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Decorate with Purple in 2018 - Why? Because Ultra Violet is Pantone's Color of the Year

That's Right, Ultra Violet (Shade 18-3838) is Pantone's Color of the Year for 2018: Although not the exact shade, choose any Shade of Purple to Decorate With and You'll be Fitting In with 2018's Trend 

If you're not familiar with how Pantone's Color of the Year is selected, in summary, it's chosen as a reflection of society and it's current cultural expressions and often by it's needs.
“The Pantone Color of the Year has come to mean so much more than ‘what’s trending’ in the world of design; it’s truly a reflection of what’s needed in our world today.” – Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute"
Individuality, unconventionality and artistic brilliance are some of the words Pantone uses to describe the reasons Ultra-Violet was chosen for 2018.

Spirituality is often associated with Purple. As an example, if you're a church goer you've seen the spiritual connection with purple during Lent when a Catholic Priest wears his purple robe. With Lent being a time of empathy for suffering and penance, purple is the chosen color for this time. It's not meant as a negative, but rather to give something of ourselves as a way of acknowledging Jesus' suffering for us.

If you're not a believer in traditional religions, purple is still referenced as an associated color for mindfulness. Whether it's for Yoga, Meditation or InspiringButterfly Lilac Bedding Duvet SetButterfly Lilac Bedding Duvet Set Gatherings, purple lighting, purple scents and purple art, are often used to compliment and reflect the calming intention of a group.

In home décor you'll find that purple is used to enhance a design that is bravely unique to the point that a home owner has no qualms about creating an environment that boldly stands out for all who enter. Call it, 'a little shock and awe in home decorating'.

Where the conservative decorator tends toward neutrals, purple is often for the individualists among us. It's not so much about being fearless, but more about recognizing self within our environment. Of course, if you're not a fan of purple it doesn't matter how much of an individualist you are, you simply won't decorate with the color!

In Business Marketing, purple is often used to represent trends, services or products that are higher in quality or sophistication. If your business reflects a higher level of quality, purple may be a color to include in your branding.

In short, decorate the way you want to decorate! No matter the trends, your home is your personal space and should reflect who you are and what you love. But if you happen to love Purple, you're in luck for 2018!

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  1. Well done, Barbara. I have been waiting for your 'color of the year' article as it applies to home decor. I knew the minute I saw that Pantone had announced their 'color' for 2018 that I could expect an article about it from our Home Decor expert. :)

    Purple is also the color of Royalty, and I consider you the Queen of Home Decor advice! :)

    Knowing that purple reigns supreme this year is the reason I am using shades of purple, ultra violet and lavender in my creation of my crochet animals right now. :) Enjoy your royal year, Barbara.

    1. Pat, lol - I've been waiting for a moment of inspiration to write about it. Purple is absolutely a color of Royalty. Here's a toast to all of us having a royal year :)

  2. Love purple (even when it isn't color of the year! :) )

    1. have to agree, I'm a fan of purple - when I was a young girl if was my favorite color, it's now slipped to third fave :)

  3. Purple would probably not be my personal first choice, but I have several family members who would choose it first. My daughter for one. My grandmother's favorite color was also purple, therefore, I am still surrounded by purple. I tend to prefer purple's closest friend, blue, but I do think purple is a beautiful color regardless.

    1. Blue is a 'cooler' color (literally) and your taste may draw you towards a crisp or cooler home décor choice? (Versus leaning towards the warmer shades of reds/yellows) Just guessing Cynthia - Purple finds itself in the middle of both with it being a red/blue combo. As a kid purple was my absolute fave color, but now as I typed above, it's in third place for me - Yellow, Orange and then purple - Blue is such a pretty color to decorate with as well - it's relaxing and can be almost spa like in it's in feel

  4. Purple is my daughters favorite color. I'll have to send this to her!! As always, Barbara, Well done :)

    1. Thanks Sam, your daughter has good taste :) - As a young girl my fave color was purple and my bedroom was purple, pink and white - can't get more girly than that lol - these days I have a few other fave colors ahead of it. Your daughter has maintained her love purple and kept it her first choice I presume :)

  5. Awesome! My cousin loves purple. I'll have to share this news with her. I don't think I could do a purple wall, but I love your purple table choice. That's awesome.

  6. I love purple and we actually painted out downstairs bar/rumpus room purple a few years ago so I'm obviously ahead of the trend LOL!


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