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The Whole Kit and Caboodle

 A Craft Kit Review

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What's the meaning of the phrase 'The whole kit and caboodle'?

A collection of things. 

Dictionary Meaning of Kit & Caboodle (The words have similar meanings):

  • A kit - is a set of objects, as in a toolkit.
  • A caboodle (or boodle) is an archaic term meaning group or collection. 

In crafting, a kit means having everything you need for your next DIY project in one box or package.  Below are some examples of kits for crafters in a variety of mediums. They are especially helpful to beginners who might not know exactly what they might need to have when learning a new craft. 

Craft Kits


Dinosaur crochet craft kit

Start your own Jurassic Park with this dinosaur crochet kit! This kit includes all the materials you need to make 4 different dinosaurs, including a T-rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and Brontosaurus! It even includes instructions for how to customize your dinos with pattern variations. 

Kit includes 

The Yarn (Yellow- Blue- Purple- Pink- White), Plastic Safety Bead eyes x 8, Pipe Cleaners, Stuffing, Darning Needle and Crochet hook (size G6/4.00mm).  The Kit also includes the pattern bundle of 5 unique patterns, each with their own full-length video tutorials so you never miss a stitch!


A craft kit to knit a snood

This Beginner Knitting Kit for a snood is a great start for someone who is interested in learning to knit.

You can learn cast on, cast off, knit, purl and sewing thanks to basic illustrations and guidance included in How To Knit manual in this kit while you create a beautiful snood.

Everything you are going to need for your snood is included in the kit. All you need to do is decide which color you would like and whether you want knitting needles or not.


A sewing kit to create a dragon

Dragon - Sewing KIT, artist pattern, stuffed toy tutorials, soft animal, soft toy DIY craft kit.

This SEWING KIT includes a printed pattern with easy to follow step-by-step instructions and a link to a video tutorial. Plus, supplies for making this adorable mini dragon toy.


A craft kit to create a polar bear & penguin in felt for a centerpiece

Create an adorable centerpiece kit for your holiday décor. This POLAR BEAR & PENGUINS FELT APPLIQUE CENTERPIECE KIT comes with everything you need to complete it (Stamped Felts, Cotton Floss, Acrylic Yarn, Needle, and Instructions) except the stuffing. The completed centerpiece measures 11.5" x 9" x 10". Kit can be found in the eBay store House of Sylvestermouse.


a craft kit to create a quilted tote bag

Quilted tote bag kit.  

Kit includes Pre-cut fabric of your choice from several designs offered, plus instructions. 

Finished size: 14”x14” with 19” handles

*For more quilting ideas, read this review by Sylvestermouse all about creating a gorgeous wall hanging with a Quilt Magic Kit Wallhanging

Holiday Décor Kits

Create your own bead and sequin Christmas ornaments as Sylvestermouse did. Read her review here to find a variety of kits for many lovely ornaments.

Craft Kits for Kids

Hide & Seek Rock Painting Craft Kit
There are many craft kits made especially for children.  This review of the Hide and Seek Rock Painting Kit by Wednesday Elf is perfect for kids, especially ones who enjoy artistic endeavors like my grandson David does.


As you can see, there are craft kits in every medium you can name. Whatever your crafting interest is, you will find a kit available. 

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  1. Oh Pat Austin, I love all your kit and caboodle choices. The dinosaurs are really cute! I want to try my hand at patchwork this year so will definitely have a look at that beautiful bag. Then it's on to polymer clay. There is always something I want to try!

    1. Crafts are fun, Olivia, and kits make it easy with all the supplies to hand. Thanks for your visit.

  2. Wow, What a wonderful selection of crafting kits. As I commented on Cynthia's Easy Halloween craft kit yesterday, I have zero crafting skills but some of these kits look to be for beginners. Someday I may have to try one. Thanks Pat.

    1. Crafting can be a fun hobby, Sam. :) Thanks for visiting.

  3. Elf, what a wonderful caboodle of craft kits! I love that these kits are comprehensive, so that beginner-level crafters don’t have to guess at what materials they will need or discover mid-project that they don’t have a necessary tool or material to complete their project. A beautifully curated selection!

    1. Thanks, Margaret. Having all materials (except perhaps scissors or something you'd normally have on hand) in one kit is very helpful, especially for beginners to get started on a craft project.

  4. I love craft kits! Our local fabric store closed down several years ago which makes it much harder to gather supplies for a project. Online ordering makes it easier, but I still need to feel fabrics or see true colors when sewing. I must admit, I am tempted by the knitting kit you have featured simply because it has been so many years since I knitted anything. It would make a great refresher project! Thank you so much for featuring so many of my articles & Ebay items. I always appreciate your support!

    1. OH! I forgot to mention how much I love that little dragon!!! Soooo cute and you know we are huge dragon fans here.

    2. I am also considering RE-trying knitting, Mouse. Haven't done it in many, many years and still have knitting needles and, of course, yarn... LOL. A good winter activity I'm thinking.

  5. That was fun! There are so many talented knitters and crochet experts in my family - I crocheted for a while and loved it, soooo addictive - that Jurassic Park knitted dinosaur set is so darn cute! I am anticipating to start crocheting again at some point in my future, but honestly if I start now I'll never get anything else done - it's so hard to have self control when it comes to knitting and crocheting - my mom was an amazing knitter and needle point - so talented.

    1. Crocheting (and knitting) is a very relaxing hobby, Barbara. When you 'retire' from your other projects, you can give it a try again. Thanks for visiting my craft kit review.

  6. Definitely appreciate a ready to go craft with all the supplies ! thanks for sharing.

    1. Craft kits are, as you say, a Ready-to-Go way to begin a project. No worries half-way through that you don't have a supply you need. Thanks for your visit to my craft kit review, Tracey.

  7. This is a lovely selection of crafting kits! I think any of them would make a great gift idea for anyone who likes crafting. It looks like they would be suitable for beginners as well as those more experienced crafters. I am not a great crafter but I do especially love that rock painting kit for children, the snood knitting kit and the Dragon sewing kit!! Thank you for these great recommendations.

    1. Craft kits are great ways for beginners to learn a craft. Having everything needed in one 'kit' eliminates worries about whether or not you have all you need to begin. Thanks for your visit, Raintree Annie.


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