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Reviewing Mrs. Meyer's Soap

Reviewing Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day products.
My son and daughter-in-law use Mrs. Meyer's soaps and cleaning products. It has been during visits to their home that I've used Mrs. Meyer's products. I like the soaps and have ordered my own. Mrs. Meyer's is a line of cleaning products and hand soaps that are made with essential oils rather than harsh chemicals. I like products with essential oils - and try to avoid chemicals if I can.

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

Mrs. Meyer is a real person, not just a brand name/gimmick. Her site lists her as an Iowa homemaker and mother of NINE. The story goes that her daughter was shopping household cleaners and wanted something that "cleaned like the dickens" and smelled good. Oh boy, I can relate to that. I want clean, but why does the chemical stench have to come along with the clean?  Good news, it doesn't.
"Lets make cleaners that smell nice, like my mom's garden, but still work like the dickens on daily dirt and grime." - from Mrs. Meyers - Our Story
While visiting, I used Mrs. Meyers hand soap (sunflower) and the Lemon Verbena dish soap. I liked both very much and have since ordered my own. The dish soap worked well with degreasing. And the hand soap did not dry my hands. And like many essential oil products, the scent is "nature" and does not trigger my migraines.

My daughter-in-law has since added "radish" to her collection and lists that as her favorite. Because she has such good taste in cleaning products, I've ordered radish dish soap for myself. 

I prefer natural products for not only my health, but also for the environment. When camping, my used water is thrown out onto the ground. While I am slowly making the transition to more chemical-free products in my apartment, I use natural products almost exclusively when camping. I am thrilled to add Mrs. Meyer's soaps to my supplies.

Important note: You can order your Mrs. Meyer's soaps directly from their website or from Amazon. I ordered from both sites. I do want to recommend that you check out the prices on both sites, as I saved several dollars ordering from Amazon.  I saved $3 with the coupon and $6 on shipping with Amazon Prime. 

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  1. Dawn Rae, I've never been much into essential oils, but my daughter swears by them for many of the same reasons you do (especially since both she and her hubby suffer from migraines and anything that helps prevent them is a good thing.) And with both you and Louanne describing the benefits, I am becoming a convert.

    I also truly dislike chemical smells in cleaning products and try to use natural ones whenever possible. Therefore, it is very nice to have a recommendation for Mrs. Meyers household products. Thank you for this helpful review.

    1. If you do try essential oils and/or Mrs. Meyers, I hope you share your thoughts (and sorry to hear that your daughter and husband also have migraines). :(

  2. Our daughter uses the Mrs. Meyer's cleaner as well! Honestly, I was turned off to the hand soap on my last visit because I didn't care for the smell. I have no idea which scent she was using. Since she is using it, I should have known it was made with essential oils instead of harsh chemicals. She started making that change long before she moved out of our house, but when she set up her own home, she started using chemical-free cleaning products on everything. I'll have to try one of the scents that I can tolerate. I also need to switch to as many chemical-free cleaning products as I possibly can just for our own health. Thanks for the recommendation. I doubt I would have ever considered trying it based on the one time I have used it.

    1. I wonder what scent that you didn't care for. There was one that I didn't care for either. I think Mrs. Meyers should make little scratch-n-sniff or sample bottles so we can smell before we buy!

  3. These sound like interesting soaps for sure. I like essential oils too, but I'm still in the learning process. I know there are scents I like and ones that I don't really care for, but there are several here that sounds wonderful. If they clean well on top of it all, that is a great bonus.

    1. I'm still pretty new to essential oils too. Still learning the oils I like and don't like. Lot's of people love lavender - but I don't care for it.

  4. These sound ideal for people who prefer natural cleaning products. In fact I know someone who would like this. I hadn't heard of this product before. Always find interesting ideas from Reviewthis!

  5. Ooh, these sound like something I would love - I must see if I can get this brand in Australia.

  6. Must try! I prefer natural cleaning products too, radish sounds intriguing!


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