Wednesday, January 10, 2018

How to Encourage a Young Entrepreneur!

Have You Ever Heard of the Secret Millionaires Club?  Here's a Review!

I am the Lucky Grandmother of 4 grandchildren.  Each one has their strengths and weaknesses and one in particular has a penchant for having her own business.  Who would have thought that at the age of 7 1/2, she would want to know how to earn, how to invest and how to make some serious choices in her little life!

It all started out with wanting a horse!  Did I tell you my granddaughter loves horses?  Well the truth is she does!  She is lucky enough that her parents are also a little "horse" crazy!  Mom used to ride, so when the children were looking for a sport, horseback riding was right up there front and center.  It also helps that they live fairly close to farms and stables. 

Horses are not like cats and dogs though!  If you think they are high maintenance, you haven't seen anything yet!  Horses can  break anyone's bank!  They are expensive to buy, expensive to keep and they need grooming, training, riding and treats too, just like any other pet!  

So when my granddaughter asked for a horse, her parents did the smartest thing I could think of.  They sat her down and explained the differences between having a horse and having a cat or dog or any other kind of animal as a pet.  They also explained and had her do the arithmetic to see how much difference there was in this kind of pet ownership.

So how do we go from wanting a horse, to the "Secret Millionaires Club?"  It all lies in affordability!  Ask anyone who owns a horse and they will tell you that you need to have really deep pockets in order to own a horse.  

how to start your very first business, horse ownership, horses as pets
There is always something that the horse or the rider will need, and it usually costs more than a sack of  Dog or Cat Food!

So now I'll let you in on the rest of the story!  My granddaughter, not to be underestimated, has decided to open up her own business so that she can help to buy and take care of a horse!  Her parent's are quite impressed with the fact that she came up with this idea herself.  In order to help her think and plan accordingly, my son (who happens to know a little bit about money and how it works) gave her a great book to study.  Warren Buffet, likes to encourage people to start thinking about money early.  To that end, Warren Buffet has written "How to Start your Very First Business"!  It contains lots of ideas for kid-run companies and stories about awesome kids that are doing just that!

When I saw this book on my granddaughter's desk, I just had to take a closer look at it. Her words to me were, "Grammie, I need to make my lemonade stand more profitable!" I almost fell on the floor. She was so serious though, that I just could not laugh, rather I had to take a step back and really look at what she meant.

So this book is now in my hands and I'm reading it with interest for my own sake, for sharing it with others and for my granddaughter!  When she comes to me with an idea for raising some money, I can sit with her and encourage her as well.  As Warren Buffet shows the kids in this book, it's not all about money and how to make it, it's also about giving back and helping others as well.  Success comes from working hard and working smarter too. 

I am impressed with this book!  Not only does it go through the steps to building a business, but it also encourages children to not only set up a great business from the start, but also to think beyond their own wants and desires.  Kids are amazing at what they can accomplish if they are encouraged to do so and this book will definitely give them some really good food for thought and action too!

If you have an entrepreneurial child in your family, this would be a great investment for them and maybe even for you!  Being able to give them good advice is always a bonus!

As for the horse in my granddaughter's future, I'm pretty sure it will happen one of these days.
secret millionaires club, horses, earning money to buy a  horse

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Logitech Wireless Mouse M525 Reviewed

My Corded Mouse Died

wireless mouse
My new wireless mouse
Last week I found myself with a computer mouse that no longer worked, I purchased the Logitech Wireless Mouse M525 to replace it. There are several reasons that I love my choice, so let me tell what they are.

To begin with, the size surprised me. Let me explain. I have small hands which may seem like a silly thing to bring up. In this case, the size of my hands is relevant. You see, my hands are small enough that to get the best fit in gloves I have to get a size for children. To get back to my point, most of the computer mice that I have owned were rather big for my hand. My wrist would have an uncomfortable bend to it while I used the mouse. Not so, with this wireless mouse! It is small, fitting nicely into my hand. My wrist now lays flat which is much more comfortable. When I made my purchase this was not a factor that helped me make my decision; it was just a very nice surprise.

My first choice was that it was compatible with several OS (operating systems) so I wasn't concerned that it might not work with my older laptop. I plugged it in and voila it worked immediately. 

The tiny little USB receiver can be stored in a little compartment on the underbelly of the mouse. That makes it convenient for travel. I also liked that the batteries have a considerably long life. Depending on how much mileage you have on your clicking and scrolling activity, the batteries can last up to 3 years. Another feature on the underbelly is an on/off switch. I love that! I can save some juice on those batteries by turning off the mouse when I power down each evening.

Now for the important part, the performance! I am thrilled with how this mouse allows the moving of the cursor across the screen, it is smooth and precise. What really impresses me is the scrolling wheel. Those long pages on the internet are not so difficult to scroll through now. Another feature is that I can use the wheel to go forward and backward on pages by pushing the wheel to the left or right. My corded mouse couldn't do that. It has turned out to be a nice feature.

So, if you are in the market for a new computer mouse, I can highly recommend the Logitech Wireless Mouse M525. I am extremely happy with my purchase. It fits nicely in my hand, works with speed and precision and it did not put much of a dent into my budget. You will even have a choice in the color of the mouse, I loved the red but you might like the black, navy or white one. 

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Monday, January 8, 2018

Birthstone Charm Necklace for Grandmother Review

Birthstone charm necklace
This custom grandmother necklace with a charm for each grandbaby is a sweet and thoughtful gift. It symbolizes and celebrates each grandchild through their Swarovski crystal birthstone.

Handmade Birthstone Charm Necklace for Grandmother

I received a handmade birthstone grandmother necklace offered on Etsy and made by powderandjade. I have three grandchildren (well...two and one on the way). They were born in May, August, and expected in February. My necklace has three individual charms.

The charms are strung on a dainty chain. Perfect for those grandmoms who don't tend to wear large pieces of jewelry. The card inside the box read: The love between a Grandma and her Grandchildren is forever.

Powderandjade's Etsy shop offers a large variety of necklaces celebrating the love of family members and friends: 
Birthstone charm necklace by powderandjade

  • mother
  • daughter
  • sisters
  • sister-in-law
  • grandmother and grandchildren
  • significant other
  • friends
  • and many more

These necklaces are thoughtful gifts for someone you love or for yourself. I know that I am happy to wear little reminders of my grands each day. And I am appreciative of my daughter-in-law who chose it for me.

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Sunday, January 7, 2018

A Country Song about Watching the Person You Love Marry Someone Else

Country music songs almost always tell a story, and Marry Me by Thomas Rhett tells the story of a heartbroken man accepting that the woman he loves is about to marry someone else. The music video implies a happy ending, however, the lyrics of the song leave the listener feeling like he's lost her forever.

Listen to the Song with Lyrics & Video Here

Marry Me is a Song About Lost Love and Reflection

Every storytelling song serves a purpose, even if that purpose is to remind us of hearts broken and love lost. There's something kind-of comforting when you hear the words of a song describe what's going on in your life. Even though only time can heal this kind of pain, 'Marry Me' is almost an empathic lullaby for the broken hearted.

Have You Ever Broken a Heart or Had Your Heart Broken in This Way?

More than likely you have. Most of us have a story that, in some way, fit the words of this song. That's actually the good-problem with songs; even though we may be long passed a challenge, the song brings us right back to that gut-wrenching time in our life ... and although painful, often still brings about something good to remember and reflect upon.

Maybe that's why music is therapy: An artist writes a song, and unexpectedly we find ourselves cast in that song's leading role.

A Little About Thomas Rhett

Thomas Rhett (born Thomas Rhett Atkins Jr.) has a flourishing career in country music. If you haven't heard Thomas' other hit songs, Die a Happy Man, Make Me Wanna, and It Goes Like This, be sure to give them a listen; you'll be bouncing and swaying in your seat!

Thomas Rhett grew up with music all around him, as his dad is also well known in Country Music circles; Rhett Atkins.

For Big Machine Records, Thomas Rhett released three studio albums; It Goes Like This in 2013, Tangled Up in 2015, and Life Changes in 2017. He's not only written for himself, he's also penned songs for Jason Aldean, Lee Brice and Florida Georgia Line.

Fans of Thomas Rhett can find him in the usual online places, Facebook, Twitter and of course his own website.

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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Colgate Enamel Health Whitening Toothpaste Review

Colgate Enamel Health Toothpaste

We have all had the experience of being given a small 'goody bag' of tooth products at our  twice yearly dental cleaning.  At the end of your visit, the dental hygienist hands you a little bag with a small tube of toothpaste, a new toothbrush, and a little box of floss.

I have been using the same toothpaste for many years, mainly because I prefer the taste.  All brands of toothpaste basically do the same job, so taste is about the only difference in preference, unless you are looking for a specific action (whitening, sensitive teeth, etc.).  I have never considered changing toothpaste brands until my last checkup when I was given a new kind made by Colgate.  It is called Enamel Health Whitening Toothpaste, and I liked it right away.  

Colgate Enamel Health Toothpaste

Available on Amazon
The description of this Enamel Health Whitening Toothpaste states that it 'has a dual action formula that both helps replenish natural calcium to strengthen enamel and gently polishes the enamel surface so germs are less likely to stick.' What it feels like, after brushing, is similar to the same feeling you have immediately after getting your teeth cleaned ~ a smooth, clean feel to the surface of the teeth. It also has a very pleasant taste, which to me is important. 

Further descriptions of this toothpaste tells us that this unique formula also whitens teeth.  This has never been an important factor to me when deciding on which toothpaste to buy, but since it's included, I suppose it can't hurt.  Naturally, this toothpaste also fights cavities and freshens breath, which we always want in a toothpaste. Plus, I do like the fact that this new toothpaste is designed especially for enamel health. It has active fluoride to help in replenishing natural calcium to strengthen your teeth and a gentle micro-polishing action that polishes roughened enamel so enamel is smoother. This all leads up to a healthy enamel for your teeth. 

The Packaging

The only thing I do not like about this new toothpaste product is the packaging.  It comes in the normal standard size most of us buy (5.5 ounces and about 7 inches long). The difference is in the cap.  It has a 1-1/4 inch in diameter cap that is large enough and sturdy enough for the toothpaste to stand on end.  This is handy for taking up less space on your bathroom sink vanity (and for small sinks without vanities where space is limited).  

But.... the size of the cap makes it harder to handle.  I have always been used to holding my toothbrush in one hand and unscrewing the cap of the toothpaste with the same hand while holding the tube in my other hand.  The size of the cap makes this maneuver difficult for my older, arthritic hands.  The cap is also hard to close after putting the toothpaste on the toothbrush.  I need to bang it down on the sink to get it to close one-handed, or put down my toothbrush and use two hands to close the cap.  The cap can also be completely removed, but it STILL takes two hands to put the cap back on. 


Other than my frustration with the cap, I like everything else about Colgate's new toothpaste, the Enamel Health Whitening Toothpaste.  It retails for a little bit higher than other toothpaste brands, but is fairly comparable.  

Source: Pixabay
Overall, I am pleased with Colgate's new toothpaste product,the Enamel Health Whitening Toothpaste, and glad I changed brands.

Happy Brushing!

(c) Product Review written by Wednesday Elf

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Friday, January 5, 2018

Nordic Ware Sweet Snowflakes Pan Reviewed

Nordic Ware Sweet Snowflakes Pan
The Nordic Ware Sweet Snowflakes Pan Makes a Beautiful Pattern on an Otherwise Plain Baked Product

I received several Nordic Ware pans this year for Christmas, which thrilled me beyond belief.  I love to cook and I like for everything I bake to make a "pretty" presentation.  However, I have several recipes for baked products that are not frosted or decorated.  As a result, they may taste fabulous, but they are not pretty on a table.  When I bake those kinds of cakes or baked products in a Nordic Ware pan, then they have a pretty design on the top or a pretty shape and I am a happy baker.

Even cornbread is pretty when baked in a Nordic Ware Sweet Snowflakes pan.

The Nordic Ware Sweet Snowflakes Shortbread Pan

 Nordic Ware Sweet Snowflakes Shortbread Pan, SilverCheck PriceOkay, we can all see that the pan says it is for shortbread.  A very easy shortbread recipe is included with the pan.  

However, regardless of the title, it is a baking pan, period.  It actually may seem a little misleading that is says "shortbread".  One might think you could only bake shortbread in this pan.  Not true!  Think single layer cake and you will have a better description of the pan in my opinion.

Nordic Ware pans are made of cast aluminum and have a non-stick coating.   They are slightly heavier than the commonly used standard thin steel cake pans, but no where near as heavy as a cast iron skillet.  Like any other baking pan, I grease my Nordic Ware pans with Crisco shortening or heavy butter before each use.  The cake or bread will easily turn right out without sticking.

This particular Snowflake pan holds 6 cups.  Due to bread or cakes rising,  you never fill the pan more than half full.

I should note, I do hand wash all of my cake pans whether they are Nordic Ware or some other brand.  I want them to last my lifetime and beyond.  Each Nordic Ware pan does have a lifetime warranty, but I have never had a reason to test that warranty. 

More Nordic Ware Bakeware

Warning, once you have tried your first Nordic Ware Pan, you will want more

My first Nordic Ware pan was the Sweetheart Rose pan featured below.  I love making muffins in that pan!   Several years ago, I started making my banana bread in that pan and I love the shaped design.   I don't think I have made a regular loaf of banana bread since. 


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One Perfect Word - Book Review

Book review of New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber's One Perfect Word.
One Perfect Word by Debbie Macomber
Will you be tapping into the power of one word in 2018?  One word, carefully chosen, can make a real difference in living more purposefully in the new year.  Debbie Macomber, beloved author of millions, shares with us, in One Perfect Word, how her chosen words have changed her life in profound ways.

For most of us, focusing on one significant word is much more realistic than wrestling with those pesky New Year's resolutions.  Over the years, I have set hundreds of resolutions.  It would be humiliating to tally up how many of those well-intentioned resolutions I have actually kept.  After reading One Perfect Word, I feel confident that I can, and will, experience meaningful growth in 2018.  There's no time like the present to begin.  Let's get started!

You may be wondering how to select your word.  As a Christian, Macomber's process is done prayerfully.  Some of her words over the years have included: passion, desire, balance, purpose, seek, wisdom, surrender, trust, believe, and hope.  Some people don't have to search very hard for their words.  The right words seem to find them.  Is there a word that keeps popping up in your life lately?  Perhaps that word is trying to get your attention and is saying 'choose me... choose me.'

So once Macomber has her word, what then?  Over the course of the year she reads, reflects, journals, meets with friends in her One Word weekly breakfast club for discussions, and enjoys creative Wordplay activities.  By giving yourself a whole year to slowly digest the gleanings of your word, there is plenty of opportunity to nourish your spirit without the rush or anxiety of looming deadlines.

It's not just Christians who delve into the One Word system of growth.  Individuals of all backgrounds have found this to be a powerful means of achieving desired outcomes. Due to the popularity of this process, there are one word themed books in many different genres.  Each of you can choose the method that best speaks to who you are and what you are seeking.  Perhaps you will develop a whole new personalized system to share with others in your circle.

This is the second time I have read One Perfect Word.  Macomber's book continues to inspire me to become all that I was created to be.  For me, it was the perfect way to start my new year.  I believe Christian book clubs, Bible study groups, and individuals of faith will find this to be a worthy read.

Have you ever selected a word for the year?  Do you have a word in mind for 2018?  I would love for you to share in the comment section below.

Happy New Year!  May 2018 be the Year of Abundant Becoming.

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HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Best Books As Reviewed By Me in 2017

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Best Books & Reviews 2017
What follows is a list of the books that I highly recommended in my book reviews in 2017. I did not write a book review for absolutely every book that I read though I did cover quite a few of them and I think that I probably included the best of them. How could I resist writing about a book that I loved? I figure that the few that are missing are likely the books that I did not enjoy reading or perhaps a couple that were missed during a busy time. Anyway, here is my list of HIGHLY RECOMMENDED books that I reviewed here on Review This.

I wrote eleven book reviews and five of them ranked well enough to receive the coveted HIGHLY RECOMMENDED distinction, LOL. These are the books that I thoroughly enjoyed and that stood out above the others:

Kristin Hannah The Nightingale

The Nightingale

Kristin Hannah’s The Nightingale is a World War II story set in German-occupied France. I recommend this novel for anyone who enjoys World War II fiction and a good story. Find my complete review here.

The One Man Andrew Gross

The One Man

Andrew Gross’ The One Man is another well-crafted World War II story this time set in Poland. Once again, I recommend this book for anyone who enjoys World War II fiction and a gripping story. Find my complete review here.

John Sanford Extreme Prey

Extreme Prey

John Sanford’s Extreme Prey is also on this list because it is highly recommended but it earned that distinction from a guest writer for whom I have the utmost respect, my husband. Chris has read and enjoyed almost all of Sandford’s works so obviously, I must check out John Sanford in 2018. Meanwhile, you can find Chris' complete review here.

Stephen King Mr. Mercedes

Mr. Mercedes

Stephen King’s Mr. Mercedes is an unexpected book addition to both my reading list and to this list of highly recommended books. In 1987, with the release of the book Misery and the subsequent movie, I decided that King's works were too horror filled for me. Until that year, I had read every book he had written but since that day, I have read none. That is, until Mr. Mercedes.

Anyway, Mr. Mercedes was a book club pick from a member whose preferred books are by Stephen King. She wanted to introduce the members of our group who had never read one of his books to his writing.  In my mind, this was an excellent choice and many were enthralled by this police detective novel though of course it opens in a very horrible manner. Crime/detective stories often do. Find my complete review of Mr. Mercedes here and be sure not to miss the rest of the trilogy.

Ken Follett Century Trilogy

The Century Trilogy

Finally, Ken Follett’s The Century Trilogy, which includes three volumes: Fall of Giants, Winter of the World and Edge of Eternity. These three lengthy novels kept me thoroughly entertained for many, many hours. Find my review here.


Other books that I wrote about but that did not receive the top designation of HIGHLY RECOMMENDED were Losing Graceland by Micah Nathan, Remains of the Day by Kazuo Isiguro, A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman, Hallmark’s A Century of Caring, Talking As Fast As I Can by Lauren Graham and The Art of Racing by Garth Stein. They are still worth options for your book list.

How does my list stack up? Did you enjoy any of these books? What were your favorite reads in 2017?

Here’s to another
great year in books!

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Amazon’s Bestsellers 2017 Book List.  
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Ghee Butter Reviewed

The Recipe Called For Ghee

Image of butter courtesy of
After Santa brought me my InstantPot pressure cooker, I noticed some of the recipes called for ghee butter. I will admit right here in front of all of you that I had no idea what that meant. So, of course I looked it up.

Turns out it is used often in Indian cuisine but has found a place with cooks around the world. The short answer would be that it is basically clarified butter to use in cooking. 

That was the simple explanation and really doesn't do ghee justice. To make this improvement (my opinion) on regular butter the butter is melted and simmered until all of the water evaporates and the milk solids fall to the bottom. In essence a butter oil is created in the process. 

Not only does this taste like butter (it is actually) but it supposed to be better for us. The bad fats have been removed and most folks who have a problem with lactose intolerance find that ghee doesn't bother them. What I like about it is that it doesn't burn like regular butter does when you are trying to saute items. The burn temperature is much higher with ghee. No smoking problem or burnt taste if you aren't careful. That is one reason it is recommended when making InstantPot recipes.

 It has a long shelf-life, too. Out of the refrigerator it should be good for two to three months and if kept in the fridge it should be good for about one year. As much as I have started cooking with it, I won't have to worry about it going bad. I'll use it up before it has a chance to expire!

Personally, I think the foods that I have used it in taste better. That might be my imagination but it is my opinion none the less. There has been no noticeable loss of taste to me or my husband and we love our butter!

I'm glad that I took the time to research what the recipes were calling for and then ordered it to try. It is now something that I will keep in my pantry from now on. How about you? Have you tried ghee? 

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Monday, January 1, 2018

We Wish You the Best This New Year

All the world welcomes a new calendar year today.

This time of year is a time to reflect on things passed. Whether or not you set New Year's resolutions, the beginning of the new year is often viewed as a fresh start with feelings of rejuvenation. A time to plan for the coming year.

A Year in Review at Review This!

Thanks to our beloved readers, 2017 was a good year for our site. We continued to grow this year and over time have welcomed 795,884 of you to our site. Your visits, comments, and shares are greatly appreciated. 

2017 also brought us grief and loss with the passing of one of our writers - Susan Deppner. She was (and is) loved by so many. 

As we look ahead to 2018, our goal is to continue to provide heartfelt and honest reviews. We plan to continue to share those things that make us happy; those things that make our lives easier and more enjoyable. Our hope is that you continue to find our reviews helpful. 

On behalf of the writers at Review This! we wish you all the best. May your 2018 be filled with joy, peace, health, and success. 

Best Wishes,
Dawn Rae
on behalf of the Review This! writers

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