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Google Play Gift Cards: the Preferred Gifts

Google Play gift card by mail
This review about the wildly popular Google Play gifts cards may be an odd review. After all, I've never used one and I'm not certain of everything they can purchase.  I can, however, swear to their popularity and the high demand for them with the teenagers I'm acquainted with. 

As a mom and a grandmom, I am very aware that over the years I give two types of gifts: first, the kind of gift I want the recipient to have (such as socks, coats, and gloves) and second, the kind of gift the recipient wants to receive. Google Play gift cards are gifts that are most definitely in that second category. I know this to be true from the students at work. And who better to recommend gifts for youngsters than the youngsters themselves?

Google Play Gift Cards

I watched a young man who was thrilled to have received a Google Play gift card. He said due to their popularity, they were always "sold out" when it was his turn in the school store. But not on this day. On this day he was able to obtain on. It was easy to see how ecstatic he was. It was like Christmas had arrived an entire month early.  Which made me decide to check into more about the gift cards.

These gift cards can purchase anything in the Google Store. This includes:

  • games
  • apps
  • movies & tv
  • music
  • books

Google Play Gift Card Tips

The Google Play gift cards cannot purchase actual items such as electronics and accessories. Think of the Google Play gift cards as money to be spent only in the Google Play Store. An adult friend told me that these cards can also be used to purchase extra levels or currency in certain games.

The students who like these cards are using them on their Android phones and on their tablets. 

Also, Google Play cards bought in the US are to be used in the US only (apologies to our international readers). The card I have shown is an actual gift card that will be mailed to a home address. Perfect for giving a tangible gift at Christmas. 

If you prefer instant gratification, there are Google Play "cards" available via a code that is purchased then emailed to you or the recipient and redeemed using that code. 

Google Play cards come in a variety of amounts. Check out Amazon for a variety of these cards.

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  1. Dawn Rae, I was going to get Amazon Gift Cards for my hard-to-buy-for (nay, impossible) teenage grandsons for Christmas, but these Google Play gift cards sound like an even better idea. Thanks SO much for helping to solve my gift-giving dilemma for three boys age 21, 19 and 15. An easy shopping trip coming up now! :)

    1. You are welcome! I hope they like the cards as much as my young friend at work did.

  2. Ooooh, that looks like a great gift for just about anyone who enjoys today's technology. I have come to appreciate gift cards a lot. They may well be my own favorite gift to receive, but I have never considered a Google Play gift card. What a fabulous idea!

    1. The older I get, the more my "sense of style" and taste changes. I think people prefer receiving gift cards from me these days! haha.

  3. It is always good to be enlightened about the gifts young adults and teens really want. I was totally out of the loop on this gift option. Thanks for featuring a popular gift that is a sure thing.

    1. I am often out of the loop too... that's why I thought it would be important to pass on this valuable piece of info.

  4. I have to confess that since I don't have much contact with teens these days, I'd never heard of these cards. I would have a tough time finding something to do with one if I got it, and all my nephews have Apple Phones now. I think these only work on Androids -- is that right? Or did I misunderstand that. I do believe that those with the Androids would love these if they are already getting things from the Google Store since they would save money by paying with a gift card for things they want..

  5. Thanks for this review. I have a grandson that will love this idea I'm sure. He can choose what he wants to do with his gift. Play, read, get an app. Whatever he wants it will be at his fingertips. Great Review Dawn Rae!

  6. We were just talking about these at work today! We're getting one for a lady in her early 60s so it's not just for the young adults and teens. They're perfect for the 'Grey Nomads' as they don't take up any space and allows them to get games on their tablets to while away time when the weather is bad.

  7. When in doubt, these make a great gift - whether it's these type of gift cards or others, I resort to them often!


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