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A Turkey Platter for your Family's Thanksgiving Table

Since the turkey is the centerpiece of most Thanksgiving celebrations and makes an appearance on Christmas dinner menus as well, a beautiful turkey platter is a must for most families. While some have heirloom platters (and family stories to go along with them), others are looking for a new tradition. Let's review a few popular platter choices to see what might work best for your family.

Spode Woodland Design Turkey Platter

Spode Woodland Design Turkey Platter for your Family's Thankgiving Table
This design reminds me of my childhood, growing up in the 1950s and 60s. The Spode company has been designing and making dinnerware and serving pieces for nearly 200 years. Their timeless designs are favorites in many homes and this "Woodland" pattern is very recognizable.

Perhaps you've had a Spode Woodland platter handed down through the family. Or maybe it's time to start your own family tradition. This is a perfect piece to start with.

This is a classic pattern, very old-fashioned in design but modern in that Spode's earthenware material, Imperialware, is both dishwasher and microwave safe.

A tidbit of turkey platter trivia for you: This turkey platter was featured on the Thanksgiving 2011 episode of the show Blue Bloods on CBS television. I recognized it right away.

You can find this Spode rectangular turkey platter on Amazon. Or see what's available right now when you look for a Spode Woodland Turkey Platter on eBay.

Lenox Turkey Platter with Handy Handles

Lenox Turkey Platter Aluminum Alloy Goes With Any China Pattern or Color
This beautiful, sturdy turkey platter from Lenox features a classic turkey shape and autumn designs with pumpkins, fruit, and leaves. Large at 16 x 24 inches, you'll be able to bring the biggest roast turkey to the table. Or pile on the turkey slices and drumsticks, plenty to feed extended family and friends. 

The design is beautiful; click on the link then mouseover to see the details in the feathers. Gorgeous! 

Since this is aluminum alloy with the look of pewter, it goes with any china pattern or color. The price is excellent, too. If I were in the market for another platter right now, this would be my choice. 

Colorful Turkey Design Ceramic Platter

Colorful Turkey Design Ceramic Platter Features the Beautiful Colors of Autumn
Who doesn't love the beautiful colors of autumn? This is the perfect ceramic platter for any Thanksgiving table, but especially pretty when you need to add some color to the decor. 

It's a bit smaller than the platters above at 18 x almost 13 inches, still plenty big enough for a small or medium-sized roast turkey. 

Hand wash this one to maintain the bright colors. You can read more or order it here.

Any of these turkey platters would be wonderful to hand down to future generations, to help pass along old family stories or make new memories around the Thanksgiving table. If you still have another style in mind, perhaps one that reminds you of your family's Thanksgiving platter, just visit this link to find exactly what you're looking for, whether a stainless steel turkey platter, a white Corelle or Corningware platter, or a solid color turkey platter in the round, oval, or oblong shape that your heart desires. 

Does your family have a turkey platter that holds a special place in your heart? Or are you looking for something new? Feel free to tell us about your family's Thanksgiving turkey platter or share another, similar holiday tradition. I love traditions almost as much as I love turkey!

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Susan Deppner

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  1. I love dishes you can pass down through the generations. I see your turkey platters in that category.

    1. I think that passing down special dishes through the generations is such a wonderful idea. It's a good way to share family history. Thanks, Mary Beth!

  2. The turkey platter I've used over the years is just the regular platter from my set of china, but my grandmother had a special turkey-design platter for our family Thanksgiving dinners. I think my sister ended up with it. :-) Maybe it's time i got my own now that I see this beautiful selection presented here. Thanks, Susan.

    1. I'm sure your entire set of china would be a wonderful thing to pass down through your family. Wish I had my grandmother's turkey platter!

  3. I have always loved turkey platters for Thanksgiving! That Lenox platter you featured is gorgeous. I personally prefer the more formal look that will compliment my china. My husband's grandmother gave us the turkey platter we have been using for nearly 30 years. It is white and I have always liked it because it does compliment any china, but I think that aluminum alloy platter would even be better. I am going to keep that in mind. If we need a second platter for our second holiday table, I'll be back for sure!

    1. I love that Lenox platter, too. Besides being beautiful, it's non-breakable which is a definite plus in our kitchen! Thanks, Cynthia!

  4. Wow, these are nice, I have one, but it's no where near as nice as these - love that Lenox platter, want one :)

    1. So far the Lenox platter seems to be leading the list of favorites, Barbara!

  5. I love the Spode Turkey platter the best. It reminds me of the antique transferware ones that I used to sell in the Antique Shop. I have a few pieces of my Grandmother's dishes (not a turkey platter unfortunately) that I use on special occasions. I want to leave them to my daughters and hope that they in turn will leave them to their daughters. I so love taking one of Grandma's dishes in my hands and remembering family dinners of the past.

  6. Those are gorgeous turkey platters. I don't' cook turkeys anymore, but they would make great wedding or housewarming gifts.


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