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Travel Tips Book Reviews

Love to travel? You'll love these two little travel tips books: Lonely Planet's Best Ever Travel Tips and The Essential Little Cruise book.
Love to travel? Whether you are looking for a small gift for someone who loves to travel or you are someone who loves to travel yourself, if you are seeking out the best travel tips ever, you will love these two small and inexpensive books that are packed with BIG travel tips.

On this page, you will find a quick review of two tiny but helpful books of travel tips and a few additional resources for still more travel tips.

Lonely Planet's Best Ever Travel Tips

Firstly, you might want to seek out a copy of Lonely Planet's Best Ever Travel Tips.

This is one of the tiniest travel tip books that I have ever seen but it is jam packed with tons of travel secrets and advice from veteran travellers.

9 Reasons Why Lonely Planet's Best Ever Travel Tips Book Is A Great Resource:

This book will give you simple pointers for:

  • Packing and preparing for your trip.
  • Money issues.
  • Health concerns.
  • Safety and security issues.
  • Air and ground transportation hints.
  • Hotel tips.
  • Technology ideas.
  • Ways to make the most of your trip.
  • Ways to travel in an eco-friendly manner.
From the book, Hint Number 2: Don't take anything to the beach that you would not want to lose.
The Aquapac Waterproof Cell Phone Case
At the beach, carry valuables in a protective case
like this one from Aquapac.
It is an obvious point and one that is easily fixed though many never get around to taking the proper precautions.  I have struggled with this before. Going to the beach, setting up a spot as a home base and then wanting to go for a swim but who is going to watch the stuff? Common sense says that anything left alone on the beach might disappear. The recommendation from Lonely Planet's travel tip book is not to take anything to the beach that you would not want to lose AND to carry an Aquapac for your keys, money, identification, camera and/or cellphone. A protective, waterproof case will keep a few important things safe and dry. If you are carrying a cellphone or camera, there's even an Aquapac for that specific purpose.

Lonely Planet's Best Ever Travel Tips may not be for the most seasoned of travellers. If you think you have travelled a lot and learned a lot about travelling, you might want to pass. However, if you are not an experienced traveller or if you want to make sure you have learned as many secrets as you can, this little book is a tiny gem. For a couple of dollars you can take advantage of the wealth of experience the experts at Lonely Planet have gathered together to help you make the best of your trip.

Read more about Lonely Planet's Best-Ever Travel Tips on Amazon.

The Essential Little Cruise Book

The Essential Little Cruise Book by Jim West features advice for planning and enjoying your perfect cruise vacation.
Here is another little travel tips book that is packed with expert advice. I love this book, The Essential Little Cruise Book: Expert Advice for Planning and Enjoying a Perfect Vacation at Sea by Jim West. It provides plenty of hints that will be relevant to any cruise vacation. It also provides a wonderful list of top 10 recommended shore excursions and do-not-miss sights for cruise tours in each of the different geographical areas that people cruise in. It won't replace a big cruise guide but it is extremely practical for providing hints about onboard life and at under $5 or just over $5 for your Kindle, it is quite affordable. It offers insight into how to handle different situations on a cruise ship that you do not usually find in the other cruise books.

Read more about The Essential Little Cruise Book on Amazon.

Do you have any travel books you would endorse to the rest of us?

Treasures By Brenda

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  1. Excellent travel book recommendations Brenda! I do think even the most seasoned travelers could use some reminders every now and then. Sometimes we forget the simplest of things because we aren't checking a checklist or reference. We think we will remember everything and that simply is not true. Thank you for sharing these book recommendations. I have actually never read either of them.

  2. Thanks for your recommendations. I am always looking for good tips for traveling.

  3. Excellent suggestions and book reviews! We don't travel much and definitely did benefit from reading a simple little cruise tips book (similar to the one you've recommended here) before we took our first cruise a couple of years ago. It's those simple tips, the ones that should be most obvious but aren't if you don't travel much, that really came in handy. Both of these books sound like perfect choices. Thanks, Brenda!

  4. They both sound like something I need since I'm going traveling again in a couple of months. We love traveling in Europe in the Winter. No crowds to deal with. And I can add some more travel tips to my travel blog this way.

  5. Great idea to check out travel tips before taking trips. And I love the idea of the Aquapac for protecting your valuables at the beach. I didn't even know there was such a thing, but it certainly would come in handy!

  6. I'll have to remember this book - sounds like a must have when travelling

  7. Thanks ladies & for those of you who travel, happy trails!

  8. Those sound like very useful books to have on hand before taking a trip. The Aquapac also looks like an essential for the beach.


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