Friday, September 11, 2015

Site Review: Lighthouse Musings

I have always admired Mary Beth's photography, but what I didn't expect was to fall in love with lighthouses because of her reviews.  While I appreciated lighthouses and their functional purpose, I never really looked at them closely until I started reading about them in her articles.  Mary Beth has a entire site dedicated to her lighthouse musings.  Please allow me to give you a short guided tour and highlight some of her lighthouse adventures.  I also encourage you to visit Lighthouse Musings yourself.

Rose Island Lighthouse
Rose Island Lighthouse

Lighthouse History

Mary Beth features lighthouses that she has personally visited.  In many of her articles, she shares the history of the lighthouse she is featuring alongside her breathtaking photos.

I am often fascinated by their stories and have come to seriously appreciate the efforts of many of the communities to save their beloved lighthouse.  It becomes very clear that the residents in the area have a very real relationship and respect for them.  They often go to great lengths to restore a lighthouse and to preserve the historical value.  Such was the case with the Rose Island Lighthouse.

I encourage you to visit Mary Beth's article and read about this incredible community and their beautiful lighthouse. 

Lighthouse Beauty

Because of their purpose, a lighthouse is most often built in a captivating setting close to a shoreline or on an elevated cliff, but the beauty of the beacon of light itself is indisputable.  I am sure we each would have a personal favorite based on architectural design, paint colors, or perhaps even the sheer size.  There is no doubt that each lighthouse Mary Beth features has it's own unique appeal.  However, I do want to show you my personal favorite.

Isn't it fabulous! 

So unique and with an incredible history.  I hope to one day visit and tour this stunning lighthouse.  You can learn all about Navesink at Lighthouse Musings. 

After you visit Lighthouse Musings and explore the dozens of lighthouses featured there, do come back here and tell us which is your personal favorite.

Lighthouse Getaways

Several of the lighthouses offer to host your wedding or special occasion, but what fascinates me most are the lighthouses that allow guests to spend the night.  I wonder if I could sleep a wink surrounded by such beauty and historical interests.  I expect I would not want to sleep!  I would want to make sure I toured and touched everything there.

This bench beckons me to come and stay for a while!

Big Bay Point
Big Bay Point Lighthouse

Thanks to Mary Beth and her introduction to these wonderful lighthouses, I find I am quite fascinated and awed by lighthouses.  I think you will be too.

Visit Lighthouse Musings by clicking this link and take your own tour at a leisurely pace.

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  1. We love lighthouses too and my husband often paints them. Her site is gorgeous for sure.

  2. Mary Beth has turned her hobby into a passion and her passion into fabulous photos and her amazing website. Great review and I hope many others click through to check out the complete site. The variety is amazing and stories fascinating.

  3. Thank you so much for writing this article about my website. My love of lighthouses increases with each new lighthouse I visit. In the past 9 years I have visited more than 100 lighthouses, each one with their own story. Thanks again for this post.

  4. Beautiful. Calming and that bench beckons my name as well, Love Mary Beth's photography, she surely is an expert in this area.


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