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Friday, August 12, 2022

Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker - A Mini Keurig Single Serve K-cup Coffee Maker for Travel Reviewed

Keurig K-Mini
Many years ago, I purchased a small travel coffee pot that accommodated ground coffee and required a coffee filter. I was happy to have my own coffee pot when we traveled. It didn't make a lot of coffee, but it was portable and pack-able, which made it essential for travel. 

I stopped taking it everywhere when hotels started putting small coffee makers & packets of ground coffee in every room.  However, I have noted that many hotels have, once again, stopped providing the little coffee makers in the room since the pandemic began.

I need my coffee when I first wake up. I prefer to have it before I dress for the day. That requires having a coffee pot & coffee in the room. I also like being able to make hot tea in my hotel room any time of the day without having to order room service.

I don't mind taking my own coffee and coffee maker. Frankly, it is probably cleaner for me to use my own personal coffee maker, water, and coffee.

After our last trip and a hotel room that didn't have a coffee maker, I went in search of a new portable coffee maker. I was thrilled to find a mini Keurig coffee maker that uses k-cups. That is even more convenient than the travel coffee makers of begone days.

I love my new Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker!  I have only discovered one downside to my K-Mini. I can't remove the water reservoir to wash it. However, there is a Keurig K-Mini Plus Coffee Maker that does have a removable water reservoir, but is more expensive. The Plus version also has a storage unit that holds 9 k-cup pods and stores in the opening for the mug when packing for travel. 

I purchased a tote bag for my Keruig K-Mini Coffee Maker that has a zipper pocket on the side for k-cups. In my case, I would rather be able to pack my personal ceramic coffee mug in the opening used by the storage unit on the Plus version, but I realize that is a personal preference.


The Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker

This miniature version of the Keurig coffee maker is very easy to use. You simply add water in the reservoir using your mug. That way, you won't overfill it. Add your k-cup, close the lid, and push the button.

It takes a little longer for the mini to produce a hot cup of coffee because it doesn't start heating the water until you push the larger brew button (not the small "on" button). 



I do recommend cleaning your new k-mini coffee maker right out of the box with vinegar & water to remove any manufacturing dust or debris that may be inside the coffee maker.  

To Clean: Pour vinegar in the reservoir to the minimum (6) marked on the reservoir, add water to the maximum (12) fill line. Place a mug below the empty k-cup holder (the brew head), push the brew button and let it go through a complete cycle.  Then, brew a full reservoir of clean water only at least 2 times behind the vinegar to cleanse.

I washed every piece that was detachable, plus wiped down the unit with a soapy cloth. 

The Keurig K-Mini or K-Mini Plus Coffee Maker is the perfect travel companion for brewing coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc.  In addition to traveling, it is great for a small kitchen.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Review Of Wolf Garten Shears For The Garden

Good quality tools are necessary when working in the garden. I prefer to use manual tools whenever possible in our garden. I find it more peaceful to use manual tools, better for wildlife and much quieter for ourselves and our neighbours. I also feel more connected somehow to our garden plants. 

Sometimes power tools are necessary for the garden, but using manual tools rather than electric ones is an even greater consideration now for us that electricity prices are so high. 

We find these Wolf Garten Shears easy to use with no energy costs at all, apart from your own physical power. 

We do like tools that are easy to use and do not require too much effort. I would also rather buy quality tools that suit our needs and aim to buy tools that are longer lasting.  

Wolf Garten Shears

Wolf is one of the brands I trust for gardening tools and are one of the brand of tools I use on a regular basis to keep our garden looking at its best. We also have secateurs of the Wolf brand and you can read my Review Of Wolf Garden By Pass Secateurs here. They have also proved a really great purchase. 

The shears are used in our garden for cutting back shrubs, perennials and herbs such as lavender and geraniums where we need to cut a larger area of foliage. We use them to cut back annual flowers and any straggly growth as well. 

Important aspects of garden shears are that they are sharp and cut cleanly. That it is easy to use with an ergonomic grip, a buffer to reduce jarring and pressure on our hands and wrists and it has a smooth action. In my experience, the Wolf Garten shears excel in all these areas. 

I do think for the price and the quality that Wolf Garten Shears are excellent shears.

Cutting Back And Pruning Plants With Shears

 Perennials require cutting back in late autumn after flowering has finished and when they are dying back. Equally, we can leave them until the following Spring. A Spring cutting back means that we leave the hollow stems and cover for our wildlife.


 Lavender is best cut back after flowering but it is important to not cut back into old wood as it may not regrow. We need to cut so you can still see green shoots. This cutting back ensures a more compact shrub that will have the best chance of flowering well the following year and we can also use the cut flower stems as decoration in the home. 

Hebes can be cut back lightly or some can be shaped into topiary-like balls as you prefer. 

Our Laurel hedge gets cut back a few times a year to keep it looking neat and manageable. 

Geraniums need cutting back after flowering. If we do this it tidies it up and also there is an opportunity that it may flower again. It will look bare for a week or two but the new regrowth is fresh green and lovely. 


 For any perennial you are cutting back it is important to cut close to the crown of the plant but above any new growth. We need a tool that will cut cleanly and not tear the plant.  

I love the way that these shears cleanly and easily slice through our thick lavender borders and cut our small conifers cleanly. In my experience, they do not pull or injure the plants. We do not want to be tearing or pulling on plants that need cutting back and these shears just make this job so much easier and quicker to complete. 

For a long time, I used my Grandads shears for these cutting jobs. While I love them because they were my Grandad's and are a link to a wonderful man I never knew as he died shortly after I was born, they are not easy shears to use for a long time. 

I will always love and treasure my Grandad's shears, when I hold them I feel a part of history and closeness to my Grandad. In addition, all these decades on they are still in great working order. However, I do believe these Wolf Garten shears offer an added level of comfort and features that I do appreciate these days! 


Good Qualities Of Wolf Garten Shears

  • When I use my Wolf Garten Shears I find they are so much easier on my hands and arms and are of good solid quality. I find they are the nearest shears to the robust, quality and feel of my Grandad's shears but with the added level of modern comfort!

  • Nonstick coated blades mean they rust a lot less and are much better when using them to cut plants with sticky sap. I clean them with a damp cloth and sometimes WD40 and a cloth. 

  • In my experience, they cut stems cleanly and sharply which is much better for the plants. 

  • Comfortable handles make the task of cutting back so much easier. They are simple to use and not hard on the hands or arms. 

  • They have a solid quality comfortable feel to the product which is important to me.  

  •  Good bright points of orange-red colour mean they are not easily lost in the garden. This is essential for me as I am always putting down tools in the garden, getting distracted and forgetting where I left them! 

There is a range of Wolf Garten shears, some normal sized for general cutting jobs, others about half the size developed for topiary hedging and smaller work, it all depends on your garden and what you need your shears for. 

Here Is A Selection Of Wolf Garten Shears

I personally would not attempt to cut a very large hedge with these shears but for tasks such as cutting back herbs and perennials, smaller hedges, smaller conifers, some topiary, annual flowers and general everyday pruning these manual Wolf Garten Shears are a great tool to purchase and wonderful quality addition to a useful garden tool collection.  


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Monday, August 8, 2022

CORQUE Marshmallow Roasting Sticks Review

 Did I hear S'more? Did I hear outdoor fire pit? Did I hear grilling season? This is the handy tool you didn't know you needed and will be so happy to use. Marshmallow Roasting Sticks will bring smiles to the faces of your guests and make s'more making so much easier whether it be in the backyard or campsite.

Colors & Size

Jumbo sized and so much fun! Oh sure, back in the day we just used branches. Which is not to devalue the practical branch as a tool for your marshmallow roasting, but....

I thought these Jumbo roasting sticks would be a slight upgrade for guests. Not that browsing for branches is not fun in the middle of winter... but perhaps better left for the younger guests as an adventure.

The adults appreciated these Jumbo Roasting sticks! The kids appreciated the cheerful colors.

Each of the eight sticks is marked with different colors for easy identification. No double dipping! The sticks come with a convenient nylon carrying case for easy storage.

Outdoor fire pits both large and small have increased in popularity tremendously the past few years. In our house no fire pit is complete without a christening of making s'mores. The marshmallow sticks were a hit with all and hint hint - would be a perfect gift for fire pit owners. 

Gift Ideas

I also gifted a set to friends who are fervent campers and the sticks were again a big hit. The kids used the sticks for marshmallows and the adults also used the sticks as skewers for campfire cooking. Win win for all.

I also plan to gift a set as a housewarming gift this summer. The marshmallow sticks fill the I'd love to have them, probably would not buy for myself, but love to receive as a gift lane.

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Sunday, August 7, 2022

My Plunge Into the TikTok World for Marketing, Business and Fun!

Stumped Riddles TikTok

I reluctantly took the plunge into the TikTok marketing world.

Out of pure stubbornness, I vowed to avoid that particular social media platform. However, I had a come-to-reality moment, encouraged by my son, that my riddle business would be served well by that platform.

In quite a short time, my son has nearly 27,000 followers and over 263,000 likes, all with approximately 40 personal video uploads. That's not easy to do and quite impressive!

His TikTok handle is @charles.mackenzie if you want to take a peek. Just an added note, in all fairness to us mere humans, my son has a knack for being in front of the camera. However, as I detail below, you don't have to be on camera to benefit from TikTok.

I'm A Newbie TikTok User for Business - The Basics

Since I'm a newbie, I can't give you any big secret tips, but I can provide those of you with a business, some of the things I've learned so far as it relates to my own riddle business:

  • Go to the APP Store on your cell phone, and download the Tiktok App
  • Yes, you can log in to your TikTok account on your laptop; however, I found all the creative features more accessible via my cell phone.
  • When you download the App, you're on the service, not registered yet to use it. You can scroll through the videos and have fun. Oh yeah, it's a bit addictive.
  • Create your account to set yourself up to use TikTok for business. I won't go through the steps; simply follow the instructions and prompts.
  • I converted my account to a Business Account. There's no charge for that. Here are TikTok's instructions on how to do it; it's easy.
  • In your profile, you tell TikTok your interests so that videos that align with your taste are displayed on the front "For You" page. In my case, I selected media/entertainment, inspirational (or something like that), home decor, and a few other topic areas.
The "For You Page" on TikTok

What I've learned about the "For You Page" is that every user who opens the App is immediately connected to their For You Page to watch and start scrolling videos. 

You can like, comment, save, share, or scroll past videos. This differs from other platforms in that you go directly into the content. Content is presented to you; it's not something you choose (except via the interests you indicated in your initial profile sign-up).

I've learned that the "For You" page is a powerful marketing tool. Everyone wants their videos to land on everyone else's "For You" page. 

In fact, you'll notice that some people use the hashtag #foryoupage or #fyp to try and encourage the TikTok algorithm to place their video on other people's "For You Pages." I have no idea if that works or not.

I discovered via the Analytics area that many of my own videos were put on other people's "For You Pages" before I started using or even knew about the For You Page hashtags.

The Bottom Bar Appearance When Logged In to TikTok
  • HOME: (that's where you get to all the fun and sometimes hilarious videos to scroll through -um, be careful, it's so addictive!)
  • FRIENDS: (that's where you can quickly access the videos of your friends that you've connected with)
  • + Plus Sign: (That's your prompt to start the upload process of videos or images - yes, you can upload images)
  • INBOX: (That's where you get notified that you have responses to your videos or new followers)
  • PROFILE: (That's your personal profile that features your content, and your logo/image and blurb about you)
I Avoided TikTok Because I Had No Interest Or Desire to Put Myself on Any Videos!

You don't have to put yourself on camera or even make videos.

You can upload a static photo/graphic and enhance that page with fun sticker elements and commercial-free music provided by TikTok.

For my business, static Riddle Graphic photos are perfect for this! 

I've already created nearly 1000 photo riddles for my website and books, so uploading them to TikTok with music and some fun sticker elements is a perfect marketing fit.

The TikTok Voice-Over Feature

If you decide to type text on static photos, you can ask the TikTok AI Voice-Over feature to read the text! You don't have to use your own voice! It's easy to use. 

How Am I Doing So Far? 

I started using TikTok on August 2, 2022, and today, as I'm typing, it is August 6, 2022

In 4 Days:
  • I've uploaded 11 riddles
  • I've had 5,441 video views (mainly on the "For You" pages)
  • I've had 29 profile views
  • I've had 43 Likes
  • I've had 17 Comments
  • I've had 13 Shares
  • I've had 5 Follows
I'm delighted with the potential TikTok offers for my Riddle business. Perhaps it's something that could work for you as well?

The Biggest Problem:

Other people's videos can consume your time - especially the funny ones. Seriously, some are hilarious!

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”


Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Blueberry Biscuit Scones — New, Easy, Low Carb Keto Recipe

Recently I decided to bake a batch of low carb blueberry scones using my favorite mix, the Livlo Blueberry Scones Keto Baking Mix I reviewed in December. It was nearly bedtime and I was tired and not paying close enough attention, and just after I incorporated the small cubes of butter into the Livlo Baking Mix with my pastry blender, I realized that I had added an entire stick of butter (1/2 cup) rather than the half stick (1/4 cup) that was called for. This low carb keto baking recipe is the result of that happy accident, after I turned this "lemon" situation into "lemonade."

Although I didn't have a second package of the blueberry scones mix in the pantry, I did find a bag of Livlo Biscuits Keto Baking Mix, which calls for the same added ingredients in the same quantities and the same baking instructions. By adding it to the bowl with the scones mix and butter cubes, then adding four eggs instead of two and stirring in a cup of fresh blueberries, I not only salvaged the situation but invented a new low carb, keto baking treat.

My husband devoured two as soon as they came out of the oven and dubbed this biscuits and blueberry scones hybrid "biscones." His tongue-in-cheek quip has become their official name in this household.

I promptly ordered more of both Livlo keto baking mixes so I could make another batch of blueberry "biscones" last night. Although the texture is different from either drop biscuits or blueberry scones made with wheat flour, these tender, tasty treats are delicious. 

Anyone who follows a low carb or keto diet will love the macros for these delightful baked goods. Each blueberry biscuit scone has just 184 calories, 2.6g of net carbs, 3.6g of fiber, 17g of fat and 5.6g of protein. 

This recipe makes 20 yummy blueberry "biscones," enough to share with others. They don't have to be watching their calories or carbs to enjoy them! 

Quick & Easy Blueberry "Biscones" Recipe Low Carb Keto-Friendly

Recommended Tools and Equipment for Making Low Carb, Keto-Friendly Blueberry "Biscones"

In addition to basic baking tools and equipment like baking sheets, cooling racks and a measuring cup, here are some of the other items you will need to make this recipe, including my personal product recommendations.

Silicone Baking Mats or Unbleached Baking Parchment Paper

You will need either silicone baking mats or unbleached parchment paper to line your baking sheets to keep the biscones from sticking. (I often use a silicone baking mat topped with a sheet of parchment to help keep my baking trays clean.) The Katbite Silicone Nonstick Baking Mat Set of 3 is inexpensive, works well and is a great value. In addition to two 11 5/8" x 16 1/2" mats for lining half sheet pans, it also comes with a bonus 11 1/2" x 8 1/2" mat for lining a quarter sheet pan, which I use in one of my toaster oven baking trays. As of this recipe's publication date, the price for all three mats is less than $15 on Amazon with free Prime delivery. 

I use unbleached baking parchment and love the convenience of flat, pre-cut sheets. Before I discovered them, I used to hate trying to wrestle with the stubborn, curling edges of the sheets torn from a roll! I can recommend the Baker's Signature Precut Non-Stick & Unbleached Parchment Paper Baking Sheets which come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Large Mixing Bowl

Since you will be making two batches of baking mix batter or dough in one bowl (one each of the Livlo keto blueberry scones mix and one of the Livlo keto biscuits mix) and adding an extra cup of fresh blueberries, you'll need to use a large mixing bowl. Whenever I'm mixing a batter or dough by hand, I prefer using the appropriate size bowl from my OXO Good Grips 3-Piece Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set, which includes 1.5-quart, 3-quart and 5-quart bowls, rather than the bowl from my KitchenAid electric stand mixer. The round interior bottoms of the OXO bowls make it easy to stir and scrape ingredients cleanly, and the non-skid exterior bottoms prevent the bowls from sliding even when they are tilted at an angle. For this recipe, the 5-quart bowl is the perfect size. 

Silicone Spoon Spatula (AKA "Spoonula")

One of my favorite silicone cooking and baking spatulas is the GIR Premium Silicone Ultimate Spoonula, Ultimate 11 inch, a combination silicone spatula and spoon with a deep, spoon-like "bowl" and a thin, flexible edge that scrapes up every last bit of dough or batter easily. I love my pretty teal GIR "spoonula," but it also comes in other colors and sizes.

Pastry Blender AKA Pastry Cutter

I started baking when I was a kid and was taught to make biscuits by "cutting in" the butter into the dry ingredients with two knives, using a scissor-like motion. It was only later in my years as a baking enthusiast that I discovered the joy of using a pastry blender, also called a pastry cutter. It makes quick work of cutting the chunks of very cold butter into small, "petite pea-sized" bits while coating them in the flour mixture and distributing them evenly throughout the dry ingredients. 

Two years ago, I bought a new pastry blender that works much, much better than any other I have used. The Spring Chef Dough Blender Large Pastry Cutter is a heavy-duty, professional grade pastry blender with sharp yet thick, sturdy blades and a comfortable, wide, soft-grip handle. It comes in a choice of 3" and 4" sizes (I bought the larger, 4" model) and a range of grip colors. I recommend it highly to anyone who makes biscuit dough, pie crusts, etc., by hand rather than in a food processor.

Spring-Action 4-Tablespoon Stainless Steel Scoop

I have a collection of trigger or spring-action stainless steel scoops that I use constantly for baking and cooking, for everything from portioning cookie dough and cupcake batter to making evenly sized meatballs. Most of mine are made by Norpro, which are excellent quality, very durable and easy and comfortable to use and measure accurately.

By trial and error, I found that my Norpro 56mm 4-Tablespoon Stainless Steel Scoop is the perfect size for dividing the blueberry biscuit scones batter evenly into 20 nicely shaped mounds. Being able to easily make all the biscones the same diameter, height and volumes helps ensure that they bake evenly at the same time. It's also helpful if you are tracking the calories, carbohydrates, and other nutrition metrics of the food you consume.

Low Carb Keto Blueberry Biscuit Scones Recipe (AKA "Biscones")

Baked blueberry "biscones" on plate on lace tablecloth
These 10 fragrant, freshly baked low carb, keto blueberry biscuit scones are just half the recipe's yield; the other 10 have been frozen to enjoy in the future.

These keto-friendly, low carb blueberry "biscones" are quick and easy to make, thanks to two delicious Livlo Keto Baking Mixes with clean, wholesome ingredients. Just add cold butter, eggs and fresh blueberries!





Ingredients for Low Carb Keto Blueberry Biscuit Scones Recipe
Setting out and preparing the ingredients makes everything go even quicker.

  1. Preheat the oven to 350 ℉. Line two full-size baking sheets (or four smaller baking trays, if baking in a countertop oven) with silicone nonstick baking mats or unbleached baking parchment sheets. Cut the butter into 1/4" cubes, beat the eggs lightly and rinse and dry the fresh blueberries.
Cutting the butter cubes into the dry baking mixes with a pastry blender
My large, sturdy pastry blender makes cutting in the butter cubes a snap!

  1. Empty both the bags of keto baking mix into a large mixing bowl. Stir the cold butter cubes into the dry ingredients with a silicone spoon spatula (spoonula), then use a pastry blender to "cut in" the butter into smaller pieces and distribute them evenly throughout, scraping the sides and bottom of the bowl and the blades of the pastry blender as needed.
Biscones dough in mixing bowl after adding beaten eggs
Stirring in the lightly beaten eggs creates a stiff batter or dough.

  1. Stir in the beaten eggs with the silicone spoon spatula to form a thick batter or dough, scraping the bottom and sides of the bowl.
Biscones dough after adding fresh blueberries
Adding fresh blueberries ensures that every bite is filled with juicy, flavorful berries!

  1. Stir in the fresh blueberries until evenly distributed.
Mounds of raw keto blueberry biscuit scones dough on lined baking sheets
A 4-tablespoon scoop makes it easy to portion the dough into uniformly sized and shaped mounds.

  1. Use the 4-tablespoon stainless steel scoop to portion the dough evenly into 20 mounds on the lined baking sheets or trays.
  1. Bake until the tops of the blueberry biscones are golden, approximately 15 minutes. Do not overbake!
Baked blueberry "biscones" (biscuit scones) on cooling rack
Make sure to let them cool on the baking sheets for a few minutes before transferring the biscones directly to the cooling rack.

  1. Transfer the baking sheets to cooling racks and let the biscuit scones cool for a few minutes before removing them from the pans. (Lifting them off the baking sheet while still hot makes them prone to crumbling.)

Nutrition Facts

The following was calculated by entering the nutrition data for each of the ingredients into a "custom recipe" in the Carb Manager app. 

Amount Per Serving (1 blueberry "biscone" (1/20 recipe))



Total Fat


  Sat. Fat


  Trans Fat






Total Carbohydrate


  Dietary Fiber


  Total Sugars


    Added Sugars


  Sugar Alcohols (Erythritol)




Net Carbs
9.2g total carbs-3.6g dietary fiber-3g sugar alcohols = 2.6 net carbs

2.6g net carbs

Recipe Notes

These blueberry biscones are delicious as is, but even better if you split, butter and lightly toast them or drizzle them with a bit of glaze (the instructions for making a glaze are on the Livlo Blueberry Scones Keto Baking Mix package). 

They're great for breakfast, brunch, dessert, or as a low carb snack with a cup of tea or coffee or a glass of cold nut milk or other low-carb, plant-based milk.

Since this recipe makes 20 biscuit scones, I like to freeze some of them to enjoy at a later date.

Blueberry Biscuit Scones — New, Easy, Low Carb Keto Recipe by Margaret Schindel

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Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Mr Coffee 12 Cup Coffee Maker Review


Mr Coffee 12 Cup Coffee Maker Review
There is never a shortage of coffee in our house, and there is no doubt about it, we love our coffee.

It seems that about every two or three years we are buying a new coffee maker. The Mr. Coffee 12-cup programmable with rapid Brew is our newest addition to our kitchen.

We have had many different brands of coffee makers over the years and they all seem to certainly fit our needs. This time we decided to go back to Mr. Coffee. I didn't realize it until I opened the box that I bought such a colorful coffee maker.

There is nothing better than waking up to a hot fresh cup of coffee in the morning. I use the programmable setting so that when we wake up the coffee is ready.

Mr. Coffee 12 Programmable Coffee Maker Features:

  • Strong Brew Selector for a bolder cup of coffee. (My favorite)
  • Delay Brew set it ahead and wake up to fresh coffee.
  • The freshness timer monitors how fresh the coffee is from the time it's brewed.
  • Grab-A-Cup Pause when you need a cup before brewing is finished.
  • 2 Hour Auto Shut-Off automatically turns off the coffee maker so you don't have to.
  • Easy View Water Window lets you see the exact water level as you fill, for no overflows.
  • Lift and Clean Filter Basket for fast easy clean-up.
  • Rapid Brew System.
I really like the rapid brew system it brews a pot of coffee 20% faster than previous models. This is a great feature if friends drop over and you need a quick pot of coffee.

It's easy to make less than 12 cups with the easy view water window and adjusting the amount of coffee. The coffee maker requires 12-cup basket-style coffee filters (Not Included).

So far we are pleased with our new Mr. Coffee Maker, and it is reasonably priced so you won't have to take out a loan to buy this one.

If you happen to need a smaller coffee maker this 5-Cup Mr. Coffee Maker is reviewed by my friend, Pat Austin right here on ReviewThisReviews.

Find more Product Reviews Here:

Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker, Black (Red)Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker, Black (Red)Check the Price


Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”


Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Summertime is a Great Time to Learn Something New ~ A Product Review

Many times families find that the summer months are not that easy to get through as the rest of the year!  But summertime is when the living is supposed to be easy (or so the song lyrics say!).  Oh it may be easier in that the kids are getting dressed in whatever they want to wear without worry.  Usually swim suits or shorts and a T!  There is no mad dash to get out the door for school and prepare your book bag and lunch, so that truly does make it easier.  But there are many hours in the day to fill with some kind of activity.

My youngest grandson has just turned the big 10 years old.  So toys are no longer the go to thing for him to wish for.  So what happened?  Well, he, in his 10 year old wisdom decided that this would be a good year to learn how to tell time (the old fashioned way) and to learn how to play the guitar.  His mom and dad got him an analog watch for his birthday.  So now he is learning all about the different ways to tell time.  Digital watches have made those lessons obsolete, but he wanted to know what it meant when it was quarter to ten and what that looked like.  Next thing you know he'll be wanting to learn about telling time on a 24 hours watch.  Oh well, learning is learning and when they want to do that, it is much easier.  I'm sure he'll have it worked out before too long.

So what are grandparents left to get this youngster to mark his 10th birthday?  Well let's just say that it was pretty easy for us this year.  The guitar was already in place (his uncle left one at the cottage the last time they visited), so that was taken care of already.  What he doesn't have is a good book and some guitar accessories to make playing this instrument a better experience than just plucking at the strings.

We are so thankful for Amazon Prime, where you can get just about anything you want or need.  That's where we found our little gift for him!

This kit has everything that he will need for the first little while. It's really hard to learn how to tune an instrument when you have never done it before. Having an electronic tuner will make it that much easier for him. I don't know about you, but if an instrument is out of tune, there is little joy in playing it. Even an untrained ear can hear that the guitar is not in tune.  Once he knows the sound of a properly tuned instrument, he can choose to tune by ear or by use of the tuner in this kit.

Contained in the kit are all the things he will need, a guitar strap, picks, tuner, kapo, and a cleaning cloth.  And it comes in a nice case to keep all those little parts in one safe and neat place.  It's a win-win situation for sure.  

So the next thing he'll need is some guitar lessons or a great book so that he can practice on his own. This one is a "Best Seller" on Amazon with a 4.8/5 star rating. So that is the one we went with.  The reviews of this How To book are all very positive.  Contained within are 30 songs that are great for singing along with and easy tunes that everyone will recognize.  I can just picture the family sitting around a campfire and the strumming of the guitar on the evening air.  I'm sure this will be a wonderful summer for my grandson as he learns how to play.  

The beauty is that he can even share this with his sisters and mom and dad.  Music is a wonderful way to enjoy the time and it's a great time to learn when the pressures of school are not pressing down on him.  And the other beauty is that he can pick it up whenever the need arises.  Oh this will be such a good time summer for my grandson Blake!

Happy Birthday and Rock On!

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”


Monday, July 25, 2022

2022 Favorite Garden Tools

Oh garden tools! I have known quite a few in my amateur garden career. But there are some tools that become staples in the gardening collection. The tried and true. 

Some new, some old and all valued. So here are my top five cannot do without garden tools - helpers-accessories!

1. Container Gardening City Pickers Raised Garden Bed

Love, love this rolling cart for container gardening. After the loading up the cart with dirt, the cart still rolls easily. This is a very nice feature for not just moving the cart around a deck or patio, but if you have plants that can do well inside in the winter. Just roll the cart inside! Review here >> City Pickers

The raised bed is available in different colors to suit your landscape. I have only had to fill the bed once with dirt and each year a successful harvest. 

2. Ironclad Gloves

New entry for this year. Purchased in 2021 to replace a pair of garden gloves and the Ironclad Utility gloves have quickly become a favorite. Review here >> Favorite Utility Gloves Review: Ironclad Gloves

The gloves fit very well to allow easy maneuvering of garden tools of all types.

3. B Hive Smart Hose Timer Wifi

Purchased in 2021 this WIFI timer for your sprinkler quickly headed to the top of my list. So convenient to use and easy to program. Mobile App included to trigger gardening from your phone. Review here>> B Hive Hose Timer

Set the timer up for your vacation and no worries. The watering schedule can be as varied as you'd like (time with projected weather) or as simple and straight forward. I prefer the later and since the weather is so incredibly variable here, I check weather first, then program the timer or trigger it manually.

4. Solar Light

Loving this solar light! I purchased it a few years back and the lights have worked flawlessly all year round. A combination garden and security light that has not disappointed. In the warmer months I have a few nestled in the garden to light a path and in the winter the lights are moved and used as security lights. Review here >> Aootek Solar Light

5. Blue Shoes Disposable

Soggy yard, but need access in spring or during rainy season. These little booties are great to save your shoes or gardening shoes in inclimate weather. Review here >> Blue Shoe Guys 

The shoes are also great to have on hand for contractors visiting your home. While many will bring their own disposable booties it is always nice to have spares on hand for when they may forget - especially in winter or spring.

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”

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