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Mandoline Slicer Reviewed

Cutting Vegetables Made Easy

slicing with knife
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Do you watch cooking shows? Have you ever wished that you could slice vegetables and other items quickly with a knife like they do? Shoot, I will admit that I can't even cut things evenly with a knife going slow let alone trying to speed it up. So, I have added a tool to my kitchen that will slice quickly without holding a knife in my hand to do it. I finally bought myself a mandoline slicer. 

Now, I won't have to worry about cutting myself with a knife and I can have thin slices or waffled (something I can't do with a knife!) veggies anytime I want them. I should also tell you that I have a history (not a pretty one!) with knives that would best be saved for another day. Let's just say, I have a healthy respect for a knife and fingers!

What I love about the Mueller Slicer is its versatility. I have five blades to choose from and the adjustable stand is awesome! There are two different styles of shredding blades which is something that a lot of the other mandolines don't offer. One gives a thicker cut that is good when I want things to be cubed. I can take the vegetable of choice and run it across the shredder and then cut those into cubes. The finer shredder blade works well for when I want carrots in a julienne style or shredded potatoes for hash browns. There is even a blade that cuts vegetables in a waffled or crinkled pattern.

I love being able to have thin slices of potatoes to make chips with or slices of onions for sandwiches! I can even slice up a tomato without getting a mushed up mess. When using the mandoline slicer by Mueller, I can adjust the thickness of the slices which is really handy. Sometimes you want a very thin slice for chips and other times a thicker slice is called for. I have that option with this slicer.

My only regret is not having treated myself to one of these handy tools sooner! Personally, I think every kitchen should have one. If you have someone on your gift list this holiday season who loves to cook or perhaps is just learning to cook, giving them a mandoline slicer would be a most welcome gift.  

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  1. This Mandoline slicer sounds exactly like something I really need in my kitchen. My kitchen knives are not very good and do not do a good job slicing ~ especially onions and tomatoes. Plus my aging hands don't have the strength or dexterity they once did... LOL. You've definitely sold me on this product, Bev. It's going on my Christmas Wish List!

  2. Oh I can hear your excitement....I was gifted one of these a while ago and I use it almost every day. Don't know what I did before I had this gadget, but I can assure you some of that required stitches. Not anymore I just have to remember to always use the guard....those things are really, really sharp.

  3. I am definitely all for anything that makes working in the kitchen faster and safer. Actually, safer first! Every holiday season I think to myself, I really need a slicer to help me out, but every year I forget to ask for one for a gift. It really is something I should simply treat myself to. Thanks for the recommendation and excellent review!

  4. I have been wanting to buy a mandoline for a while now. I will definitely look into this one after reading yuour review. I love the idea of being able to adjust for thickness and to even cut cubes. I do a lot of vegetable chopping for my food prep. This could be a real labour saver for me!

  5. We have this and it is awesome! A definite must have for the kitchen in my opinion.

  6. It sounds like a very handy tool. I'll have to consider adding it to my collection of kitchen tools, but that would mean I'd have to start cooking again. Right now I do most slicing and grating with my food processor, but it's getting worn out after thirty years of use.

  7. well this looks like a handy tool! I need this! man do I hate cutting vegetable, I'm going to add this to my want list now


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