilli for a party, put the entire oven on the table and keep the temperature on low. You can also remove the cookwell and bring it to the table.

In terms of the temperature gage, it operates like a standard oven. As an example, for our Turkeys, I start cooking the Turkey at 400 and then after about an hour turn it down to 350 to 375.

I'll also put oil and butter on the top of the Turkey and it does brown enough for our taste. However, if the top isn't brown enough for you, just lift the cookwell out and place it in the oven to broil the top to the color you like. The roaster also comes with a rack with handles allowing you to safely remove your Turkey.

It's over 20 years later, and I'm still using our Nesco Oven Roaster. Come to think of it, we've never had one single problem with it. That's rare. Hopefully the newer models last as long as my older model has. As far as my own experience, 'reviewed and recommended'.

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  1. The first time I ever saw a countertop oven toaster was my first Thanksgiving with my new hubby's family. My MIL used one as long as I knew her, starting her Turkey very early in the morning. Her regular oven was then free for the rest of the meal.

    1. I meant to refer to the counter top Roaster, Barbara.... LOL. My typing finger slipped. :) Those roasters are very handy for large groups, not just for family holiday meals.

    2. Your MIL was a smart cookie lol, absolutely a way to solve a problem of only having one oven with big crowds.

  2. Great information to know for the holidays! I do have two ovens, it was a prerequisite when we were buying our home. However, if we move again, it would be to a smaller home and I doubt it would have a double oven. Really glad to know about the roasters. I was also just thinking they would certainly make a great gift for my family members who do not have two ovens.

    1. Two ovens is so convenient. My last oven was a double oven but we recently replaced our oven and went back to a single for now, and I'm missing that second oven! I even used our counter-top oven roaster with two ovens. I sure could warm and prepare a lot of food with it.

  3. I agree re clutter, but the roaster is the way to go for us one oven challenged households!

    1. Yah, the clutter drives me batty but the counter top roaster is a must

  4. I agree, Barbara! I bought mine probably 20 years ago as well, and while I don’t use it often any more, when I need it, it’s a blessing!

    1. Margaret, yours has lasted long as well! Hope the newer models are made like ours was!

  5. I've been thinking for getting a roaster. The folks in the homestead group recommend it for things that they are preparing to can (things like tomatoes, applesauce, salsa, etc). I appreciate your review. I've been stalling but I'm going to take a closer look now.

    1. Dawn, it's so handy to have on hand. We don't use it often, but when I need it, it's there.

  6. When we moved away from Ventura County, one of the things I missed most was my double wall oven. When I needed to cook holiday dinners here it was impossible to do it without that second oven because the turkey cooked at a different temperature than the side dishes. I bought a roaster oven and it has never failed me. It also served to keep things hot when we had open houses or events when people all came at different times. Anyone limited to just one oven who entertains during holidays should have this countertop roaster oven. You won't be sorry.

  7. This sounds like a great idea for our apartment. Needless to say the space is smaller than I'm used to having, so to add another cooking area would be helpful. Thanks for the review, I still have time to order one of these before I need it.


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