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Nordic Ware Sweet Snowflakes Pan Reviewed

Nordic Ware Sweet Snowflakes Pan
The Nordic Ware Sweet Snowflakes Pan Makes a Beautiful Pattern on an Otherwise Plain Baked Product

I received several Nordic Ware pans this year for Christmas, which thrilled me beyond belief.  I love to cook and I like for everything I bake to make a "pretty" presentation.  However, I have several recipes for baked products that are not frosted or decorated.  As a result, they may taste fabulous, but they are not pretty on a table.  When I bake those kinds of cakes or baked products in a Nordic Ware pan, then they have a pretty design on the top or a pretty shape and I am a happy baker.

Even cornbread is pretty when baked in a Nordic Ware Sweet Snowflakes pan.

snowflake shaped cornbread made by Cynthia Sylvestermouse

The Nordic Ware Sweet Snowflakes Shortbread Pan

 Nordic Ware Sweet Snowflakes Shortbread Pan, SilverCheck PriceOkay, we can all see that the pan says it is for shortbread.  A very easy shortbread recipe is included with the pan.  

However, regardless of the title, it is a baking pan, period.  It actually may seem a little misleading that is says "shortbread".  One might think you could only bake shortbread in this pan.  Not true!  Think single layer cake and you will have a better description of the pan in my opinion.

Nordic Ware pans are made of cast aluminum and have a non-stick coating.   They are slightly heavier than the commonly used standard thin steel cake pans, but no where near as heavy as a cast iron skillet.  Like any other baking pan, I grease my Nordic Ware pans with Crisco shortening or heavy butter before each use.  The cake or bread will easily turn right out without sticking.

This particular Snowflake pan holds 6 cups.  Due to bread or cakes rising,  you never fill the pan more than half full.

I should note, I do hand wash all of my cake pans whether they are Nordic Ware or some other brand.  I want them to last my lifetime and beyond.  Each Nordic Ware pan does have a lifetime warranty, but I have never had a reason to test that warranty. 

More Nordic Ware Bakeware

Warning, once you have tried your first Nordic Ware Pan, you will want more

My first Nordic Ware pan was the Sweetheart Rose pan featured below.  I love making muffins in that pan!   Several years ago, I started making my banana bread in that pan and I love the shaped design.   I don't think I have made a regular loaf of banana bread since. 


 Nordic Ware Sweetheart Rose PanCheck Price Nordic Ware Sweet Snowflakes Shortbread Pan, SilverCheck Price Nordic Ware Snowflake PanCheck Price Nordic Ware Bundt Charms, 1.2 Cup, GoldCheck Price


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  1. Such a neat way to have 'pretty' baked products. Delighted to hear you were gifted these Nordic Ware snowflake pans to go with your Sweetheart Rose baking pans. Attractive baked goods are definitely as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate. Happy Baking!

  2. Love that snowflake pan. Enjoy your gifts.

  3. I love these!!! Will love to try my Irish shortbread recipe in one :)

  4. Oh, those are so pretty! And such a good idea baking cornbread in it!

  5. oh my goodness, I want these! Had no idea they even existed - they'd be used in my house (family are you listening... yoooohoooo) - good future gift giving idea fang damily.

  6. I wonder how this would work for brownies! One thing confuses me. In your top photo, I'm seeing the design on the top of the pieces still in the pan? Isn't the design only on the bottom, needing the pieces to be upside down out of the pan for the design to show?

    1. You are absolutely right! In the top photo, the pieces have been set back inside the pan to show the design on the pan next to the design on the bread. The design is only on the "bottom" of the pan and the top of the turned out baked item. I love your idea of trying it with brownies! I am certain that would work too.

  7. I would love to have these for shortbread! What an awesome gift!

  8. My kind of gift. Would love this Nordic snowflake pan for baking cornbread. I'm not surprised that you like your baking to be beautiful and delicious. Presentation matters. It seems that lovely food always tastes better. Thanks for introducing me to this awesome baking pan. I want one!

  9. Oh I like this pan too. I don't do a lot of baking, but when I do, I like a nice design on my cakes as well. I wonder if a pound type cake would work in that pan. Oh kids, momma's found something she needs! Great gift idea for sure.


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