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Review: Kohler Cimarron Toilet

When You Need To Replace A Toilet

We recently decided to remodel our master bathroom and one of the things we wanted to update was our toilet. The Kohler Cimarron was our choice and I have to tell you, we are not sorry that we made that selection! 

Actually, this is the first time in my over 60 years on this earth that I shopped for a toilet. It just is not something we find ourselves in the market for very often. I've owned several homes but have never felt the need to update or replace this very important fixture in our bathrooms. 

This all started when I decided that I wanted remove the carpet in the room. After I had ripped up the carpet and padding, my husband said that he thought it would be really easy to replace our "throne" while the carpet was out. I have to be honest, it wasn't in my original plan but I thought that it wasn't a bad idea. So, I started some quick research on what our options would be and of course how much this would add to our DIY update project. 

I quickly figured out that I wanted the newer option of the chair height. My husband and I are no longer spring chickens and the idea of having a toilet that was not so low to the ground appealed to both of us. It is so much easier on our knees for both sitting down and getting up. Our more maturely aged readers will understand what I mean!

I did quite a bit of looking online and then we went to our local Lowes to see my two choices. We both liked the Kohler Cimarron the best. The pricing was in the middle range as far as toilets go so we liked that. There were cheaper ones but honestly, they looked cheap, too. 

One thing that I said to my husband after we purchased our toilet and started to install it was, "Whoever designed this thing has cleaned a toilet before." Now, that may sound like a weird thing to say but let me explain. Most of the time the seat sits above the bowl about an inch or so and it causes nasty stuff to get on the seat and the rim of the bowl. You know what I mean! This seat fits snugly on top of the bowl which will prevent any of that gunk to have to be cleaned off. Another thing that I love is that the seat and the lid will slowly go into place on their own, no accidentally dropping the seat or lid or slamming it down. It is quiet and really kind of fun to watch.

Another feature that we like is that is a water saver. I was a little concerned about whether it would flush properly by using less water but I really had nothing to worry about. The release of the water is so powerful that the lesser amount of water is plenty to get the job done. No more wasted water!

Everything you need to install the toilet is included in your purchase. The wax ring (seals the toilet to the sewer drain), the seat and the mounting bolts. Some toilets do not include these things so this was a nice surprise. The only thing that we purchased extra was a new line for the water. We would not have had to buy it but we decided that it was a good idea to replace the old one while we were doing the job.

Now, here is something that I think is really cool. You can order this online from the website. It won't be shipped to your home (it weighs 100 pounds) but you can have it delivered to your local store and go pick it up. Another option is to have it delivered to the store and then for a delivery fee the store will bring it to your home. You can install it yourself, like we did, or you can have a professional do it for you. It will cost you for the install but that is an option, too. There are directions on how to do it yourself.

Getting the old toilet out was not as difficult as I imagined it might be. We emptied as much of the water as we could and then stuffed an old towel in to absorb the little bit of water remaining as we carried it out of the bathroom.

I would have never imagined that I could get so excited about a new toilet but I am so happy with our choice. As I mentioned before, it is not something I ever bought before but when I needed a new one I found making the choice wasn't very difficult. So, if you find yourself doing a remodel or building a new home and need to make a choice, I can highly recommend the Kohler Cimarron for your bathroom. 

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  1. roflol! I am laughing because I completely understand the "concerns" you have expressed. Those of us who have experienced the "hard landing" on a toilet understand the desire to have it come up to meet you instead of you having to fall onto it. Also, I could imagine us all standing around the toilet and watching the seat slowly close. I found your article informative and quite entertaining.

  2. What a helpful review! We, too, are at the age when a higher toilet seat sounds like a wonderful idea. In fact, I wish we would have thought about that when we built this house (our isn't low, but it could be higher). Your Kohler Cimarron toilet sounds like a fantastic choice for just about anyone. Great information!

  3. What a helpful review! We, too, are at the age when a higher toilet seat sounds like a wonderful idea. In fact, I wish we would have thought about that when we built this house (our isn't low, but it could be higher). Your Kohler Cimarron toilet sounds like a fantastic choice for just about anyone. Great information!

  4. Bev I know how funny it seems to review something like this, but hey - it's part of life and you nailed it. We recently replaced one and I can say I didn't have as much fun as you did. Thanks for making an awkward subject "go down" nicely :)

  5. My brother recently remodeled his bathroom and checked out features such as you described with this Kohler toilet. We are all in that age-range where certain features definitely have an advantage. He installed his himself too ~ but then he's a very handy type of person when it comes to home repairs and installs. Most excellent (and entertaining) review.

  6. I appreciate this review. We have replaced several toilets because, like you, we needed higher ones. Some flushed properly with the low water flush, but one still backs up sometimes after a big job.


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