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Amazing Hobby Kits That Will Encourage Dexterity and Fun! A Hobby Review

Kids love to use their hands! Let's Review how to help them make beautiful and fun things!

Christmas is just days away and everyone, kids and grown ups too, are looking forward to those fun family times that they can spend together.  Making great memories is all part of the fun at Christmas time.  Those memories are made up of the times we play together, learn together and just have some fun together. So let's get down to Reviewing some great ways to make memories and get those children using their creative juices in fun and crafty ways.

I can't think of a better way of making lasting memories than sharing what we love!  It's so easy to do, with a little foresight and planning your children and grandchildren will be so engaged in something new.

hobby kits, sewing and crafts
Crafts that keep their hands busy are especially wonderful.  They will learn new skills  and make something that they can share with their friends too.  These crafts like embroidery, can easily be taught to those children in the 7 to 9 year range or older.  They have enough dexterity in their fingers to handle the tiny details.  They can try to make something extra special with several different kits that you can put together yourself or there are kits available that have everything needed to complete a project from start to finish.

Whether it's knitting or sewing, origami (paper folding), or needlepoint, little hands love to try and we as parents and grandparents love to share!  Premade kits are available and generally they have a great range of ages that are capable of following the instructions!  You don't want to overwhelm them with something too difficult for their little hands to accomplish.

I personally love this kit from Amazon!  You see I was a dressmaker for many, many years and my love for sewing started out when I was 7 or 8.  I made pillows and little critters for everyone.  My mother whose 86 now, still has a pillow that I made for her!  So if sewing is one of your favorite pastimes, this kit would be a perfect way to share that love!

So many projects and they are all very interesting and creative too! You don't have to invest a lot of money into a craft, just find out if that particular craft resonates with your young ones. If not, then they will still have learned a lesson in creativity!

Maybe your little one's hands aren't ready for those really small motor skills or they are much more interested in putting their visions and ideas onto paper!  One of my granddaughters is a master at drawing and loves to do that more than anything.

man drawing with daughter
Her poor dad is always running out of computer paper because my little Miss Addie, has drawn on each and every page available to her.  We needed to find something for her so that her Dad could keep his paper where he needed it and she could draw to her hearts content.  We found a great compromise and she is over the moon about it too!

Have you heard of Boogie Boards?  They are similar to the "Etch-a-Sketch" that we had in our day, but easier to use.  Kids can draw on the pad with a stylus and then erase it at will.  It's great for long road trips when you know the children will get restless, and a great way for kids to use their hands creatively.

Now if you have a budding scientist in your midst, then I would suggest one of the many kits that are available for them too. They can Tumble rocks or grow their own crystals, or even make their own soaps and beauty products. There are kits for knitting and crochet, macrame and T-shirt printing. Anything that is hobby related has a book or several books to give children ideas and projects that will keep their hands busy.

Grammie Olivia's Hobby Central
This is one of my favorite pages on Amazon. All of my grandchildren will be getting something special from these pages, because there is just so much to choose from.  Please let me know if you find that special something for your children or grandchildren!  Have fun making memories and great crafts too!

My friend Bev, just did a great review on a Science Lab that would be perfect for little girls too, you can check out her Review right here!

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  1. Olivia, I think creative gifts for kids are great. I got one for my 8-year-old artistic grandson this year. So nice to have choices beyond electronics and video games for kids!

    1. Those Boogie Boards are similar to our Etch-a-Scketches that we had as kids, they are so much easier though to work with. My granddaughter now leaves her father's paper stacks alone! He is finally able to get some work done at home. lol

  2. I have often joked that I started crafting before I learned to write. Both my mother and my grandmother enjoyed sewing, I simply followed by example. Spending time with your child is truly the most important part of passing down a love for anything. I still enjoy making things with my mom. Excellent suggestions for gifts!

    1. You are so right Cynthia, spending quality time with the children is the utmost desire. If you love what you are trying to teach your children, they will know that you love doing this and hopefully they will be attentive and appreciative. When they make something with their own hands, they will have a real true sense of accomplishment and joy!

  3. I also learned crafting when I was small as soon as said I could sew she sat right there with me and helped me. Later she taught me how to use the sewing machine. I also learned from my Mothers' Mother more sewing. As an adult Mom and I started to do more crafts with different media. All my kids and Grandchildren are great at Art drawing. Seems the Art and Craft gene got passed down through all of us. My oldest daughter could not keep up with her 3 daughters demands for more paper! Great ideas here Olivia! :)

    1. Sherry, I think my son could have wallpapered three rooms with the paper my little Addie produced. Having loving family that knows how to craft and take pride in their workmanship is a great teacher for any child. They can sense the love and care that goes into making lovely things. Having the opportunity to try different things makes them imagine even more possibilities.

  4. I have learned sewing when I was a child. My father was a tailor and he taught me how to sew. I have small nieces whom I have taught some crafts like crochet and it was fun teaching them.

    1. Oh that's so nice that you have someone to share your talents with. Once they know how, they will become creative geniuses too!

  5. Crafting gifts are so wonderful because they nurture a child's creativity and are stimulating in all of the right ways. I learned to sew and knit at any early age and am so thankful for all of the ways I was enriched by those early activities. Thanks for the great holiday gift ideas. Appreciated!

  6. That's such a neat gift idea! Most kids enjoy being creative, and helping them express their creativity when they are young may lure them away from depending on electronics for all their leisure time. My kids loved kits that helped them create art or music.

  7. Boogie Boards - that's a gift that would have worked well for a few in my family - I'll have to save it to my family gift idea page, thanks for the review, it'll be handy to reference this before I gift shop


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