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3 Funny Cheap Gag Gifts that are Sure to Make 'em Laugh

3 Funny Cheap Gag Gifts

Parking Ticket Gag Gifts

If you know someone who gets a lot of parking tickets, this gag gift could bring a big laugh. However, I'm not personally endorsing them ... they're funny but not excellent!
There are insulting messages, so be sure the person you're giving them to has a perfect sense of humor.
Many people purchase these to put on cars that park illegally at the mall or on the street. I just couldn't do that, and I was shocked to read the stories of how they've been used! Bad, bad, bad.
You better be sure of the laws before plastering them over other people's cars!
But hey, as a Secret Santa gift for the "right person at the office," this could be perfect, particularly if that person is the type who takes other people's parking spaces!

If you're wondering what's listed on the ticket, here are a few boxes that can be checked off when handing them out: They aren't called 'Big Mouth' tickets for nothing!

  • Parking too close to a real car
  • Creating a parking space
  • ...and more...that I can't (won't) type here! 
  • you'll have to read them for yourself on the ticket!

A Flying Screaming Monkey - Gag for a Stressed Out Co-Worker?

Is someone in your office running around in circles, pounding their fists on the desk? Can you hear screams of stress coming from their office? 

Do they curse their busted-down computer too much? Are they just generally off the wall? Did you finally draw their name for a gift during the holiday season? Oh goodie! 

If so, stop the hunt because this funny monkey may cause some giggles and help them unwind (for at least 10 seconds). 

Stretch it back and fling it, and listen to it scream. Only a little money for a ton of laughs!

How about the Classic Leg Lamp from the Movie "A Christmas Story"

This is a "clean" gag gift for Christmas. Choosing a gag gift for the holiday season needs to achieve two things: 
1. Make people laugh, and 2. Don't offend anyone. Of course, if you're aiming to offend, that's different.
If you know someone who's a big fan of the movie "A Christmas Story," this is the perfect gag gift. There's a following of people who love this Christmas movie, and this lamp featured in it is not only funny but also symbolic of the movie.

So have fun handing out laughs!

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  1. How funny. Office parties and Secret Santa are perfect times for gag gifts and you've come up with some unique ones. :)

    1. Pat, I wouldn't want to bring those fake tickets in my house cause I'd have trouble preventing my kids from using them! lol

  2. The screaming, flying monkey would fit right in at my home! Gag gifts can be a lot of fun to give and to receive, but I definitely agree with you. You need to know the person you are giving them to. We have several leg lamps around our home, but not the night light. They really are the perfect gift to give to "A Christmas Story" fans.

    1. Cynthia, that screaming monkey would fit in my house too, sure would break up the stress when that thing is tossed, I'd crack up laughing and forget about the problem I'm sure

  3. Oh, I actually need the screaming monkey for - well, I'd better not name names, but for someone who lives under the same roof, someone I know and love who tends to take life far too seriously, too much of the time. I might fling the monkey then hide in the bathroom for a while, but what a great way to get the point across to "lighten up!" These are great gag gift ideas!

    1. Susan, lol, I just had a visual of tossing that thing then running to hide and duck for cover ahahahaha

  4. I'd like to give the parking ticket gag to several people I know.


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