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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Travel Tips & Destination Recommendations Reviewed on Review This Reviews!

Treasures from the Archives of Review This Reviews! 

Have you ever been to a Renaissance Festival, hiked down the side of a waterfall, spent the night in a lighthouse, walked with ghosts, been on a 10 day cruise, or explored the ruins in Rome?  Review This Reviews is proud to say we have contributors who have done each of those things and are willing to write about their travel adventures.  We hope to peak your interest in a variety of destinations and give you tips to plan your own fabulous vacations and excursions.

Several of our contributors enjoy day trips and offer advice to make even those activities safer and easier for our readers.  Like all of our reviews, the travel reviews are based on our own experiences.  Therefore, you can reap the benefits of our knowledge without the monetary, emotional or physical expense.  

Travel with Our Contributors 

We are fortunate to have contributors from multiple regions of the United States, Canada, and Australia.  We always carry our cameras and take notes, even if we are touring someplace close to home.  After all, it might be close to our home, but it may well be a wonderful destination for your next vacation. 

We also have several reviews of travel books and products that we have found to be essential in our adventures.  Did you know that the Rand McNally Atlas not only gives you an excellent detailed map, but also shows you where the rest areas are located?  That is just one example of essential information shared in our travel reviews. 

You will find over seventy-five travel articles on Review This Reviews to aid you in your travels.   Stay safe and have fun! 

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Friday, November 4, 2016

Reviewing Travel Money Belts & Pouches

Best Gift for a Traveler

A Travel Money Belt or Travel Pouch may not be the prettiest gift you will ever give, but it could easily be the most important gift for anyone who travels.

A Travel Money Belt or Travel Pouch may not be the prettiest gift you will ever give, but it could easily be the most important gift for anyone who travels.

A travel money belt or travel pouch is not our first thought when preparing for a trip.  Unfortunately, we might not see the need for a money belt until after we are victimized while traveling.  Having a purse or wallet stolen while traveling can quickly ruin the most anticipated and expensive trips.  Not only are pickpockets everywhere, you simply cannot pack your valuables and expect them to be safe in a hotel room or on a plane.  

A Travel Money Belt really will give you safety and peace of mind.

There are several different styles of travel money belts and pouches.  Over the years, I have traveled extensively and I feel uniquely qualified to recommend the best travel money belts available on the market today.

Image:  Premium Expert Money Travel


Never carry anything in your wallet you cannot afford to lose! 


My Personal Favorite Travel Money Belt

 Eagle Creek Undercover Money Belt DLX 
Choose the Right Size:  Don't look for the smallest money travel belt.  Look for the best size money belt.  You will want to carry the following items in your money belt, so choose a money belt that will hold them all securely.
  • Cash
  • Passport
  • ID ~ Drivers License
  • Credit Cards
  • Insurance Cards
  • A List of Wallet Content
  • Emergency Contract Information
My personal favorite travel money belt is the Eagle Creek Travel Gear Travel Money Belt.  Based on my own personal experience, this is the Travel Money Belt I would most highly recommend. 

  1. Two(2) Pockets are zippered to avoid spilling content when riding amusement park rides or other activities that may turn you upside down. 
  2. Wide enough to hold a passport ~ US Passports measure 3 1/4" x 5" 
  3.  Moisture-wicking, breathable mesh back panel
Also Available in Mocha 

A Gift for the Traveling Couple

Wear Travel Money Belts & Pouches UNDER your blouse or shirt


 Lewis N. Clark Deluxe Neck Stash, Beige

Most Highly Recommended Money Pouch  

Some travelers prefer a Travel Money Pouch. They prefer to wear a pouch around their neck instead of a money belt around their waist. This is especially true for people who do not see well or who don't want to lift their shirts in public should they need to access additional funds or ID.

This Travel Money Pouch has two zippered pockets, two inner compartments and an adjustable neck strap.  I have used this style myself when I know I will definitely need access to my passport, credit card or cash.

Bra Travel Pouch

For a lady who doesn't want to wear a money belt or doesn't like the travel neck pouch, there is a reasonable option.  This Bra Pocket Travel Safe is highly recommended for those who wear a bra.  It secures to your bra straps instead of having a separate neck cord or belt.

You won't be able to carry as much in this travel pouch, but it is definitely sufficient for cash, drivers license and credit cards.  Personally, this is the style I would use for things like my passport that I am not comfortable leaving in a hotel room, but will not need access to when I am sightseeing.


 Travel Money Belts are Essential for Travel Safety!


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