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Wooden Puzzle Compartment Boxes by Kalotart on Etsy Reviewed

The Biggest Hit in Our Home on Christmas!

 Wooden Puzzle Compartment Boxes by Kalotart on Etsy
Each year, I try to find a unique surprise gift for our children for Christmas.  They make a wish-list for me which helps tremendously in gift selection, but I still enjoy giving that unexpected gift that will hopefully light their eyes with excitement.  The surprise gift choice I made this year may very well be the best I have ever selected.  I gave each of them a Wooden Puzzle Compartment Box made by Kalotart on Esty.

I admit, the challenge to find a worthy surprise gift gets harder every year now that our children are both grown, especially since our daughter is married.  That means instead of two, I try to find something all 3 kids will enjoy.  

How I Found the Wooden Puzzle Compartment Boxes by Kalotart on Esty

Wooden Puzzle Compartment Boxes by Kalotart on Etsy
I shop year round for Christmas.  You see, my Christmas gift to myself and to my husband is that Christmas is paid for before Dec. 25th each year.  Neither of us like debt and we wouldn't be able to enjoy Christmas at all if we felt the heavy burden of debt waiting for us on Dec. 26th.  Therefore, when I made the surprise gift selection for our children back in July, it was not unusual.  But, it was hard for me to wait until Christmas to give it to them.

One of my favorite online sites is Etsy.  I started my search for a unique gift there and found the Wooden Puzzle Boxes by Kalotart.  When I read about László 'Kossuth' Antal, maker of the boxes, my decision was made!   There is something very special about knowing he makes the boxes based on a design by his great-great-grandfather.   A family tradition of beautiful craftsmanship!

However, even I must admit, I didn't realize how fabulous my choice was until Christmas morning.

Giving the Gift of Wooden Puzzle Boxes by Kalotart

Wooden Puzzle Compartment Boxes by Kalotart on Etsy
Our daughter spent this Christmas with her inlaws, so we Skyped each other and opened our gifts together.  I had shipped her box to them in advance with instructions to not open it until we were connected on Skype.  I handed our son his package to open once we were all seated and ready to rip of the wrapping paper.  The boxes were an instant hit because of their visual outward beauty.  Anyone would appreciate the lovely colors and designs.  

I selected a white box for our daughter & son-in-law, and a green box for our son.  I laughed because they each thought their box was the prettiest.  First score for Mom!  I chose the right color for each child.  

I wrote a note on the top of each box that told them they had to discover how to open the puzzle box in order to discover the surprise inside.  They immediately started investigating their boxes.  I offered hints, but they all replied with an emphatic "no!"  I honestly had no idea that our son-in-law loved puzzles too, but he was as invested in discovering the secret way to open the box as either my daughter or my son.

They tilted, turned, inspected, shook, and pushed sections of the box until they each found a solution, but it did take a while and was exactly the level of challenge they all enjoy.    

My parents were here for the Skype / Gift Opening session.  It was truly as much fun for us to watch "the solving game" as it used to be to see their reactions years ago to their gifts from "Santa".

Oh, one more thing!  In case you are wondering who got the third box shown in the intro picture, it was a gift for my parents which they received later on Christmas day.  

How to Purchase Your Own Wooden Puzzle Compartment Boxes by Kalotart on Etsy

The boxes are offered individually or at a reduced price in purchased in lots of 2 or more.  There are several different designs and sizes that are available in a variety of colors.  

The workmanship is beyond outstanding.  These boxes are beautifully carved and tightly assembled with exceptional fittings.  You would never know just looking at the box that it is also a fabulous puzzle with secret compartments inside.

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  1. How delightful that you found such a unique gift for your 'kids' this Christmas, Mouse. I remember when you first discovered this fabulous Etsy Shop and were so impressed with the craftsmanship of the products.

    1. I do love Etsy Elf! There are several vendors there that I buy gifts from and I have come to rely on them for exceptional, quality items. I have a few crocheted mouse trivets among my personal favorites.

  2. These are beautiful. What a great gift idea!

  3. This would be a home run for me too! I love decorative boxes and have several of them around my little "pad". The designs on these are outstanding and I love the hand made aspect of this gift. I will bookmark this for future reference, thank you for this lovely review!

  4. What beautiful puzzle boxes! I love boxes in general and these are gorgeous. Perfect gift!

  5. What a clever gift idea. I know this is something my own son would have loved. The boxes are beautiful and the puzzle access to the contents would deter or delay a casual thief.

  6. Oh I bet it was fun to watch them try to figure it out! My step-son gave me one of these boxes a few years ago. I'm looking at it right now. Pretty nifty little box!

  7. Wow! This seems like a really great idea for gifting. A very delightful gift overall.

  8. How I would love this gift. You truly make gift-giving such a thoughtful process. Who doesn't love a beautiful puzzle? Great review!


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