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A Country Song about Watching the Person You Love Marry Someone Else

Country music songs almost always tell a story, and Marry Me by Thomas Rhett tells the story of a heartbroken man accepting that the woman he loves is about to marry someone else. The music video implies a happy ending, however, the lyrics of the song leave the listener feeling like he's lost her forever.

Listen to the Song with Lyrics & Video Here

Marry Me is a Song About Lost Love and Reflection

Every storytelling song serves a purpose, even if that purpose is to remind us of hearts broken and love lost. There's something kind-of comforting when you hear the words of a song describe what's going on in your life. Even though only time can heal this kind of pain, 'Marry Me' is almost an empathic lullaby for the broken hearted.

Have You Ever Broken a Heart or Had Your Heart Broken in This Way?

More than likely you have. Most of us have a story that, in some way, fit the words of this song. That's actually the good-problem with songs; even though we may be long passed a challenge, the song brings us right back to that gut-wrenching time in our life ... and although painful, often still brings about something good to remember and reflect upon.

Maybe that's why music is therapy: An artist writes a song, and unexpectedly we find ourselves cast in that song's leading role.

A Little About Thomas Rhett

Thomas Rhett (born Thomas Rhett Atkins Jr.) has a flourishing career in country music. If you haven't heard Thomas' other hit songs, Die a Happy Man, Make Me Wanna, and It Goes Like This, be sure to give them a listen; you'll be bouncing and swaying in your seat!

Thomas Rhett grew up with music all around him, as his dad is also well known in Country Music circles; Rhett Atkins.

For Big Machine Records, Thomas Rhett released three studio albums; It Goes Like This in 2013, Tangled Up in 2015, and Life Changes in 2017. He's not only written for himself, he's also penned songs for Jason Aldean, Lee Brice and Florida Georgia Line.

Fans of Thomas Rhett can find him in the usual online places, Facebook, Twitter and of course his own website.

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  1. Watching someone you love marry someone else is really tough. Going to the wedding is torture, but you can't let it show how you feel. I'm probably not the only one that feels this song.

    1. Barbara, country music sure does tell life stories

  2. I agree, the video definitely did not have the same ending as the song! The romantic in me prefers the video ending :) I heard this song for the first time while sitting in my car waiting on my husband. I remembered thinking, that would kinda suck to love someone who was going to marry someone else. Can't say that I know from experience (nor do I think there were any broken hearts left in my wake) but, I can easily imagine how devastating it would be. It's a good song, but this is one of the few times that I can say the video actually helped bring it to life for me. Thomas Rhett has an easy voice to listen to for sure.

    1. Why does it not surprise me that you haven't broken any hearts :)

  3. I love 'storytelling' songs. I think that's why I've always been such a fan of folk music. There is always a song in both folk music and country music which will tell a story of an emotion or a situation in a way we can relate.

    1. Folk music is beautiful too, have to say I'm a fan as well of that genre

  4. Loved this and could relate a little.....sometimes it just happens that who you thought you might marry isn't the one you do. Ahh, dreams.....thanks Barbara for a lovely but somehow wistful song.

  5. I kinda relate to this song. The love of my life is getting married next year to a friend of mine. I've been loving and waiting for her for almost a decade now. They both invited me to their wedding. She really wants me to be there but she will understand If I couldn't. I also want to be there for her, to make her happy one last time. But I honestly don't know If I would be able to endure that heart wrenching moment. Anyway I still got few months to think about it. I hope by then I already learn to let her go.


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